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More From Picozu - The Online Image Editor 

“Living in the browser” has become a common thing due to an increasing number of online services that are able to adequately replace desktop applications. Since we spend so much time online as it is, it's more convenient to do all the work directly in the browser, instead of launching several separate programs. We can write texts, watch videos, listen to music or even read books – and all this in our browser window. Another task particularly worth mentioning is photo editing, and today we'll dive into a web app created precisely for this purpose.

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Cinegram a Free iPhone App to Create Awesome Cinemagraphs

Do you know what a Cinemagraph is? It's better than an animated GIF and catchier than a video. Usually it's a gif with most of it being frozen and only one and only part of it moving in a loop.

There's a free iPhone app that can create those: Cinegram is free, awesome and it's going to keep you busy!

Here's my first one I created just within a couple of minutes:

Now, go play!


How AOL is Remaking Themselves

AOL, for many years, was one of the largest ISPs in the United States and the world.  Providing dial-up services to a large amount of people.  Today, though, as the dial-up business is slowly dying off, AOL is taking up a new path: content. 

Yes, you heard me right.  AOL has been building themselves up over the past 2 years to become one of the largest content providers on the internet.  They're shifting themselves from your (hopefully) former ISP to where you get content.  They've been doing this by acquiring different news websites over the past 1-2 years.  Do the websites Engadget, TechCrunch or The Huffington Post ring a bell?  How about - does that ring a bell?  They are all AOL properties.  AOL does still make most of their money on old dial-up subscribers but that business is slowly fading out the door, and once it's gone for good, AOL will still be with us as a content company.

I actually give props to AOL for doing this restructuring of their business, instead of trying to rely on dial-up, they are changing things around and gearing themselves up to be the next big content company.  This is a good direction for AOL, and this new business model will definitely last longer for them.  This reimaging AOL is going through assures that once their dial-up business is completely gone, they will still be with us for long to come, but with a new vision and a improved image.  Let's hope to see what they do next in 2012.

If you have any thoughts about this article, please feel free to comment.


Review: Klipsch Image S4i Earphones (Also Olympus PEN E-PL1 Video Test)

Some of the best In-Ear Headphones for the price ($99.95 USD). Cant go wrong with these bad boys, as they sound excellent with a nice, crisp overall sound with a very flat EQ. The flat EQ will allow the tremendous sound to carry over to all genres in your music library! Comes with some decent goodies, but maybe they could have included a couple more silicon tips (maybe even a set of foam tips). If you think these might be too fragile, I highly suggest going with the S5i Rugged model. Same great sound, much more durable hardware.
My Rating: 9.5/10
Check out Klipsch at
Also, how does the video quality look? This was my first video shot with the Olypmus PEN E-PL1 Micro Four-Thirds camera.