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What Is A Dedicated Server?

Sometimes, special terms can take us by surprise. Such services with unclear names, provided by many hosting companies mean nothing to not tech savvy people. However, here, we will open the curtain of obscurity.

So, what is a dedicated server, and what is it used for? Literally, a dedicated server is used for a so-called dedicated hosting, i.e. a hosting where the client gets a separate server for his full use. There is a virtual hosting as opposed to a dedicated hosting. A virtual hosting server can contain several sites (from dozens to hundreds).

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What Is Sitefinity CMS?

Sitefinity is a content management system (CMS) designed and developed by Telerik, a multinational software vendor with several blue chip clients.

What is content management?

It’s basically a system that houses and maintains online content, ranging from a simple blog right up to fully featured web portals and E-commerce websites. All the various content strands that make up a web presence - blogs, websites, articles and other media - are controlled within the CMS.

A popular example of a CMS is Wordpress, which started life as a blogging platform and has broadened its functionality to provide static page websites and - through the use of add-ons (plug-ins) it can provide more specific functions such as membership and commerce sites.

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Understanding The Redundant Data Backup Environment In Cloud Hosting

Experts say cloud hosting is completely changing how companies perform their business operations and it is in everyone's interest to adapt to such a change. 73% of small businesses claim that cloud hosting has enabled them to reduce their costs significantly by saving expenses on building their own IT infrastructure.

The Structure of Redundant Cloud Backup Environment

A majority of small businesses also claim that cloud hosting solutions have helped them gain better control of their data. Some also assure cloud hosting of better security which is indeed essential to every business. But factually, how secure is your data with cloud hosting? To completely understand what cloud hosting solutions have to offer in terms of data backup and security, it is important for you to learn a few things about the physical security provided. The hosting environment comprises the following redundant components:

#1: Redundant Internet Connections

Cloud hosting solutions work through the internet. To ensure 99% uptime, several internet connections are made to run simultaneously. There is always a backup connection on standby which can be used when one provider performs poorly or when business operations experience continuous downtime.

#2: Redundant Power Supplies

Backup power supplies are also always on standby. This way, servers still run and continuously operate even in the event of a power outage. Diesel generators are also readily available to run the system until power is fully restored.

#3: Redundant Hardware

In addition to backup power supplies and backup internet connections, cloud hosting solutions are also powered by multiple hard drives. This is another way of ensuring that nothing falls through the crack. Downtime is kept at 1% having a whole system of support with standby hard drive and other essential components ensuring that replacements are made seamlessly in case one of the hardware components fails.

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7 Potential Security Risks Associated With Cloud QuickBooks Hosting

‘Trust’ is not the only factor that users have to rely on when considering their switch to cloud-based solutions. Transparency is every customer’s right, especially when it is linked with security. With a major  number of CPAs in the United States, UK, Canada and various other countries using QuickBooks hosting as a means to have quick and easy hosted access to their accounting programs , the need to be extra cautious with all security measures is alarming.

Customers can only be fooled if the providers sense that they are lacking in their knowledge. So, make sure you make proper preparations prior to communicating with any hosting service vendor. Your list of questions may include the qualifications of policy makers, programmers and structural architects. Ask in detail about the risk-control plan they have implemented and the technical mechanisms involved. Also enquire about the level of testing that is done in order to confirm that all the processes and functionalities are working in the predicted manner.

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Review: FatCow Web Hosting

FatCow has been one of the most popular choices in website hosting since 1998. They continue to be one of the most popular web hosts today.


  • The Original FatCow Plan- $56/yr
  • The MiniMoo- $5/yr

FatCow Pricing:

Since using FatCow, they have managed to make their pricing completely worth it. Their features are a huge selling point in the hosting market. I have had very limited issues when it comes to FatCow’s pricing. As an example, you have to pay for a full year of hosting. Yes, it would be a great benefit if you could pay for hosting monthly, but FatCow offers a 100% refund within 30 days of purchasing a FatCow Hosting plan. This allows the customer to see if their satisfied with FatCow’s amazing hosting experience.

Features and Bonuses:

FatCow really likes keeping their customer happy. FatCow has added amazing features that are top of the market and also some added bonuses.

  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited POP Mail Boxes
  • Unlimited Domain Name Hosting
  • Free Domain Name
  • FTP Support
  • MySQL
  • Point & Click Site Building Tools
  • $50 AdWords Credits
  • $25 Yahoo! + Bing Search Engine Credits
  • WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal Support
  • 100% Wind Powered Hosting!
  • Much, Much more

The MiniMoo plan is a cheaper plan for customers that need a small, inexpensive website. You can host only one website using the MiniMoo plan. However, the Original FatCow Plan allows you to host unlimited websites and unlimited disk space. I recommend the MiniMoo plan only if you are looking for a small, personal website. If you are looking for a larger website, I highly recommend upgrading to the Original FatCow Plan.

Performance and Uptime:

I’ve been with FatCow for a long time. Throughout the time of having FatCow as a host, I have yet to experience any issues with my hosting. FatCow really works hard to keep their hosting 100% problem free. The websites I have built are speedy and have had no data loss. Once you register, you’ll have your new website up and running in a heart beat.


Overall, FatCow has been my choice of website hosting for a while now. I have yet to find anything that even compares to the amazing features and bonuses FatCow offers. I plan to remain a FatCow customer for the years coming.

When choosing a hosting company, be sure to check out FatCow. You should not be disappointed in their amazing hosting.