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Intelligent Lighting: Illuminate The Path To Savings

In a world where energy costs are soaring and people are ever more environmentally conscious, it pays dividends to be energy efficient. Although sustainable energy sources and government incentives are an increasingly hot topic, some key money-saving areas often get overlooked.

In the average office environment, almost 40% of annual energy consumption can be attributed to lighting. Many businesses are now switching on to the reality of how much they could save by introducing intelligent lighting systems.

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10 Must Have Gadgets For Your Kitchen

Do you often get confused how to fill up your modern kitchen with some modern gadgets that is useful to you, and those gadgets that your kitchen crave for the most?

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Connected Home Options and More at "Future of Home Living" Exhibit

Trend report and hands-on exhibit on modern home life now available to read and visit 

"Future of Home Living" exhibit 

Making your house or apartment "uniquely you" is fun, and in 2013, options for a better home continue to grow, mainly through tech. However, the think-tank and media firm PSFK is letting us know, through a hands-on exhibit and report, that enhancements for modern home living aren't confined purely to tech.  The exhibit helps show us ways for making life at home more comfortable, connected and smart by using not only technology, but forward-thinking services, as well as products that adapt. Major areas like retail, social media, work, leisure/gaming, and mobile were studied in-depth by PSFK Labs, resulting in their Future of Home Living report, which is available as a PDF file. The exhibit is free to attend and is located in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood.

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Chrome Apps Episode 7: Planner 5D


Today we are going to be looking at an application called “Planner 5D”. This application is a home designing tool that allows you to create your dream house with all of the tools it provides. The application caught my eye one day while browsing the Chrome App store and I was feeling a bit on the creative side. So I decided to give it a shot and download it. After taking about twenty minutes of using the app and getting used to the interface I soon found myself making my own little office with no problems what so ever. I should mention that getting used to this application isn’t quite as easy as it seems, but it doesn’t take long after the understanding of the interface. With that said, let’s see if this application is for you.

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