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Start Getting Things Done with GTDNext

GTDNext to-do list iconSometimes I wonder if humans have always had problems with procrastination or if it's a unique affliction of our age brought on by information overload.  

Don't worry, there's still hope for us because we have many tools and techniques for time management and productivity at our disposal. A few years ago I became seriously interested in productivity methods. Since then I've tried and even reviewed many to-do apps and solutions. While trying to overcome procrastination, I've probably read every piece of motivation advice on the planet, including the variations and "hacks" of the most popular ones.

And after all that, I'm still equally excited whenever I hear about a new productivity method or app. What kind of approach does it propose? What does it look like? Does it have something that others don't?

Today I want to show you a new (version 1.0 was just released a month ago!) time management and to-do organization app called GTDNext. If you're looking for a logical and simple way to tackle your projects and tasks, GTDNext can help you.

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Success Wizard: Goal Setting iPhone App Review

There are a lot of goal setting apps out there, and they are usually pretty good. But this is not one of those apps; this is a complete life management system you can take anywhere

More goal setting and time management apps we reviewed previously:

How Success Wizard Works

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Evernote for iPhone - Free App Review

Most people have probably heard of Evernote, one of the best cross-platform productivity apps. But not everyone has tried it; is it really as helpful as they say? The answer to that will depend on your needs, but I have found it personally useful for both professional and personal use, and I know many others who find it just as crucial for their academic work, as well.

Today's review is about the iPhone app that makes you even more productive!

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Simplenote Review: iPhone To-Do List Manager on Steroids

It isn't always easy to keep life organized. School, work, life functions, finances, creative ideas...a lot can circle around your brain. The more you have to juggle in your day to day, the more likely things will fall through the cracks. But dropping the ball in any part of your life can be really off putting, and sometimes disastrous.

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Flow iPhone To-Do List Manager Review

There are a lot of time and schedule management apps out there right now. Most are pretty good, thanks to the idea being so basic and the needs for all people being pretty similar. But I am always looking for apps that allow you to sync with online programs and task lists, just to make things that much easier.

Recently, I came across this gem that goes a step further. It makes your task lists social, so you can  actually assign things to other people. This has both personal and professional applications, and I have been using my own for both.

How It Works

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