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30 Exciting Mobile App Design Trends and Elements

We are living in a thrilling time for mobile applications and functionality. As technology continues to thrive on the innovation of independent or small-studio developers, the possibility of releasing the next big hit remains ever in your favor.

Certain trends and patterns have been establishing themselves in the world of app design in the past six months that give us a look at how the art is adapting. But unlike in the past, these seem like they will stick around for more than a single year. If you want to match the rather uniform look, function, usability and feature requirements that have become the gold standard for popular or viral apps, pay close attention to these 30 trends.

1. Buttons Hiding Menus

Buttons Hiding Menus


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How To Generate Patterns & Website Backgrounds

Web designers don't spend all their time writing code. They also spend a lot of time drinking coffee and staring at said code.

Joking aside, the beauty of being a web designer lies in the fact that it's an incredibly creative and versatile job, particularly if you're a freelancer. However, this means that you often have only yourself to rely on when it comes to producing visual material such as icons, background images and color schemes. If you've ever had to create a website on a tight deadline, you know what a challenging task this can be. Luckily, there are apps to help you, and here we've rounded up some online tools for generating patterns

Coffee for Web Designers

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Become A Designer with Canva

Canva logoIf design was easy, everyone would be great at it.

You may or may not agree with that statement, but the fact is that design is a part of everyday life. More and more people have to do something design-related, so it's not unusual that apps which make design simple appear in ever-increasing amounts. After all, not everyone has the skills for creating stunning designs, and most people don't have time to learn them.

That's why we have software. From generating color schemes in the browser to building professional-looking presentations on your tablet, design has never been easier than it is today. Canva is just one such app – it enables anyone to become a designer. Let's take a look at how it does that.

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Cool Apps for Creating Color Schemes

Color schemes are a standard part of every designer's job. Whether you're working on a new website, making a logo or decorating a room, you will inevitably have to pay attention to colors. The three apps reviewed in this article are very practical for devising and manipulating color schemes, and you don't have to be a professional designer to use them, as they are highly user-friendly.

Color Schemes

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Theme Forest: Web Template Service

Theme Forest is a web template design service that allows you to purchase a design or theme with a license allowing you to use the theme for a business or service based web site. Essentially this is for those people who know how to code really well in HTML, but doesn’t feel strong in the designing portion of web design. Or in contrast it can be for the web designer to plan out the theme of the website while being able to get a web programmer to make the web site functional for those as well. One of the many talents this site offers is WordPress themes. However, for those of you who have ever used WordPress should know installing a new theme as easy as dragging and dropping the theme in a new older location. So if you’re in need of a web template of theme for your website, give theme forest a try.

Source: Theme Forest