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Small Gadgets That Drive Big Business

It pays big to think small. No matter where you work, I'm sure you have a tech gadget in arms reach.  Think small, light and simple. With the right combination of tools you should be able to run your business more smoothly along with seeing improvements.

These days #technology in the workplace isn't a luxury. It's a necessity that can quickly make you stand out to clients and improve work efficiency. It's a commodity and trend that is around for the long haul.

Here's our big list of five little tools that can make your #small business a huge success and grow into the big business we know it can be.

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10 Essential Gadgets for Parents with Babies

Being a parent is hard and it’s even harder to take care of your children today thanks to the busy nature that is brought about by house chores, office work and home online business. When compared to a few decades ago, parents today have the choice of amazing gadgets to help monitor babies as well as make the role of parenting easier.

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Is Google Glass the Next Betamax?

Each year new gadgets are released on the market, some of which gather an audience and thrive, others which fade into insignificance and die, for one reason or another. Sometimes, there is just no need for the piece of technology, so nobody wants it; sometimes it can be that the product just doesn't work as it should, or is too pricey, or ugly!

It sends minds wondering about what will become of one of the hotly tipped gadgets of the year, Google Glass. It won't be the first piece of wearable technology to hit the market, with all sorts of items such as connected socks and bras being available this year, but it could be the most controversial.

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How Would You Like An Alarm Clock That Actually Alarms You Each Morning?

Meet the ALARMclock. It looks like your typical alarm clock from the outside but this is no ordinary alarm clock. The difference is that this one wakes you up each morning by letting you know what your current bank account balance is, how many friends you currently have on Facebook, and what your current projected life expectancy is.

Basically, you will be woken up with reminders of the harsh realities of life. Now waking up to hear how many days you have left to live may sound morbid to some but according to the designers this product will “help people become more ambitious and realize their realities.”

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5 Great Designs At The 2013 Dyson Awards

The annual Dyson awards are a celebration of great engineering and innovative product design. Coming up with something to impress the man behind the bagless vacuum has to be a challenging design job, and the contest attracts entrants from all over the world.

This year’s winner will be announced in early November, but in the meantime, here are five shortlisted projects that deserve our attention. From power generation to medical supplies, each one demonstrates flair and innovation.

1. The Portable Wind Generator

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