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Funniest YouTube Comments

The amount of time every person in the world spends on YouTube every day must be staggering. The revolutionary website has managed to slip into the mainstream consciousness and just isn't going away. A great way to share videos of any kind, any that hit viral - or even just popular - status are very entertaining for whatever reason, good or bad.

Sometimes it isn't just the video that is great, but also the comments. A witty remark from a YouTube user can actually be better than the video it has been placed on. More than one clip has gone viral more because of people's reaction to the content than the content itself. These ten examples are proof of that.

1. Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons

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Chrome Apps Episode 5: Cut The Rope (Video)

                  While browsing through the Google Chrome App store I kept finding this game with a cute little monster on the cover on it. At first It caught my attention, but I decided to look away from it for a little bit longer. But on one boring Saturday afternoon I decided to shrug my shoulders and give the game a shot. I didn’t know what to expect from the cover itself, but through the in game screenshots I started to think of something more on the lines of fruit ninja a puzzle game. I was kind of right, but not exactly right. The story goes as follows. A package arrives at your door step with a sign that says “Feed with Candy” on the box with a pair of eyes peeping through the whole. It’s not the greatest of plots, but it does make you want to feed this little bugger some candy.


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Best Wikipedia Jokes

Get ready, kids! It is time to log into your Wikipedia author profile and troll Jimmy Wales. Why? Because making fun of websites more successful than anything we could hope to create is awesome! Also, laughter helps to push away the tears of bitter envy that fall every time you see a new report on monthly Wikipedia visitors.

Here are my favorite Wikipedia funny screenshots, jokes and fails.

Jimmy Wales - Psychopath

Jimmy Wales - Psychopath

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Video: Shit Android Fanatics Say

We have just shared funny iPhone videos and here we go again: a great response from Android fanatics: Shit Android Fanatics Say!

Funny iPhone 5 Videos

There is already a lot of controversy surrounding the iPhone 5 since its release back in September. It is usually believed that only the most hardcore of Apple fans bothered to buy it, thanks to the ridiculously high price tag and lack of updates on the 4S. Not to mention the necessary purchases to update accessories, thanks to the slight changes that made the old ones obsolete with the new model.

Obviously, there has been quite a bit of anger. Especially from those who are not heavy Apple fans, or who see what a massive ripoff this new incarnation of the iPhone really is. I mean, come on...$400 for the iPhone 4S with less than an inch of new screen? A power adapter that you have to buy to fit the new model? They seemed to go out of their way to make money on this one, and it has put a bit of doubt on the way Tim Cook will handle the company from Steve Jobs, who was already pretty well known for playing those tricks.

But if you want to keep yourself from screaming in frustration or leaving snarling comments on Apple fanboy blogs, check out these videos. The laughter will help us to fight through the tears. (Note: Some of these videos are NSFW).

1. Steve Jobs Resurrected

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