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Transcription Helper: Makes Transcribing Easier And Faster 

If you are a transcription expert who does a lot of transcribing, one very useful software that is just perfect for you is the Transcription Helper.

This software will help you transcribe both video and audio recordings faster and easier.

Below is a look at the benefits and features of the Transcription Helper as well as a guide on how to use this amazing software.    

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Facebook Promoted Posts Images Checker

One disturbing thing about Facebook promoted / boosted posts is that you can't have too much text on the associated image. I get the idea behind that (to avoid promotional banners) but that also prevents me from using useful annotated screenshots too!

But there's nothing really you can do about that: The rule is the rule. What we can do is to avoid rejections by providing an image that complies with Facebook editorial terms of service.

This tool will help you with that: Facebook Image Text Detection Tool

Before promoting any post at Facebook, run your featured images using that tool to make sure you are safe!


New Easy Bulk Domain Checker

If you are looking to register a new domain or you have a list of options you are considering, check out this free and easy bulk domain checker.

It does exactly what it says: Give it a list domain names (each in the new line) and it will quickly show you if any of them is available. Then you can download the list of available domains: No need to scroll the list!

There's no need to register or opt-in. It's always neat to have free tools like that!



OutWit Free Web Scraper Tool

OutWit is FireFox addon which can be added to your Firefox browser. It's free to download. It's much like google web scraper tool but advantage of using Outwit is that it has many major features which can be used for data extraction.

OutWit automatically scans all the web pages for you from internet and extracts them in right format. You don't need to have programming skills to handle this tool, even a non programmer can run this tool from firefox window. 

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Niche Chat Co: Nice Free Web Chat App

Whether you are providing services, books, courses, etc on your website or just interested in hearing back from your readers, this nice find of ours will definitely come in handy

Please meet our free app of the day: Meet Niche Chat Co

First of all, you heard it right: It's free... For now while the developers are testing. It looks like it's going to cost $29 per month after that... It doesn't look like a too huge investment but whether you are going to use if after it's out of beta or not, it will definitely be a very enlightening experience.

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