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APPS as Affordable Alternatives to Traditional Cable

The average cost of a cable subscription for basic and premium channels hit $86 per month in 2011 and is expected to raise up to $200 by 2020. With entertainment spending on the rise again in 2013,  American consumers look for more affordable alternatives to traditional cable.

Online platforms like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus or Amazon Instant Video gain ground among mainstream consumers, many concluding that traditional cable is no longer worth it, in terms of value for money.

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LoseIt Free iPhone Weight Loss Application Review

We are coming up on a whole new year, and you know what that means: New Years Resolutions! A fair number of us are going to be adding the loss of at least a few pounds to that resolutions list, and a large chunk of that group will have given up by February. It is the inevitable culling of the overeager that has become as much of an annual tradition as setting the goal itself.

But you don't have to be one of the quitters when you have the right tools. A great one to keep around is Lose It.

How It Works

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Great Dane iPhone Application Review

Do you have a Great Dane trailer? I do, and have for a couple of years. I bought mine used, and so there was some work that had to be done as I drove it across the country. The problem was that I only wanted to go with authorized dealers for parts, repairs and services. It is really difficult to do that while on the road.

It wasn't until I was a couple of states into my trip that I discovered this app.

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IFTTT Free iPhone App Review

We had a very detailed review of the web-based version of this app previously: Connect Facebook and Twitter with IFTTT - now to the mobile one:

IFTTT....what does it mean? The abbreviation stands for If This Then That, and it is a brand new way to make the internet really, truly work for you.

How It Works

The concept is this: the internet should be more connected to give the user a more intuitive and flowing experience. How do they accomplish this? By allowing you to create “recipes”, a combination of websites and services that apply their features to one another. These websites are called “channels”, and you can connect ones you use every day.

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How To Find Free WiFi When Traveling Abroad 

Find Free WiFi

When traveling out of the country you have so much to consider. Flight plans, itinerary, lodging, budgets, can get pretty complicated. The longer the trip, the more there is to juggle.

So the last thing you are probably considering when you are getting ready to go is your ability to access free WiFi once you get there.

But its a concern, even more so when it comes to keeping in touch with others back home. Some areas have more internet access than others, and some are next to impossible to find. Having a couple of tools to assist you both before and after arriving at your destination is important.

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