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Manage Your Social Media Data on Desktop: SocialFolders

The computer is more than just a piece of technology. It is the hub of which all of life's business seems to be conducted. Even mobile devices are synced to a computer of some description, and so everything that we use is generally thrust into various folders on our desktop and through online profiles.


For myself, it is the online profiles that hold the majority of my data. I have a Dropbox, Photobucket, Google Docs, Evernote and various other accounts. Not to mention my social media profiles, which are numerous and very well used.

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Meet Yoono, the Awesome Social Networking Tool

Most people are users of at least one social network. Some, including myself, have multiple accounts on various social networks and services. Whether your accounts are for professional purposes or just to stay in touch with your friends, you'll need a reliable application to share your content and to stay on top of news and status updates. Yoono lets you know what's happening on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other networks through a simple yet configurable interface.


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An Easy Way to Download Flickr Photos

One of the things I hate most about sharing my photos online is keeping a backup of them. I have the originals, which I keep in one place. Then I have my online accounts holding a digital copy. But then I make sure I have a backup folder with all pictures downloaded that I update on a regular basis by taking the photos from the site I have shared them on.

I personally use Flickr, and this presents a problem. Anyone who uses Flickr on a regular basis knows what a pain it is to download photos, especially more than one. Trying to download a whole bunch of them? It is so frustrating and time consuming that I used to banish the task to the end of every month, where I would force myself to sit down and go through the process with a bottle of wine and very little patience.

Making It Easier


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How To: Receive Review Products

Like many aspiring technology reviewers on YouTube, I am always trying to find a nice product to review for my channel. I'm always contacting companies to try and obtain sample or review products. What person would not want a free product in return for a review video or blog post? 

To many, it sounds much easier than it is. In order to try and receive these products, you have to build up a channel of quality, professionalism, and mature manners. As a YouTuber with a fair amount of subscribers, wide range of viewers, and high amounts of feedback, one might think that getting review products is as easy as snapping your fingers. That's where many reviewers go wrong. In this post I will try and explain helpful tips to bringing more viewers and more products into your room or office through this post.

First of all, build up you content. Post videos on a regular schedule, advertise your work (but don't spam!), do your research. More than likely, companies will over look a blunt and boring channel with content found in a million other places. Think of it this way: you are contacting a company for a reason, obviously in hopes of receiving review products, and you have to believe thousands of other reviewers are doing the same thing as you. That's why you have to be better. Above the crowd. Stand out. It might take a bit of time to get strong amounts of views and hits, but in the end, it will make that much of a difference. This might mean spending your allowance or baby-sitting money on a camcorder that records high quality video, or even spending a few dollars a month on advertisements, such as the ones found on this blog. You don't have to go crazy, a nice set-up can be had for under $100. Quality is key.

Secondly, write to companies in a mature manner. Address them formally in an email, with key points about your channel, and you goals with a product they might have. Use proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling. You wouldn't write poorly to your teacher or boss, so why write like that to a company? I always tell my viewers to give the company a brief description of your channel or blog, an explanation or reasoning that you are contacting them, and a paragraph explaining what could benefit their company. It's nice to let them feel confident and comfortable with your review. Although this isn't mandatory, I always explain to a company that I could send the product back after full review purposes. They almost never require that to be done, but it's nice to let the company know you care more about the review than the product.

Lastly, and most importantly, keep doing what you do. Build on your success. Show your viewers that you care about them by answering questions, helping them build a better channel, giving advice. Don't feel discouraged if a company doesn't respond to you, or isn't interested in sending products. You learn from your mistakes. A closed door doesn't mean a new door can't open. 

I hope this blog post has helped you understand the measures it takes to receive products to review. I would also like to say that I love the new changes to the Social Blog, and I hope TekSocial will just rise with more amazing posts. 

-Brandon Goldman (iTalkTech)