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What I'm Hoping to See on the iPad 2

The time is almost here for Apple’s latest product to be announced. In this case, the iPad 2, the 2nd generation of a revolutionary product Apple released just about a year ago. Though expectations are sky high, I would be happy to see just a few things added to the iPad 2 to make it a stellar device.

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iPod Touch 4th Generation Review


When you first turn on the device you will notice it's beautiful 3.5 inch Retina Display. Also, if your a first time user at the top is a camera that is normally used for pictures and FaceTime. On the silver back side you have another camera that can also be used for pictures, FaceTime and video. 


One of the most used features by me is the video recording which shoots in 720p video. Great for vlogging or just documenting some memories. The less used feature by me is FaceTime, which allows you to video chat with other iPod Touch's (4th Generation), iPhone 4's and Macs (with iSight cameras). I recently found another service Tango, also a video chatting service but this allows you to do via 3G and to other devices (such as Android phones). 
 Another feature used by most people is Game Center, basically Game Center allows you to play with your friends on compatible iOS 4 games. One feature not noticed by users is Gyro, this allows the iPod to detect advance movements; Provides a more precise gaming experience. If your interested in purchasing one you can do so here.

8GB --> $229
32GB --> $299
64GB --> $399 

Improvements I would like to see made to Squarespace

I have been a fond user of the Squarespace platform currently and in the past on my old 'JonnyisGeek' website. Though I have had a great experience so far, I would like to see some features being generated into the mix.

  • Threaded Comments and Forum Posts - It's hard to reply to a certain user in the comments. There is no 'reply' button and yes, you may be able to @username them within the comments, but they don't get alerted about your reply.
  • Social Buttons - A social widget has been out for a while now, but if you want to customize the list of networks you're on with images, you need to find those images and code them into your website. You could say, well website owners have experience with HTML, CSS and the rest of it, but some don't. As you could probably tell, some website editors are used to applications like Dreamweaver and iWeb, which Squarespace doesn't require you to use.
  • Podcast Hosting & Playout - I've only recently started podcasting, but I would love, and it would benefit Squarespace so much, for them to host podcasts and define a player for them to play on. Websites such as TWiT and Revision 3 would benefit, as they are podcast and vodcast networks and bloggers like myself would benefit as sometimes posts can't be put into written words, images or video.
  • Squarespace Version 6 - This hasn't been spoken about since Squarespace developer, Tyler Thompson tweeted out about it in September last year. Yes, nearly a full 10 months ago. It would be great to fork out a whole new management system and see if not all of the features spoken about in this post, some as it would attract more and more people into using Squarespace instead of using cheap, unreliable hosting.

Let me know your thoughts and let's see if we can get this post passed around some of the Squarespace team and developers.

Send this out if you would like to help. 

@Squarespace Check out this post from @JonnyRowntree containing beneficial features that could be added to the system -


iOS 4 Feature Breakdown

Today we will be taking a look into some of the most important features of the new iOS 4. The multitasking is pretty awesome. I also like the folders feature. There are plenty more features I'm in love with so far. If you want to find out my full thoughts, please take a look at the video above. Also, we are about to reach 1,000 subscribers on our YouTube channel. So please be sure to take a look at that.


Motorola Droid Specs & Features

Here’s an overview of what you can expect as far as features and specifications of the Motorola Droid. One important thing that I forgot to indicate in the video is that the Droid is a completely open sourced phone (In terms of Verizon limiting what you can and cannot do as far as free gps, free ringtones, wallpapers, ect). If its one thing I DISPISE about Verizon is the fact that you cannot have freedom with your phone as you would on carriers such as T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, ect. I’m happy to say that Verizon has choosen not to limit the Droid. The Droid’s release date is set for sometime in November.