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Facebook Promoted Posts Images Checker

One disturbing thing about Facebook promoted / boosted posts is that you can't have too much text on the associated image. I get the idea behind that (to avoid promotional banners) but that also prevents me from using useful annotated screenshots too!

But there's nothing really you can do about that: The rule is the rule. What we can do is to avoid rejections by providing an image that complies with Facebook editorial terms of service.

This tool will help you with that: Facebook Image Text Detection Tool

Before promoting any post at Facebook, run your featured images using that tool to make sure you are safe!


Flappy Bird Returns! 

Today we are going to be covering several technology based news topics that you may find interesting or useful to know. One of the topics that have been the buzz on several news websites is flappy bird creator Dong Nguyen is re-releasing Flappy Bird this august with some new improvements including a multiplayer feature so that others can compete against each other. Dong Nguyen has also stated he is going to try and make the game less addicting, how exactly he is going to be doing that is unknown. But good fortune will come to Dong Nguyen, because of the mass hype of the first Flappy Bird game; it shouldn’t be hard to meet maximum sales within the month of the game being released.

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Facebook Buys Oculus

One of the biggest purchases of this week which surprised both me and the tech community was Facebook’s recent buyout of the Oculus Company and device. The Company was bought out for $400 million dollars in cash, $1.6 Billion in Facebook stock, and an additional $300 million will be given if the product meets certain performance quote. Although this may seem like a lot of money (which for any other person it is) I don’t believe the Facebook stock would be worth it. Facebook is a Social Media based website much like Myspace, it’s a fad that might die out in the future. If you look at a quote for the Facebook stock you’ll notice the odd traveling pattern for its odd stock pattern. But if I were to think about it in the long run, Facebook is a Company willing to make investments to make something better, so they could be the next Apple.

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IFTTT Free iPhone App Review

We had a very detailed review of the web-based version of this app previously: Connect Facebook and Twitter with IFTTT - now to the mobile one:

IFTTT....what does it mean? The abbreviation stands for If This Then That, and it is a brand new way to make the internet really, truly work for you.

How It Works

The concept is this: the internet should be more connected to give the user a more intuitive and flowing experience. How do they accomplish this? By allowing you to create “recipes”, a combination of websites and services that apply their features to one another. These websites are called “channels”, and you can connect ones you use every day.

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Letter Stack Free Review 

Looking for a word game with a twist? This fun app tests your speed and eloquence, pitting you against an opponent to see how many words you can stack our of the letters provided.

How It Works

You sign into Facebook and either challenge a friend on your list, or another player from anywhere around the world. You have one minute to stack as many words as possible, without knocking over your stacks. There are three rounds per game, with the largest and fastest words earning you points. Powerups give you a further boost as you go along

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