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Entries in eye glasses (2)


Is Google Glass the Next Betamax?

Each year new gadgets are released on the market, some of which gather an audience and thrive, others which fade into insignificance and die, for one reason or another. Sometimes, there is just no need for the piece of technology, so nobody wants it; sometimes it can be that the product just doesn't work as it should, or is too pricey, or ugly!

It sends minds wondering about what will become of one of the hotly tipped gadgets of the year, Google Glass. It won't be the first piece of wearable technology to hit the market, with all sorts of items such as connected socks and bras being available this year, but it could be the most controversial.

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The Best Way To Clean Your Glasses

More often than not, those of us who love technology and everything about it have glasses that we have to wear in order to see properly. Personally, I am nearsighted and have to wear glasses for that. The one thing that I hate about glasses though would have to be cleaning them. For years I simply took a microfiber cloth or my shirt and wiped them off when they got dusty or dirty, but I was always unhappy with the smudges and unclear film left on the lenses. Finally, I found a way that works great, doesn't even require you to use a cloth. Follow the steps in my video to clean your glasses and get a clear result without spots, specks, or smears. If it is your first time doing it, you may have to repeat the process 2-3 times to get good results, after that once should do the trick whenever they get dirty.