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Geek Events: 2014 Edition

Isn't is weird how geeks are 'in' now? Growing up, I was an undisputed geek, obsessed with Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, X-Files, comic books, video games... yet, somehow I was not a popular girl because of it. Times have really changed as certain things that were once considered 'uncool' have been rebooted to evolved to have mainstream appeal. You only have to look at the state of DC and Marvel, or game franchises  like Call of Duty or GTA, to realize how much things have really changed.

But unlike many others who share my badge as an authentic nerd, I am not annoyed by this. On the contrary, I think it is fantastic that the things I loved have caught the attention of the masses. That doesn't mean those of us who have always preferred to nerd-out don't deserve some places to do it with others of our kind.

This is where geek events come in. Conferences, conventions, meetups... there are a lot of them, and the truly dedicated should have at least one on their list this year.



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3 Best Events for Android Fanatics

While Apple holds the title of most-bought mobile phones, Google is the one biting at their heels. Android is not only an operating system that is held on Google specific phones, but is being used on a wider variety of devices than ever before. Everyone from Samsung to Lenovo is putting them on their smartphones, tablets, and even smartwatches as wearable technology is coming into the market.

Jelly Bean is still popular, and KitKat has just been announced. So what is the average Android fanatic to do as they wait for that latest release? Check out the events happening for people just like them, of course.

1. AnDevCon San Francisco

AnDevCon San Francisco

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Cloud Computing Conferences (Anyone Going to Report for TekSocial)?

From the ability to store valuable data in a remote location, to collaborating in real-time with colleagues and clients, the power of cloud computing is apparent in its ability to make nearly everything we do easier than ever before! No matter which way you swing it, the future lies within the cloud, and that means that getting to know cloud computing, how it works, and what it means to our personal and professional lives is a must, regardless of what niche your job happens to lie in.

No matter where your interests and responsibilities lie, there's a good chance that the sweeping cloud revolution will have a role to play in your life. Stay hip to this new and ever-evolving technology by attending any of these five cloud computing conferences:

1. SF: Puppet Conference 2013

Puppet Conference 2013

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Connected Home Options and More at "Future of Home Living" Exhibit

Trend report and hands-on exhibit on modern home life now available to read and visit 

"Future of Home Living" exhibit 

Making your house or apartment "uniquely you" is fun, and in 2013, options for a better home continue to grow, mainly through tech. However, the think-tank and media firm PSFK is letting us know, through a hands-on exhibit and report, that enhancements for modern home living aren't confined purely to tech.  The exhibit helps show us ways for making life at home more comfortable, connected and smart by using not only technology, but forward-thinking services, as well as products that adapt. Major areas like retail, social media, work, leisure/gaming, and mobile were studied in-depth by PSFK Labs, resulting in their Future of Home Living report, which is available as a PDF file. The exhibit is free to attend and is located in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood.

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4 Geek Events in the US for 2013 

There has never been a better time to be a geek, with thousands of new apps, gadgets, protocols, and general wonders to behold with each passing month. If there is any downside, it is only that keeping up with it all while separating the useful and cool from the passing and useless can be nearly impossible as humanity's technical prowess continues to expand.

With that in mind, being a full-time geek means staying up on all of the latest developments in the web and technology sector - check out any of these four geek events in the US for 2013 to keep your knowledge on the cutting edge:

1. BRITE Conference

BRITE Conference

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