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FlashGot: The Meta Download Manager

FlashGot logoFlashGot is a download manager management extension for Mozilla's various products (Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey). This is the meaning of the "meta" in the title - it manages various other download managers that you may have installed on your computer. Therefore it requires a download manager (such as JDownloader) to be already installed. But why would you even use a download manager, much less a manager for managers?

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How to Batch-Download Images from Tumblr

Tumblr logoTumblr is a great source of amazing photos, but downloading them one by one is impractical and tedious, especially when Tumblr users get creative (or crazy) with their page design and make navigation tiresome (or nearly impossible). This short guide will show you how to automatically download multiple images at once from any Tumblr page. All you need is your favorite terminal emulator application.

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JDownloader: A Heavyweight Download Manager

JDownloader logoJDownloader is a free (GPL-licensed), open source download manager. It's written in Java and therefore platform independent, which means you can use it on Windows, Linux or OS X. It's a heavyweight application that aims to be the one-stop solution to all your downloading problems. It's feature-packed, well-supported and extensible via addons. It's even multilingual. But the most important piece of information hasn't been mentioned yet - the feature that really sets JDownloader apart from its endless competitors - the hoster and decryption plugins. They make JDownloader a download manager worthy of recommendation.


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2Download: iPhone Download Manager

I am terrible about remembering to download new shows. I am also terrible about remembering to download movies, apps updates, games and music. Whenever something comes, like a new album from my favorite artist, or the latest episode of a series I am following, I end up forgetting minutes later. Which means I end up playing catchup, or potentially subject myself to spoilers before getting around to it.

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Pushmo Nintendo 3DS Review

Nintendo has surprised everyone lately with the fantastic content in their 3DS eShop. Currently they even have begun giving demos of certain games, like Resident Evil. One perfect addition to the eShop is Pushmo! Pushmo is a game where you play as a Mario looking character that is supposed to save other little pushmo creatures by solving block puzzles. Controls are simple and easy to use, and the gameplay is catchy! Worried that it will be short for the around $7 price tag? Don't be, there are over 200 levels and some of them can be quite time consuming! It is well worth the money and is another game that truely shows the full potential of the 3DS.