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Must They Take My Photos Without (Barely) Asking? Mobile Privacy Concerns

This article is more than just about whether or not mobile apps require me to automatically upload all or none of my pictures. However, I'm starting out with this because this is how they “get you.”

When it comes to preserving our personal data, it sickens me to think that phone apps would require such a thing. I want to be able to choose which photos to upload and which ones to leave on my phone, tablet, or other device.

I link this is what's going on in the world today. It's a total push for lack of privacy—which seems so contradictory to the push to fight against identity theft.

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Camera Plus iPhone App Review

A lot of people are relying on their smartphones for all photo taking. Many of us don't even have a digital camera at this point, because cameras on phones have become so sophisticated that we don't need one. After all, the iPhone has the same pixel rate in their camera as most mid-range digital models. Why spend more when you can carry that around with you everywhere, with the same results?

The most common argument I hear from digital camera users is that the iPhone lacks features. Which is why you need an app like Camera+ to make up the difference, and then some.

A couple of more camera apps:

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Camera360 Ultimate - iPhone Photo App Review

Camera360 Ultimate

The iPhone's camera is a feature that many of us take for granted. We have gotten so used to being able to record ourselves and others on a whim, that we forget how far this technology has come in such a short amount of time.

An iPhone photo is better quality and resolution than many webcams and even early digital camera models. You can even record some fairly decent videos, no matter where you are. People having iPhones handy has been responsible for some incredible captures over the years.

Camera360 was made to exploit the camera to its full ability, and give you more control over your photos.

More photography apps for iPhone we reviewed previously:

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How To Light Paint With A Digital Camera

Most everyone has a digital camera, but the general user does not know all of the capibilities that it has. Even really cheap and inexpensive digital cameras can offer fun and interesting effects when looked into. The Canon Powershot ELPH 300HS is a very average camera that has a huge userbase, but what most people do not know about this camera is that it has the ability to have a slower shutter speed, and any digital camera or DSLR that has the option to slow the shutter speed can offer the person using it some really neat effects. One of the main things that I use a slow shutter speed for is light painting, and this is how I do it.

So as you can see, it doesn't take a really expensive camera for a person to be able to enjoy it's features. Look at your cameras menus and features and take full advantage of them.


Olympus SP-800UZ

Pros: 2GB of built-in storage; one-touch movie recording; full, searchable user manual stored in camera. It is very accurate if you have a tripod and it records in HD VIDEO. Good lens, very user friendly. Very good price-tag for what it gives to the user.

Cons: Soft, noisy photos above ISO 200; long shutter lag; ineffective image stabilization; no electronic viewfinder; poor battery life.

Conclusion: If you care more about having a long lens at a low price than photo quality or manual controls, the Olympus SP-800UZ is an option. All and all, it’s a great piece of kit, and I have been using it to make youtube videos. (