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Most Popular Web Development Frameworks: What Is Better To Use For A Business Site

Before to release a site for business, we ought to define the main tool for its creating.

Yes, this is a task for programmers, but a businessman should also know advantages of some programming languages to choose the most suitable one for his undertaking.

So let’s look into all popular frameworks that help to succeed in business.

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MakeAppIcon and ShotBot: Easily Generate Icons & Upload Screenshots in Bulk for Your Android and iPhone App

MakeAppIcon recognized the problem of developers having to resize app icons for each supported device and generates all dimensions of app icons with just one simple click

ShotBot, instead of uploading screenshots to iTunes Connect in turn, lets you upload a file containing localized screenshots of different sizes at once.

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How To Choose A Managed Services Provider For Your IT

When you are looking to outsource your IT needs, you have a series of serious challenges in front of you. Your business relies on the availability of your IT assets to do business, and some of these applications and services are business critical.

Just ask yourself how long you could do business if you can’t use your email? What happens if someone manages to hack your data and can get at your customer lists and financial information?

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Coding Lesson Sites 


In the past I have mentioned several sites that were prmopted towards html coding of even python programming. However, today in this video I would like to show you several unique websites that are made to teach and help you learn programming. There is a vareity of lessons ranging from C# to C++ to even Java scripting. There is a lot you can find on the web, both benifital to your education or even for a hobbiest. So watch this video and give it a shot. You never know what you could learn within a day. I hope you find this video useful in someway, and have a nice day. 


3 Softwares: Web Development/Design

When most people think of web development or design, they usually consider Adobe's Dreamweaver to be the perfect choice. In this article, I am going to show you some other software that can help you learn more, and save some of your savings. 

Remember: All applications shown here are for the Mac platform. 

Coda - After Dreamweaver, most people know about Coda. Coda is a web development tool that is both designed well and packed full of features including a Preview pane, color-highlighted code, auto-fill, and able to connect and edit files on a remote server. Currently, Coda is priced at $99 .

TextMate - Known as the the "Missing Editor for Mac OSX", TextMate is known for its powerful text editing structure and its low price point. Features-wise, this is an ordinary text editor with basic color-highlighted code but where TextMate really stands out is when you are actually writing the code. Unlike Coda which happens to have an annoying auto-close tag feature, TextMate allows you the option to manually do it by a shortcut. For those who would like a powerful text editor at a low price, TextMate is the one for you priced at around $60. 

NetBeans - Many of you developers out there who need a highly powerful, all in one, cheap software for any operating system that can fit all your programming needs, NetBeans is for you. Giving you the option to download different versions of the software to fit which language you use, NetBeans makes it great for those programmers to program without to much hassle. And the best part of NetBeans, its free!

So here are a few applications that are great for you web designers/developers out there and most are not that expensive (compared to Dreamweaver). If you have any more for the Mac platform, feel free to comment below. Thanks for reading!