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Desktop Computer Repair Tips For Every SMB

Did you know that the average small business employee loses approximately one work week per year because they work on an out-of-date PC?  Recent research conducted by Intel found this to be the case.

Here are some other interesting facts the study noted: 

  • Repairing an “old” PC (older than 4 years), costs 1.3 times more than repairing a PC that’s younger than 4 years
  • Employees who use PCs older than 4 years lose 21 more hours per year due to maintenance and security issues
  • 8% of small businesses in the US (the largest percentage of all countries surveyed) use PCs older than 5 years – compared to just 5% worldwide and 1% in India

So obviously maintenance is a big problem.  But, it’s a problem that’s not always easily solved.  Most businesses may already have a tight profit margin, so buying new equipment isn’t necessarily an option.

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Interfacelife: Spice up Your Desktop

Are you starting to not like your desktop wallpaper? Is searching through google images proving to be a bigger hassle than it really should be? Aside from this sales pitch like sentence, do you want a higher quality image as your desktop wallpaper? You’re not alone. I was browsing the web one day and came across this website called “interface lift” which was a desktop wallpaper based site. Having a wide selection of sizes and quality of photos, interface lift is a great way to spice up your desktop with higher quality pictures at no cost at all. Searching for the picture you want is as simple as selecting keywords. You can also find pictures for your iOS and android devices. So get started now and find that special wallpaper that expresses you.



Where to Find New Wallpapers

It's been so long since we last recommended some wallpaper resources – both for PC and your mobile devices. Seeing that old sites get shut down and new services steadily appear, it might be time to refresh your bookmarks. Even if you already have a favorite wallpaper site, do take a look at this list – you never know what cool things you could discover.

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Your Linux Adventure: Introducing KDE

KDE logoGNU/Linux users often emphasize extensive customization options as one of the greatest advantages of their OS – and rightly so. On Windows, you would usually have to install several third-party applications to customize the essential parts of the system. While sometimes it might be necessary on Linux as well, in most cases you get everything you need (and more) by default.

This is especially true for KDE – the most customizable, and I'm sure many will agree, the most beautiful desktop environment. KDE is an all-round, professional, free and open source solution available in more than 60 languages, and today you'll learn that you can even install it on Windows.

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How to Compress Files: Best Solutions

I do a lot of work for people over the web. Which means I end up having to send them large files that are full of text files, video clips, animations, photos and sometimes .exe files. The problem is that these are inevitably too large to be posted through a standard email, some having to be sent through a program like DropBox or uploaded onto something like RapidFile.

Usually, I try to keep everything together. The easiest way to do this is by compressing the files and sending them in a much smaller bundle that has been reduced the megabites to a more manageable number. Making it possible to send more through attachments without going over the maximum allocated amount.

This is also helpful for system backups, as I can keep everything in a compressed file that lets me fit more onto a flash or external hard drive. All just come of the benefits of using a standard file compression software to manage your desktop and folders.

All platforms have a basic program that comes installed standard, though usually in a trial version. You will have to buy a real version within 30 - 90 days, depending on what program it is. Unless you download an open source, free to use program in its place.

Here is a list of five different compression softwares that will offer you the best solutions.



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