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What Is A NoSQL Database?

Why choose to migrate to a NoSQL database? Learn about scalability, enhanced performance and the flexibility that NoSQL provides over relational databases.

Benefits Of NoSQL Over Traditional Relational Databases

The last few years have seen the rise of the NoSQL database which has overridden the dominance of the traditional relational database. Developments in software and the way users are becoming more reliant on software innovations such as SaaS have required a new approach to database technology.

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VXchng's Brand New Data Center Will Change Philly's Tech Scene For The Better

A new facility has been erected in Philadelphia; Data Centers provider vXchnge is looking to empower the city and to get even more involved with the tech community at large.

What used to once be a manufacturing plant run by GlaxoSmithKline was recently transformed into the companies 15th location. It resides in a historic spot located at 1500 Spring Garden Street; right in the heart of the city. The senior management of the 3 year running vXchnge company hail from the Switch and Data which is a data center that was acquired by Equinix back in 2010.


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How Large is the Data Mining Industry?

Do you know just how big the data mining industry really is? Not only is it worth billions, but it makes money by acquiring and selling your information. Ever wonder how businesses know so much about you? It’s because they buy information from data mining companies. Understanding how big the data mining industry is can give you a small clue about how valuable information is in today’s market.

Acxiom Corporation

Acxiom is one of the leading, but not quite the biggest, companies when it comes to data mining. They currently own over 23,000 servers in Arkansas. All of those servers are stuffed to the brim with consumer information. Not only that, but they have over 1,000 pieces of information for each consumer, and they track 500 million people.

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Infographic Data Visualization with

Infographics are huge just now. They're a great way to visualize complicated information and make it accessible to more people. has a huge library of infographics for you to browse through. It's easy to share them with your friends on Facebook or Twitter and there's embed code for you to include them on other pages, such as your own website or blog, if you want.

This is the Venn Diagram you can create at

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Why Should you Backup?

This blog will be a little fragmented and I apologise but I’m sure it will be legible all the same. This blog as you can tell is about backing up. I backup everything to about 12 different places and I try my hardest to keep everything in sync. I am going to list the main reason for backing up and what the best services or ways of doing so are. Okay, so backing up… Backing up in my opinion is one of the most important parts of owning digital media; I back up all the time mainly because if I lost all my data I would probably fall to the floor in the fetal position and cry for weeks on end. I’m sure this is the case with everyone who takes pride in work or schoolwork and people that love music and couldn’t bare to loose it but what are the best and safest ways to back up? The answer to this question is different for everyone but for me it’s everything!

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