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Browsers You've Never Heard Of: QupZilla

QupZilla iconThe chances are that you are reading this article in one of the five most popular web browsers: Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera or Internet Explorer. Whichever browser you're using, you've surely heard of the other four, if not tried them at least once in your surfing career.

Of course, “the big five” aren't the only browsers available – there are plenty more for different platforms, and it's great that there are, because it means that the users are given a wider choice.

Joining the ranks of lightweight web browsers like Midori, K-Meleon and Pale Moon is QupZilla – a simple, zippy browser with features that some major browsers don't even have by default.

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Sperlunky Review

Finally I decided to go back to the chrome app store to try and find something to kill some time. What better way to kill time than to play a game? While browsing around I did find one game that kind of reminded me of pitfall from the old Atari era, just with better graphics. That game is what we are going to look at today. Introducing sperlunky, although an interesting name it is an independently made game that was released not just for the google chrome app store, but psn, and xbox live as well. So let’s dive right it to the catacombs that our grave will surely be.

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Canvas Rider

Canvas Rider is a fun free to play online game that can not only be time consuming, but a way to express your inner creativity by creating your own levels. Imagine combining art with a video game. There is a wide selection of levels you can choose from, as well as a variety of categories going from developers, to top rated levels, even to top rated developers. After you find the level you want to play, you can then dive right into the game itself it start having fun.

The controls are simple. All you have to use is your directional pad. Up to go forward, down to go backward, left and right to pop a wheelie. The game itself plays like sonic the hedgehog without the golden rings. Sometimes the game has you speeding through the levels with no time to think twice or sometimes it will have you go through patiently. Although both are pretty good approaches to a fun game, it still helps to listen to some kind of music while playing this game, because it makes everything go by quicker and in a much more awesome fashion...

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Koding App Review

Today we are going to be taking a look at an application that I found while searching for something else. As strange as that may sound, I was actually looking for a community that was designed around the idea of programming or coding. While browsing the Google Chrome App Store I found an app that was not just an application to help you with coding on hand, but a community full of developers that were willing to help people out. That app was called “Koding”. Because you know, it’s always more epic to spell things with a “K” rather than a “C”. So I loaded up the application and registered an account with the site and began using this application.


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Any Do Application Review

Today we are going to be looking at the Any Do application. This app is available in the Google Chrome Appstore and is under the new lineup of desktop enabled applications. Any do allows you to keep track of a well-organized and planned out to do list on your computer or tablet depending what you’re using it on. One of the best things about this application is that it sends you an e-mail the day of an event you planned out. Keep track of personal dates, release dates, upcoming dates, or even dates that begin tomorrow in the palm of your hands without having to use a piece of paper. So if you’re ever having a lot on your platter take the anydo application into consideration and get your life a bit more organized by the day.