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Photo Review: Case Logic SLR Camera Case Holster

If a smart phone is not enough for a high-quality shot, you probably take your camera {DSLR} everywhere with you.

When you are on the go, you won't take a tripod or an extra lens, but the camera hanging on the neck may be annoying. Therefore a compact amera bag may be so handy!

Today's review is for Case Logic SLR Camera Case Holster - DCB-306 I came across the other day:

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HTC One S Camera vs. iPhone 4S

This is a little feature video in which I take a look at the camera system on the brand new HTC One S. The One S has an 8MP rear facing camera with a 28mm wide angle lens, and an LED flash. It also features a 'supposed' 720 front facing camera, but I could only get VGA quality out of it.

Also on board the camera system are a ton of filters, effects and real time modifications that can be added to your photos. Check them out in the video!

Check out the gallery here.


Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S

Digital cameras are cool, but going back to the roots of film is even cooler. One camera, the Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S, takes users back to a day when instant film was the majority, and quality wasn't necessarily a concern. With a fun design and fantastic throwback to the past, Fujifim has brought new meaning to instant to the age of Instagram. 


Holga 135 35mm Lomography Camera

The world of analog and film cameras has all but disappeared over the years. Since the introduction of the digital camera, they just seem...well, obselete. Lomography however, is a society that continues to make these cameras and sell to todays consumers. Their main pull is being different, fun, tricky to use at times, and interesting. While these cameras are often times very expensive to be nothing more than hyped up plastic cameras, the entire experience comes along with owning one of these. Most Lomography cameras take 120 film which is expensive to develope and hard to find in stores, while the Holga 135 takes 35mm film. You get a traditional Lomo camera, great photos, and the convience of using 35mm film.


Three Features I Would Like to See on the Canon Rebel T4i

As you all know, the Canon Rebel T4i/650D is rumored to be announced any day, now. So, in this article, I am going to cover of some of the new features I would like to see on the new mid-range DSLR. 

1. A larger sensor. - Dont get me wrong, the current 18 megapixel CMOS sensor found on the current Canon Rebel T3i/600D is fantastic. After using the T3i for an extensive amount of time, I was amazed with the detail I seen from the photos. With that said, I would greatly appreciate possibly a new 20 megapixel sensor on the T4i. Personally, I think that 20 megapixels fits well in between beginner DSLR sensor sizes (usually 12 megapixels), and Prosumer DSLR sensor sizes (usually 23 megapixels).

 2. A Larger LCD Display. - At the moment, we have a 3 Inch LCD Display on the Canon Rebel T3i. This could still be to small for people, though. I think upgrading the display to a 3.5 Inch display on the Rebel T4i could really help people who's eyesight is not as good as some others. 

3. One Name for All. - If you don't already know, there are three different names for the Canon Rebel T3i. For the UK, the Canon DSLR is called the "EOS 600D," in China, it is called the "Kiss X5," and last but not least, the "Rebel T3i" for the US. This can be very complicated for beginner photographers, looking to purchase a Canon DSLR. Having 1 name for all would be so much more efficent. 

Well, that is what I would like to see from the Canon Rebel T4i. What would you like to see from it? Please explaing by leaving a comment down below. 

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