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Capacitive Button on Next Generation of iOS Devices?

Recently in the news about iPod touches and things related. CrunchGear posted photos of what could possibly be the next iPod touch on their website. I will put there photos at the bottom of this post, but let me warn you the photos are super blurry and over-exposed. Now, the photos look very similar to the current generation iPod touch with one major difference in the aesthetics and functionality department. It will feature a capacitive home button to replace the current physical home button. There is still a chance that these photos are fake, but I do believe that Apple would do this. Especially if they want to fit a big 4-inch screen on the next generation of iOS devices. 

The capacitive button isn’t the only new thing seen in the pictures. One of the photos shows a picture of the iPod touch in Settings>About, and if you look at the capacity you will see that it has a whopping 128GB of storage. That’s incredibly huge for something so thin! If Apple can put this in the next iPod touch while still maintaining a decent price it would be huge. I still have my doubts on such a large capacity in such a thin device, but we will just have to wait and see what happens.

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What I'm Hoping to See on the iPad 2

The time is almost here for Apple’s latest product to be announced. In this case, the iPad 2, the 2nd generation of a revolutionary product Apple released just about a year ago. Though expectations are sky high, I would be happy to see just a few things added to the iPad 2 to make it a stellar device.

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