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Wonderful Web Tools for Visual Storytelling

People love pretty pictures. If you want to create content for the Web, this is something you should keep in mind. Images are often described as being “worth a thousand words” and, when chosen appropriately, they usually make the written content more interesting, memorable and shareable.

Since the majority of popular blogging platforms emphasizes text as a primary means of expression and/or communication, I went looking for something else. I wanted to find a web app that puts images in the spotlight and lets them carry the story – and I found two. Cowbird and Jux are two completely different web apps that share a common goal: making visual storytelling easy and wonderful.

Cowbird or Birdcow?

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Portfoliobox - All You Need to Build a Website

Website Icon

Creating a website used to be difficult. Not anymore – nowadays almost everyone has a website or at least a blog, thanks to different CMS solutions and blogging platforms that make it possible to build a website in just a few clicks.

Of course, the range of available options varies from service to service, and so does the level of customization you can perform. If you're not too finicky, but still want a beautiful website, may I recommend Portfoliobox?


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Pressfolios - Perfect Resumes for Writers

Pressfolios is an amazing service aimed specifically at writers, and I cannot even begin to describe how happy I was when I found out about it. In essence it provides the same functionality that Zerply has, but it is tailored for bloggers, journalists and everyone who produces text for a living.

Pressfolios Sample Profile

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Power Up Your Blogging With Scrapbook

Foxkeh writing


Are you a writer, blogger, student or researcher? If the answer is “yes”, you've probably already tried many note-taking and productivity apps. Perhaps you have a favorite one, but seeing how often new solutions emerge, it might be time to try out something new.

Scrapbook is a popular Firefox addon with a generous list of features. Though the aforementioned groups of people will find it particularly useful, this addon can do miracles for anyone's browsing habits, and it will improve the way you collect and organize information.


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Zemanta Review: Blogger's Tool


Every good blogger knows how to search out a reliable source for information. Research is just a part of the job, and because we often lack the benefit of a stable platform for our writing (such as in a newspaper or other formerly established authority), we are under more pressure to be accurate in our posts. Not to mention we need other media to enhance them, and to help keep our readers interested. If they were looking for a never ending wall of text, they wouldn't be seeking out a blog post in the first place.

When I write a post, I inevitably have a dozen tabs open that I have to fish through to get a certain quote, detail, photo or video. It can be extremely frustrating, especially when copying the URL to the source itself, to provide my readers and credit the original posters. There is nothing I hate more than dealing with tabs during post writing. The more in depth the post is, the more tabs I need. Sometimes I even open up a separate browser window just to hold the links themselves while I write on my second computer screen (yes, I have two)!

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