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The Best iOS Wallpaper Sites

In this video I show you 3 websites with awesome wallpapers-, Poolga, and fiftyfootshadows. These sites have several wallpapers for your iPhone, iPod, and iPad- maybe even your computer! I really think that anyone will be able to find a wallpaper they like on each of these sites- each with their own style of wallpapers. Enjoy the video!

AppFeast: The Best iOS Apps of August

AppFeast is a new monthly segment in my channel where I give a preview of 3 noteworthy apps that follow a common theme. August's theme is food games. Be sure to watch all the way through the video for a little something extra at the end!



Beats by Dr. Dre Studios Unboxing

Today I present you with an unboxing of one of the best headphones in the market, Beats by Dr. Dre Studios. These headphones provide you with one of the best sounds you will ever get out of headphones. Here I just show you what comes in the packaging, but I will provide an in-depth review soon.


Top 5 Must Have College Gadgets

I'm sure we are all very pissed excited that a new school year is about to begin. What's a back to school experience without your latest and greatest tech gadgets? Here are my top 5 must have gadgets for the 2009 back to school year. This article was intended mainly for college students but any high school or grammar student can benefit from this video as well. A good article review is under this video.

To read the full article Click Here.