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How To Generate Patterns & Website Backgrounds

Web designers don't spend all their time writing code. They also spend a lot of time drinking coffee and staring at said code.

Joking aside, the beauty of being a web designer lies in the fact that it's an incredibly creative and versatile job, particularly if you're a freelancer. However, this means that you often have only yourself to rely on when it comes to producing visual material such as icons, background images and color schemes. If you've ever had to create a website on a tight deadline, you know what a challenging task this can be. Luckily, there are apps to help you, and here we've rounded up some online tools for generating patterns

Coffee for Web Designers

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Ultimate YouTube Channel Layouts

Since so many people are using YouTube nowadays, it's very important you have an awesome channel layout to make your channel look more presentable. It is sometimes too hard to make these or find them on the web. But now there is a site where you can get a ton of awesome layouts. For free!

It's called MyTubeDesign. It is run and made by an awesome guy by the name of Peter Yan. He made all the different layouts you see on the site; and they are pretty awesome. The main reason he made the site is to help other YouTubers show off their channels. He wanted the style of Partner quality design to be with all YouTubers.

Once you find a layout you like, you go and download it. Within the download file you will receive the actual background, along with the different color settings to go with it. Then you just place it on your channel. It's really easy to do and an easy way to make your channel look cool.