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Night Lighter & Browser Quest 

Finally I decided to look at Microsoft’s application store for something entertaining or just for something  to toy around with. I found two things in particular that caught my attention and those two things are Night Lighter, and Browser Quest. Both are games and are pretty simple to understand and play. Both use just the mouse as a controller, but one is more fun than the other. First we are going to take a look into the game “Night lighter” because of the cute flame character for the icon caught my attention first.

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Flappy Bird Review

Over the past week I’ve been hearing a lot of good and bad things about this hit sensation called “Flappy Bird”. But what is flappy bird? Believe it or not it is an Android and iOS game made by Dong Nguyen and as soon as it became a big hit, it was taken off of the map due to the creator saying he didn’t want this fame and didn’t mean for this game to be that successful. So on February 8th Flappy Bird was taken off of the app store so no one could play the game anymore. I wondered why this game was a personal favorite by many, so I decided to look around until I found an exact copy of the game made in Flash.  So it may not be the original, but it can give me a good insight on what the hype was all about for this game.

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The 5 Best Premium iOS Finance Apps

Finding the best apps in any category can be a drag.  When we look at things that are perceived to be boring, like finance apps, especially paid ones, then it can become even more cumbersome.

However, almost everyone understands that finance apps have the potential to change their outlook, regardless of their circumstances.  Our infographic is designed to help you download the best paid iOS finance apps to your device without having to spend a great deal of time searching for them yourself.  We simply tell you the best five apps and what they do, at which point you can go away and download them for yourself.

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Any Do Application Review

Today we are going to be looking at the Any Do application. This app is available in the Google Chrome Appstore and is under the new lineup of desktop enabled applications. Any do allows you to keep track of a well-organized and planned out to do list on your computer or tablet depending what you’re using it on. One of the best things about this application is that it sends you an e-mail the day of an event you planned out. Keep track of personal dates, release dates, upcoming dates, or even dates that begin tomorrow in the palm of your hands without having to use a piece of paper. So if you’re ever having a lot on your platter take the anydo application into consideration and get your life a bit more organized by the day. 


My Study Life Review

                My study life is a free to use application that you can find on the Google Chrome Application store. Being a college student I did find myself having a hard time remembering what assignments were due what day. With this in my I had to find something to help me out in the long run. So after browsing around I found this application and decided to give it a shot. What My Study Life does is work like a calendar application allowing you to plan out your days, weeks, months, and years. This can make planning ahead a lot easier than trying to remember. But before we go into full detail of everything this app has to offer, I would like to mention that the interface looks amazing. It’s clean and simple, and shares a close resemblance to the Windows Metro interface, which for those who don’t know it is the Windows 8 interface. With this clean design it makes it more user friendly so that anyone can learn how to use it quickly.

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