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5 Terrifying Signs That Your Mac's Been Hit By Malware

Macs were previously renowned for being top-end machines that only designers and hipsters used, but nowadays more and more people, especially young professionals, are opting for the world of the Apple machine. Not only are they great pieces of tech, powerful and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but the user experience is one that is enjoyed by most adopters.

Macs were also previously known for being virus free, before a Trojan forced Apple to revoke this claim. Since then, users have become more aware that Macs are also vulnerable, and if you are not protected, you may be working in a minefield of malicious software, as scripts, websites and java applets can contain malware. Here are a few signs that you may be affected:

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Installing the Windows 8 Consumer Preview on a Mac

This is a simple guide to installing the Windows 8 Consumer Preview on a Mac:

Step 1: Upgrade VMFusion to version 4.  Once installed you will need to carry out "Software Update" as this will be needed to install Windows 8.

Step 2: Download the ISO image for Windows 8 consumer preview from

Step 3: Make a note of the relevant product key as you will need this later

Step 4: In VMFusion 4 select "New" then "Continue without disk"

Step 5: Select the ISO image you previously downloaded

Step 6: Follow the remaining installation steps

I still have yet to explore the delights that Windows 8 will have, but it is quite cool to see it running on my MacBook Air.

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