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How Would You Like An Alarm Clock That Actually Alarms You Each Morning?

Meet the ALARMclock. It looks like your typical alarm clock from the outside but this is no ordinary alarm clock. The difference is that this one wakes you up each morning by letting you know what your current bank account balance is, how many friends you currently have on Facebook, and what your current projected life expectancy is.

Basically, you will be woken up with reminders of the harsh realities of life. Now waking up to hear how many days you have left to live may sound morbid to some but according to the designers this product will “help people become more ambitious and realize their realities.”

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Rise for iPhone Video Review: a Stylish Alarm Clock

Rise is an elegant alarm clock for iPhone that coordinates the color palette with the time of the day: It changes background color based on how dark it is outside your window.

Besdies that Rise has awesome usability!

How cool is that? Let's see: