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Seriously Get Fit With EA Sports Active 2

The perfect combination of technology and fitness would without a doubt have to be EA Sports Active 2. It is availiable on most all platforms, and everything you need to get started comes in the box. Most people worry that they need a Playstation Move or other moation device for their gaming console in order to play games that involve moation and any type of body recgonition, this is a worry put to rest with EA Sports Active 2. The game was literally designed to be playable to just about everyone, and offer a fun and simple way to get fit.


Amazon Kindle Fire vs. Apple iPad 2

There has been much controversy over the new tablet by Amazon that averages at just around $200. Many love it, many hate it, but how does it compare to the Apple iPad 2? There is of course the obvious price difference of $300, but is buying Apple worth the extra money? I believe that Amazon has produced a very promising tablet that the average consumer should have no problem spending money on. More details in the below video.


Full Unboxing and Review of the BlueLounge Nest

The BlueLounge Nest is a great multipurpose stand for all of your devices. After using the Nest for about a week, I am going to give my final thoughts about the product. Above there is a a video review, and here is the written one.

BlueLounge definitely did not overlook build quality. The stand has a plastic construction, but it is by no means "cheap". The Nest feels sturdy and very high quality. The top has a rubber lip and the bottom has rubber feet so the Nest won't slide around, and neither will your device. At the back of the device, there is a hidden cradle that just flows with the design of the Nest. 

Aesthetically, the Nest does not lack. It has a nice, clean, modern, and subtle design that will not distract from your desk. The Nest comes in a plethora of colors- Orange/White (which is the one I'm reviewing), Blue/White, Pink/White, Green/White, White/White, and Black/Black. The Nest adds a splash of color to your desk without it being obnoxiously loud. It also doesn't take up very much desk real estate, so you'll lose hardly any desk space. Also, it is quite small and compact, so it is easy to travel with.

The Nest does not lose any function for form. Despite it's small size, the Nest can hold up many different devices, including some notebooks. It supplies two great angles- one for typing and one for viewing. The Nest even goes as far as to clear up some of the clutter on your desk, as it's intuitive design allows you to keep flash drives, SD cards, earbuds, or what have you inside the Nest. 

Overall, the Nest is an amazing iPad stand (and more). The only two cons I can find about it is that you can only have two viewing angles, and that the price is a bit steep ($14.95 from BlueLounge's website). However, you get a lot of bang from your buck since the Nest is universal and serves more than one purpose. The Nest is a great way to prop up your devices and to help de-clutter your workspace, and I would highly recommend it. 



Portal 2 DLC Due this Summer

Valve has confirmed that Portal 2 DLC will hit this summer. Expect more details next week. Speaking to Fast 


iOS Jailbreaking: My Thoughts

My thoughts on jailbreaking your iOS device.

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