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What is chilling?

Hey everyone this is Tristan again. 

Well first day the social blog has been open and from what ive seen it seems to be a success. 

Haha but besides that, for many of us in high school and college it is almost the start of a new semester meaning its now your chance to start over and get better grades. I know i do. 

So yeah i am really excited for the new semester because i learned that my high school will now be allowing students to bring LapTops!!! Ahh i can't wait. I am going to be 24/7 now on my Mac book pro. Tambien the school has wireless access so i will be able to look up subjects and other nifty stuff. 

But other than that nothing really going on in my world just got one day left of mid terms tommorow and then a 4 day weekend. 

IN OTHER NEWS! John Smoltz was  recently introduced to the Red Sox organization. In my opinion as a red sox fan i think John Smoltz will more be a veteran type player who can offer advice to young pitchers like Clay Buchholz and Jon Lester and just make them more dominant. I truly don't think he is the dominant pitcher he once was but he will contribute to the Red Sox not hurt them so i think it was a sweet deal picking him up. 

Well that's about it for my first Official social blog! 



Twitter- @tristanryan

myspace- /redsoxrock159


A Random Beginning

Hello to all who's curious eyes ponder over this vast cornucopia of bewildered verbage. [Wewf! Say that five times fast. ] My name, or proper nomenclature, is 'THeHarbinger'. What does that mean? It's not important. But neither is what I say, but I'll say it anyway. Please, ignore any unintended inconsistencies for the sake of delusory. College is my focus. Music, my passion. And Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX, my home. [Not the international airport either.] So let's bypass the confusing semantics and delve into the needlessly complicated, purposely repetitive, logorrheic bravado before someone outside of this boundless ocean of information, falls, and can't get up to save themselves...


Thanks, and more digital scribbling to come!





Instant Snow in Fargo, ND

In response to Nick's DIY skin freeze, it's -24 in Fargo, ND and our low tonight is around -40. What do you do when it's -40? See the video.

Looks like fun, eh? I think I might try this tomorrow.


Let Us Remember


Congratulations to David for successfully expanding to have a Social Blog. Here, David's selected writers will create posts about different topics providing a lot of variety to the readers, yourself included.

Personally, I've been watching David's video since his "Why Get a Mac?" videos. These were a little podcast that Dave started to help people gain knowledge about Macs. It really is quite amazing when one looks at what has become of TheCreativeOne. Now, there are not only videos, but a live stream, a store, and a blog. This just goes to show you what great potential can come out of the internet. We can become writers, video makers/editors, we can make friends, memories, a community, money, among other things. If there are any new members to this TheCreativeOne Community, I suggest going over to YouTube to check out David's original videos.

I've gone back to the beginning and picked out a few of my favorites.


First pick: Tour of a Geek's Room


Second pick: Mii got a Wii!


Third Pick: Beagle Burger (RIP Ashley)




Life According Tudave

Hello to all the viewers


Firstly as many of you have already said, I would like to thank David for giving me this chance of blogging on his great website. I think David does an excellent job of keeping his videos fresh, interesting and humorous, but also especially on his tech videos which are very informative. Keep up the good work and I can see a very good future ahead of you.

Well that’s the creeping over with (Only Joking!) that’s British humour for you :0)

As you have probably gathered from the line above, I live and work in the UK. I am 35 years old (No age comments please) and have been around since the dawn of the computer age. I am very much into technology whether it be the cutting edge news like the introduction of the NEC “Classmate” computer into the UK at £349, when it was originally planned to be £70 (roughly $100). You could buy a medium spec laptop for that so I don’t think they will ship many unless the UK government do some kind of educational deal. Sorry to digress or retro news on old systems and consoles like the Commodore 64, Spectrum, Megadrive (Genesis in the US), and Snes etc.

I also enjoy listening to music (80’s, 90’s, 00’s anything really) and watching Films and TV especially comedy stuff. I have a Playstation 2 & Nintendo Wii which my 5 year old daughter usually thrashes me at Bowling on, but don tell anybody ;0)

I use a PC (Sorry to all you Mac fans) but I don’t get involved in the “which is better debate”. I used to when I was in my late teens and early 20’s. I would spend hours arguing with my mates that the Commodore Amiga was much better than the Atari St the two big systems then in the UK. I soon realised life is to short and at the end of the day, whichever system you use both allow you to access such good sites as and also both systems have such a lot of good programs for you to use.

All my blogs will not be about technology but other day to day things as well, especially if anything catches my eye that I may agree or not agree with.

Thank you all for listening and thanks again to David "The Creative One" for this opportunity.

If there are any particular things you would like me to blog about or discuss then please contact me ether via my e-mail or via twitter. Both links are posted below.