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WWDC : My Thoughts

So, most of you know that Apple held their annual "World Wide Developers Conference" this week of June 8th, and like usual they kicked it off with a keynote presentation announcing all of their new products and announcement. Let me share some of my thoughts on these new products.

1| I'll start with the MacBook Pros. As many of you already know, I have the 13" aluminum unibody MacBook (not Pro) which I bought last November. Don't get me wrong, I love my notebook, but I feel that Apple has screwed over all of the customers who bought this certain MacBook. First off, Apple decided to drop the FireWire on my model of MacBook. That was the only complaint I ever had about my MacBook because my Canon MiniDV camcorder runs through FireWire. The fact that Apple would suddenly decide to put FireWire in their notebooks, after they decided not to in the previous model is ridiculous. Now I know all technology will eventually be out-dated and that you can't always have the latest and greatest, but there is no reason to do something like this to people who paid over $1000 for a laptop. Also, since there is no possible way to convert FireWire to any of the other ports on the MacBook, it leaves me in the dust with my camcorder. I love Apple, but that was one of the stupid decisions they have ever made.

2| Now for Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. I am really excited about this one. Since Leopard has been even better than I expected, Snow Leopard will probably blow my mind. All of the new features coming out are great, and very useful. I think my favorite feature of it is Expose in the Dock. I am a huge Expose fan because I always have open more than 3 applications at a time. Now on my mouse, I have set the middle scroll ball button to activate the Expose which shows the desktop, and the side buttons to activate the all application Expose. I would love to be able to access the one application Expose as well, and since that is going to be built into the Dock makes me very happy. I also really like the file dragging feature through Expose. Another couple features I like are, the new QuickTime, the fact that on installation it frees up 6GB of storage on the hard drive, and the 45% faster installation. It blows my mind that Apple is releasing the update to Snow Leopard for only 29 USD.

3| Let's talk about that new iPhone. Overall, the iPhone 3Gs is not that different than the 3G. Sure, it has a couple new features, but shouldn't those have been added a long time ago? Video is great to have on your phone, but almost every cell phone now has video capabilities. Also, voice control? This is something all cell phones have and there is no excuse why Apple didn't put this in to even the original iPhone. The compass is a cool feature but not everybody needs a compass. You don't see sailors on their ships with an iPhone in your hand do you? The design of the new iPhone stayed the same as before which I think is a big no no. Apple is always talking about innovation, so why did they just keep it the same? A matte backing would be great in my opinion. I know that the hard plastic was a huge success but I honestly don't think Apple has been thinking too well lately. The price for a new iPhone with a new contract is the same as the 3G was except there is no longer an 8GB model, instead there is are 16 and a 32GB models which is very smart. There is definitely a reason why the upgrade price is so expensive, but I don't think many 3G users are going to upgrade because of that.

Well, that pretty much sums it up. Over all, this wasn't the most exciting WWDC. It had it's ups and more downs. I don't know, I just hope Steve Jobs comes back soon. I hope I didn't bore you guys too much and kudos to you if you actually read all this.


Thats all for now,

Brandon K


What happened at WWDC


Who's getting the iPhone 3GS?

To put it simply "Who's getting the iPhone 3GS?"

I for one will be getting the iPhone 3GS, after waiting for 2 years for that killer feature, I've said to myself enough is enough, I'm finally going to tale the plunge and get an iPhone!

Why am I getting an iPhone you may ask? I could just get the iPhone and save myself over £200! Well, the answer to that question is because of features. Yep, there I said it 'Features!'.

After buying an iPod Touch 2G 32GB and having it for almost 9 months, it has made me want an iPhone more so than before. I would love to have internet on the go and record video and talk to my brand spanking new iPhone 3GS!

So there you go! My opinion on the iPhone 3GS and why i will be getting it. Will you be getting it? If so why? If not why?

Leave a comment below!

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The Sims 3 Review

Well EA games certainly out done themselves on this one, "The Sims 3" has been a really big seller since the day it has came out, hell people went out and got it just because they seen a celebrity buy a copy, at least I heard that ;). People who are Sims fanatics auto get this new and better Sims because it is better than its predecessors by a mile, I mean, I'm a not so much huge fan of the series but I like the series and its probably one of the most thought out games on the market in my view, Basically what they did was get a game that wasn't really considered by EA and made it great, kinda like the Family Guy story where Fox cancelled it and brought it back many times except The Sims was not cancelled but it was like a said not thought about, and hopefully you get my point, otherwise all this will not make sense to you :).

Well to start off with, there is now whole city for you to explore instead of just being in a house and loading you sims with all kinds of objects like a windmill or a transporter from downstairs to upstairs. Now with the whole city to explore you have less time in your house really and more time meeting other sims and going out with them for a meal or just going on a date to the beach or even throwing beach parties its a great thriller for the average gamer or Sims fanatic. And If you think that going to the bathroom and feeding your Sims is going to get in the way of all of this then you will be happy that EA have took all the loading screens off apart from the obvious and going to toiletthe with your Sims or feeding your Sims is now been reduced to like once every 5 hours normal time.

So far you can also download a extra town for free on the official Sims site called "River Town" which has many other riddles and treasures (according to the trailer) for your Sim to explore. You can also make a movie with your Sims in HD and export it to your You Tube channel through The Sims 3 video editor via the official Sims 3 site. Even the official Sims 3 site offers a lot of DLC (DLC = Downloadable Content) for your "In Game" experience, mainly because you can buy stuff that YOU or THE COMMUNITY have made. If you ordered of, like me then you will have got the free "Hawaiian Pattern" and been able to put it on anything like laptop skins or the sofa or even your car!, The Sims 3 offers ultimate creativity to the player which is great really, considering the game is addictive.

I'd give it a 9/10 mainly because of its ultimate creativity and its great graphics.

Get The Sims 3 Today for just $49.95 on


Review: The Sims 3 iPhone App

Are you a Sims fan? Do you have an iPhone or iPod Touch? Do you have $10 sitting around? If you've answered yes to all the questions then this application is for you. I've been using The Sims 3 iPhone App for a few days now. If you've been a long Sims fan like me, it's definitely worth purchasing. Even though this is a basic version of The Sims, the possibilities and features are still endless.

Incase you are wondering, The Sims 3 is a social game where you create your own Sim (Person), you must take care and maintain it. Examples of taking care of your Sim is getting him/her a job, cooking food, sleeping, making friends, even going to the restroom often before the Sims' bladder explodes, and the list goes on and on. You must keep your Sim as healthy and happy as possible. If you fail to take care of your Sim, he/she will die and you will lose the game.

I do have some problems with the performance of the game, once in a while it lags (because I don't have the new fast iPhone 3G S), and it crashes now and then resulting with loosing my game data.

Here are my pros and cons about this game:


  • Endless features
  • Stunning graphics
  • Very addicting
  • Love the soundtrack
  • Very Customizable


  • Performance sometimes lags
  • It crashes now and then which may result loosing data
  • Touch controls can be difficult to control the game

Those are my thoughts on this mobile game. If I could rate this App at a 5/5 scale, I would give it  4/5 stars. Coming from a Sims fan, I love this App!