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WWDC Final Predictions

Well we are almost at WWDC were Apple is rumored to be gearing up introduction of some products, and updates on other’s. First off this will be the order of events for me…

· First, talk about sales, stocks, etc. (As usual)

· Then, Snow Leopard

· AppStore and 3.0

· iPhone

· Next gen iPhone

· Steve Jobs make a surprise visit!

Ok, maybe not that last part. But I can still dream right? Let’s do this by categories, shall we?

Snow Leopard

This is Apples new OS which is mostly under the hood changes instead of User Interface (UI) changes. However, I do think that the rumored “Marble” theme is true. Mac’s in my eyes need to be more customizable, that is somewhere were Windows 7 and (dare I say it) Vista beat OSX. This new OS will just offer speed and better compatibility. And bug fixes. I don’t think Apple should charge as much as OSX Leopard due to the fact it’s just under the hood changes.

Tablet or netbook

Won’t happen!

Next gen iPhone (iPhone Pro, iPhone Video, or iPhone 2009)

This will happen for sure in June maybe not in WWDC. Due to the fact that Steve Jobs is rumored to comeback and introduce a product later on in June. I have no clue. But I know the iPhone 3G won’t make it through June. What do I expect in this iPhone.

· Hardware changes (Magnetometer, Better 3G, Fast processor, more RAM, and more memory up to 32GB.)

· iChat Camera? I think it will happen. If and only if the rumor of the headset peace is moved to the top. Why would Apple want to do that for no reason? They did it to make space for the front facing camera! Without having it interfere with the sensors.

· Matte finish. For sure!

· Only in white and black. 16GB and 32GB. Though I think they will keep the current 8GB iPhone 3G and sell it for $99.

· iChat and iMovie I don’t think so. Unless theres and front facing camera. But iMovie is probably true.

· Yes! It will record video.

Well, those are my predictions. I would really like to know what you think!


Kevin Rose's Laptop Getting Engraved - Totally EPIC!

And I thought that the DIGG logo was a sticker... I was wrong.



Nintendo E3 Highlights

These are some of my favorite highlights from the E3 video game conference.



Evolution : The iMac

I think it's safe to say that we are all familiar with the iMac, and if your not, here is a breif overview...

Now, when the iMac G3 was introduced on August 15, 1998, the respose was phenomenal. It was fair to say that people LOVED the iMac G3, but not just specific things, they liked everything.

The looks

The Size

The ease of use

The Price

The iMac has appeared in hundreds of TV shows and advertisements. If you ever watched Malcolm in the Middle, you will remember that the iMac popped up many, many times.

Although, the iMac was such a huge seller, it was discontinued on March 18, 2003, some people frowned at this action but the rest thought only good thoughts and what was to expect from apple in the future.

Lets see the iMac G3 >

Now, lets see what the iMac looks 11 years later...

Big difference huh? Lets make a list of the obvious changes:

More slim and sleek

Bigger screen

No translucent body

Disc drive on the side

there are many more changes, but don't want to make this post to long.

And now to top everything off I just want you to have a think. What will this iMac be like in another 11 years time?  Please think about that question, I would love to hear your thoughts, post comments and follow me on twitter.

Thanks for reading :)


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iPod Scratch Repair?

We all hate it when our devices get scratched. We buy cases to protect them, and products to fix them, but somehow we always end up with annoying scratches all over our devices. If this doesn't apply to you, then I commend you. Can you teach me how to keep my devices pristine?

If not, I may have a solution to certain scratched devices. I was digging round the internet the other day, searching for ways to repair scratched iPods on the cheap, and some of the stuff I found just seemed crazy.

The first method I found simply involved buffing the iPod up with Brasso, which didn't seem too outrageous. The second was strange; rubbing a banana over it?

I realized I had nothing to lose, as neither product (as long as I was careful) would permanently damage my iPod. So why not try them both? People had had success with both methods, so in my mind it seemed like a 'cheap iPod repair' super-twin power.

This is what I did;

I firstly cleaned the iPod as I usually would with a pack from iClear. I then peeled my banana and broke a piece off. I flattened down one of the ends and began to rub it all over my iPod. Once there was a fine coating of potassium rich banana flesh on my ipod, I tore off a piece of the banana skin. The science behind this part was extremely simple. The idea was to use the skin to remove the little pieces of banana, the science being using similar fibers to connect to other fibers (like using a piece of egg shell to remove smaller pieces of egg shell in a whisked egg mix.)

Once all the little pieces were removed, I rubbed a cloth over it to remove the banana juice. Lint free cloth works best. Then with the same cloth, I poured Brasso onto it and began to buff up the back and the front. Once that was complete, I then cleaned it once more with iClear.

Now as I said previously, both the methods on their own have worked for other people on various kinds of iPods, so give it a go. What have you got to lose? Did it work for me? Find out in the video below;