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FCP HD Render Settings For Youtube

HD generation is sweeping the inter-nation, and youtube has followed suit. HD isn't exactly a new feature of youtube, but it has definitely caught on recently. There are a lot of videos/tutorials out there showing you how to render in 720p HD for youtube, so I thought I would add to them and create my own.

This one specifically applies to Final Cut Pro and Express, but it does also apply to any other Quicktime based renderer on mac- essentially all video applications on the mac. This exact method is usually found on the advanced or custom tab on applications like iMovie and Screenflow.

To the point;

  1.  Set your 'in/out' points on the timeline
  2. Go to 'File > > Export > > Using Quicktime Conversion
  3. Give it a meaningful name in the dialog box that opens and hit options
  4. Use the render settings in the screen grab below


OK it all.

If you didn't catch it, see the attached video below.

Welcome to the HD generation



RichardSolo Product Reviews

Wouldn't it be useful to have backup batteries and charging stations? Well there's products for those! RichardSolo creates high quality products. They were very nice enough to send me 2 products for reviewing. 

The first product I reviewed was the RichardSolo 1800. This is a very convenient battery backup charger for the iPod and iPhone. It's called the 1800 because it contains 1800 mAhr, which is really good for a backup charger. It also has a built in laser, and LED light, which is VERY bright. I find myself using both of these features sometimes during the dark when I can't see anything and it's actually pretty useful. There are LED lights that shows if you have it charged or if it's charging, so it's convenient to look at and easy to know when the charger is charged. 

The charging is very good and lasts very long. The 1800 also comes with a 1 year full warranty for damages. Here is a link to the product on

The second product that I reviewed is the Dexim Dual Dock Charger for the iPod and iPhone. This dock is compatible with all the iPhones and iPods, excluding the shuffle. This is very useful for everyday use, if you use your iPhone or iPod daily. This is a charger dock, so it DOES NOT sync with the computer. It would be useful if you can connect the dock directly to the USB for syncing at the same time. The unique thing about this product is that you can have the dock light up in dark blue when you have something plugged in for charging. This can be convenient when you just want to see if the product is plugged in or not. If you want it turned off for overnight charging, there's a on and off button off to the side of the dock, which always makes things convenient. The charger dock comes with all of the dock containers, so it can fit perfectly.

RichardSolo 1800: 8/10

Dexim Dual Dock Charger: 9.5/10

Here is a video review of the product if you would like to see the video: 





Steven Harrington Incase Slider

The Incase slider has been a beloved case by us all! With its simple design, it provides your iPhone with Scratch Protection, Drop protection and much more.

Now with the Steven Harrington Incase slider,, you now have all of the same specs as a normal Incase slider except now the Steven Harrington Incase Slider has a unique and Beautiful design on the backside which makes it one of a kind! Check it out Here:

Now, This case runs for about $49.95 and it does not include any accessories.... Thats one of the downsides about it.

I think that any case that is over $30, that does not include a screen shield or anything is a little over pricy. I think this Incase slider falls under that category, But nevertheless this case is a beauty! Its in fact one of my everyday cases! 

Check out my review below! 





Hulu Desktop

Hulu, the TV show media catalogue has now released a desktop application to its labs testers. Hulu Desktop enables you to watch your favorite TV shows on your desktop, whereas before you needed to visit the website before you could watch them. Hulu Desktop is the express way to watch your favorite TV shows stored on Hulu.

Further information can be found here and a video demo is featured below from SoliderKnowsBest.


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Zune HD Announcement Details

A couple of days ago Microsoft announced the new Zune HD. This addition to their lineup seems to serve as competition to the iPod Touch. The new Zune will feature an OLED display, HD radio tuner, and HD video playback (only when hooked up to a TV). The Zune will also feature a 3.3" touchscreen and Wi-Fi. Internet Explorer will be the mobile web browser for the device (lets hope it's not as bad as the computer version). Microsoft said it also wants to upgrade their video download marketplace, to more content like that of the Xbox 360's marketplace. If you have Xbox Live you know that their are tons of videos in the marketplace. But the big question is... Will it kill the iPod Touch?