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My Top 5 Favorite iPhone Apps

This post is from my iPhone blog at

There are a ton of iPhone apps that I use on a regular basis. If I had to pick out five, these would be it.

1.Tweetie(iTunes Link)

Tweetie is a great Twitter client for the iPhone. It supports multiple Twitter accounts as well as Ping.FM and Instapaper. You can do things like look at @replies and direct messages in a seperate window as well as favorite tweets right within the app. Another cool feature of Tweetie is that it uses the GPS in the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS to find people nearby you who have tweeted recently. There is also a version for the Mac. Tweetie is an app that I could not live without.

2.BeeJiveIM(iTunes Link)(Note: There is another application like BeeJiveIM called NimBuzz. I have not yet had a chance to test it out. I will post my review here when I do.)

BeeJiveIM is a multi network IM (instant messaging) client that supports AIM, MobileMe, Windows Live, Jabber, Yahoo!, Facebook, Myspace, and ICQ. Even though this app has a high price tag, it is most certainly worth it if you use some to most of those networks. BeeJiveIM also lets you customize many different parts of the app such as the chat background as well as the color of the chat bubbles. I constantly use BeeJiveIM almost 24/7. In iPhone OS 3.0, it supports push notifications. It is most certainly worth the price for me.

3.PixelPipe(iTunes Link)

Pixelpipe is an application that will upload your pictures and video (iPhone 3GS only) to a ton of many different sites. The list is so huge to even start to put here. This app requires a free account on thePixelpipe website. I use this application to upload almost every picture that I take with my phone. It is extremely convenient to be able to take a picture and upload it almost right away to the web.

4.Wordpress(iTunes Link)

The Wordpress for iPhone app allows me to update any of my blogs that are hosted on Wordpress (hosted on and blogs) right from my phone. Most of this post was in fact written on the Wordpress app. The app can get a little wonky at times but otherwise it does its job. It lets you add photos taken from the camera, save drafts to the phone, edit drafts saved on the server, add categories and tags, and publish posts.

5.Shazam(iTunes Link)

Shazam is a great app for showing off all that your iPhone can do. If you like a song and don't know the name of it, simply launch the app and hold it up to the speakers and Shazam will identify the song that is playing and it will give you some links to places that you can find it. Anytime I show someone Shazam, they always want to see it again. There are only a couple times when Shazam hasn't been able to identify a song either because it was coming out of crappy speakers or that is was a lesser known song like an indie song. Best of all, Shazam is FREE!

These are just some of the many iPhone apps that I use on a regular basis. I use a ton more but these are my favorites. Have a favorite iPhone app? Tell me in the comments. Want me to review an iPhone app? Send an email to


My Genius Bar Experience

My trip to the Genius Bar.

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Huge SlingMedia Unboxing

So, do you fancy watching your Sky HD box or Tivo any where in the world. On the Train, in a meeting, or just another room in the house. Now with this fancy collection of products this is all possible. SlingMedia sent me there range of products to review so expect a little series soon.



Chrome OS? 

You have no idea how excited I was when I heard about this! This is the greatest thing for the netbook industry yet. This could be game changing if they add features and try to market it as a desktop OS. I know for a fact that I will be installing this on my netbook as soon as I can get my hands on it. Google has created a monopoly on the internet that the I am fine with.

More info here:

Your thoughts on this? Leave a comment!

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Removing The Scratches Off a iPod

The iPod, A revolutionary music player, But throughout its life it always has had one design flaw that has been detrimental to me and that's the silver reflective back.

I've tried several times to protect it but failed. I remember running out of the apple store with my new iPod Touch (16Gb 1st Generation, two days after it was released) and a Speck see-thru case, and after a month of using it I take the case off and there are tons of light and deep scratches staring me in the face. Hmm, I thought how could this happen to my $399 (Brand New) device? I cleaned the case out to make sure there was no dirt, i cleaned the iPod before i put it in, What went wrong?

A few months back i saw on the internet there is a way to "remove" and "cover-up" these scratches, Using a common household item. So i decided to give it a shot, I mean it could'nt hurt anyway.

And it worked!

Watch the video underneath and see what I did and try it for yourself. If you like the method, Please Subscribe and Comment and Rate or follow me on twitter!