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Did you pre-order your iPhone 3GS?

According to The Boy Genius if you did not pre-order the iphone 3GS from AT&T your iPhone 3GS won’t be shipped to you until “7-14 days” after the order date. AT&T’s pre-order stock is drained, which only leaves iphone 3GS's for people who wait in line and purchase it on the release date and all pre-orders woun't be actualized until after the June 19th launch date.

BY:SD (Snah Desai)



Just Bought The New 13" Aluminum Macbook Pro (First Time Mac User)

Today my new Macbook Pro arrived in the mail from Apple. This is my first Mac, so of course I'm not sure of everything the Leopard OS has to offer. I have figured out a lot in the past few hours since my unboxing and can definitely say that I am glad I made the choice to get the Macbook Pro as opposed to any other laptop. Luckily, I was smart enough to wait until after Apple's WWDC event to buy my Macbook Pro. I am having fun learning my way around Leopard enjoying everything my new Macbook Pro has to offer. Make sure you check out my unboxing video. If you would like to see my unboxing video and get a first hand view of my experience with my new Macbook Pro make sure you check out my youtube channel and/or follow me on twitter.


The Palm Pre and the iPhone 3G S. This One is a Gamble.


I think it’s really funny. Palm decided they would put out the Palm Pre 2 days before WWDC. 2 freaking days. I think it’s funny because Palm was so confident that whatever was to be released at WWDC would not beat the Pre. In a sense they were right.palm-pre1The one thing that really sets apart the Palm Pre and the iPhone is multi tasking. The Palm uses the new WebOS that actually has multi tasking, multiple applications can be run at the same time, switching through them takes maybe less than a second.At WWDC Apple demoed the new iPhone OS and iPhone 3G S and showed how fast they could switch between applications, even if it was only one that was running. It’s not multi tasking, but closing and launching to different applications was about the same speed as the Palm Pre when switching.

If anything, It would appear that Palm got owned according to the Apple fans and community, like my self, but after really thinking about it, the Palm Pre has a lot of things that business people, not Apple fans, business people, would like. Take the REAL mutli-tasking feature, many people who shop for phones don’t research the phone, they rely on the sales rep at the store, since the Palm and the iPhone are sold at different stores, there is going to be a biased opinion.

The Palm Pre also has something that many people wanted with the initial release of the iPhone. A keyboard. Some people still want a keyboard. I suppose it’s one of those things you will have to get used to on the iPhone, but I’ve heard it takes months, if not a year to really pick it up so you can text and email like you did on your plastic keyboard on you’re Blackberry or QWERTY keyboard device. Just another reason to pick the Palm final reason that the Palm Pre may be picked over the iPhone is the pricing. Not the price of the phone, but the monthly plans. The iPhone 3G S is relatively cheap compared to the Palm Pre, and also has more storage for the price of the 8GB Pre. It’s the monthly plans that are killers. The Palm Pre’s plan, with unlimited text, talk, and data, is a whopping $100 per month. Expensive I’ll say. But the iPhone, $150 a month. I find this ridiculous, on top of the pricey plan, AT&T still doesn’t have MMS support out and tons of other features that iPhone is capable of. AT&T should be embarrassed because I’ll say, they really ****ed up. Apple is probably pissed at them to because so many people don’t want to wait for the features to activate.

So who wins, the Palm Pre? Or the iPhone 3G S. You decide.


My Bite Into Apple


Do You Need iPod touch 3.0?

Tomorrow, June 17th, 2009, Apple will officially launch iPhone software version 3.0. Lost in the hype of the iPhone 3G S, no one really is focusing on the 3.0 software, that is available to iPhone/iPhone 3G user. However this was the case for the iPhone 3G launch, in regards to 2.0.

The question at hand is quite the opposite: are you ready for iPhone 3.0? In other words, are you ready to upgrade, if you have an iPod touch? Do you need it?

Earlier, I made a post on if upgrading to 3.0 was worth $9.95 for iPod touch users, and it seems that maybe, just maybe, it varies from person to person. Let's look at this from feature to feature...

Cut, Copy, & Paste:

If you constantly look up things on Safari, be it on a search engine or an online shopping site, you find yourself with specific things that you want to show somebody via e-mail or post to Twitter or FaceBook. When I first saw the iPhone, and people complaining about not having this feature, I thought: "Who cares? You barely use it!" As it turns out, I was wrong, as usual. Anyone who uses Safari, in conjuction with Mail, definitely will find use in this feature.

Landscape Keyboard:

If you type at all, you desperately need this feature.

Spotlight Search:

Well, depending on how many files or how much information you keep on your iPod touch, you may or may not need this feature. If you have lots of songs, videos, contacts, or calendars, this feature may be useful, so you can quickly jump to it, without searching through everything. This is generally the case if you have a higher capacity iPod touch.

Voice Memos:

Well, this one is not a necessity for anyone in 3.0. Why? You can get the same thing in the App Store for FREE. Also, you don't need this unless you have an external microphone, which is not compatible with the iPod touch 1st Gen. And this one doesn't seem much more intuitive, if it is at all.


Accordingto Apple's website, the new calendars are meant for use with Microsoft Exchange,so theaverage person maynot need the update. Beyond that, the daily calendar is color-oriented, and I don't see anything else worthwhile.

iTunes Video Purchase:

FINALLY!!!!! Anyone who buys anything off iTunes will appreciate and definitely use this feature.

Enhanced Stocks:

Allthat is updated is the fact that they are viewable in landscape, and theyshowmore information in each individual company.Besides,who uses stocks anyway?

Safari Improvements:

Safari performs faster, andauto-saves an usernames and passwords, if you select it to.Definitely a plus!

Auto WiFi Login:

It just auto-connects to WiFi networks after you join them once. Wasn't this already in the iPod touch? I guess not...

Sync Notes:

If you notes are important, now you can back them up to your iTunes library. Can prove helpful!

Parental Controls:

If you have a kid who you think is too immature to handle online "freedom," expanded parental controls oblige!

iTunes Store Account:

As aforementioned, if you use iTunes at all, this allows to save your iTunes login info anytime you wirelessly download files.

YouTube Login:

Once again, FINALLY!!!! If you have a YouTube account, you need this feature. Now you can post comments, rate, favorite, subscribe to people, send messages, etc. all in the Youtube app!

Shake to Shuffle:

Well, this isn't a necessity, but if you want to change song without turning on your iPod's screen, it is a little quicker/more convenient.

New Languages:

If you end up needing to type or show information in a different language, you could use this feature.

Find my iPod touch (MobileMe Required):

Through iTunes, you can track your iPod touch when you lose it, so you know exactly where it is. Also, you an honest person finds your iPod, you can leave your return information when the screen is turned on. Very helpful as a just-in-case!

Remote Wipe (MobileMe Required):

If you lose your iPod, you can wipe all information from it through iTunes if you lose it and someone finds it. Again, very helpful as a just-in-case!

In-App Purchase:

If you wanna save some money, it comes in handy for certain apps.

Push Notification:

If you use Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube messaging, you can automatically be notified when a new one pops up. Very useful in Facebook chat!

Peer-to-Peer Games:

Play a game against a friend who has the same game. If you get bored playing Cro-Mag Rally, or some other app by yourself, it is very nice to have!

Beyond that, you get to run the next generation of apps, and there are several new features that I haven't even mentioned! After looking into it like this, I can definitely say that upgrading will be worth [$9.95] for me!

Sorry for such a long post, everyone!


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