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Review: Photo Clock

Recently there have been some nice applications that come in handy on Nintendo DSi Shop. They might just get the job done or just have some nifty features. These applications do come in handy, but is Photo Clock for you?


Photo Clock is much like the Animal Crossing Clock, in which it features a clock and an alarm clock. What this application does is show your photos in a slideshow with a clock. Though, one thing that I don't like about it is that the pictures have to be on the system memory, not on the SD card. The alarm clock does come in handy, and it's a very nice feature.

Background information

The Photo Clock application is available for the Nintendo DSi via Nintendo DSi Shop. It will cost 200 Nintendo DSi Points.

I give Photo Clock 4 out of 5.


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Pure Evoke Flow Review

The Pure Evoke Flow is probably one of the most advanced radios I have seen In this modern World. Its so Easy to use and best of all, it great for movability. (If you want to move this from one room to another that is!). It has got 4 Modes, DAB Radio, Internet Radio, Normal Radio and Something called Lounge Which I'll explain in a min. So if you like media players, then this is what this product kind-of is, it uses software that you get when you sign up to Pure Lounge, thats Multi-Platform and its a server that lets you play your music from your iTunes or Media player Library, wirelessly!.

Now Pure have introduced something called lounge, that is exclusive to this radio, and its basically a service that lets you sync your radio and put other radio stations on it. Mostly though its a service that keeps it running, and if your gonna get this radio then you have to really sign up for it. The great thing about this, is that you can also listen to Geeks Radio through this too!.

I like the fact that also they have made it a Clock too, you can do all the basic functions that a clock can do like, set a alarm that every time it goes off it puts on your favorite radio station, or the fact that it just is a clock.

You can also manage your media from this if you have the server, and if you upload your files from it, it will let you okay either your music or if you have it linked to a monitor or TV it will play pics from a holiday or videos that you captured using it.

Its a Great Radio and, I really Respect it. 5/5 from me.


iPhone os 3.0 review

Well iPhone 3.0 has certainly rocked iPhone users these past couple of days, and well I don't blame them, its a super, super, super,cool OS since its predecessors. I am loving the ability to MMS (even thought AT&T have not enabled it yet) and Internet Tethering (That Too!!) to be finally in this killer if not cool phone. So if your thinking of getting a Samsung Blackjack this summer you might want to set your eyes on the new iPhone 3G S because it will have all the features I am about to list and more in it.

Internet Tethering:

Its been a big thing with most devices but never before has it come to a cell phone and for those of you who don't know what Internet Tethering is then let me explain. Well its simple really all's it is, is sharing a internet connection from your Macbook or even PC.


Media Messaging Has Finally come to the iPhone, its a tool in which you can send pic or video through SMS, except its called MMS.

Copy & Paste

You thought it would come, and yes your right, the ability to copy and paste is finally here too!. with all those web addresses that you have to write down then put them into your "Notes" app on the iPhone seems easy now with copy and paste, it is long waited and really, it should have been there in the first place.

Recored Video (iPhone 3G S only)

Yay, The ability that really really really should have been there from the start, is the ability to recored video!. I really like the fact that they put it on the iPhone, but seriously apple, can't you put it on the iPhone 3G too as well as the iPhone 3G S!?!?. Anyway, you can also edit that video straight from your iPhone too!

Voice Memos

if you thought that taking down notes was hard, then this app suits you. Its really a 2 min app because there is not much to do on it, other than recored your voice or a voice. I like the fact that they took care in to it though and made the memos sound really clear.

Search (or as I like to call it "Finder") Yes the iPhone has the search feature like you mac now, so say goodbye to scrolling through all those apps or those songs and just search for them!.

Landscape Keyboard

Landscape Keyboard is NOT a app, but is a tool that you can use on most apps. You see now you can turn your iPhone side ways and the stocks, mail, and messaging apps will do things landscape, cool feature.

You Tube Sign in

If you like a particular You Tube video and you want to favorite it on the go, then this is what the sign in feature is for really, NOT for uploading you tube videos from your iPhone.

And thats about it really, all those features crammed into one, you may have noticed I never mentioned compass, and the reason why was because its a compass app, nothing really interesting about it plus i think its pointless, but hey iPhone OS 3.0 has a lot to offer and for that, I Love Apple.


Who wants to help?

 Hey guys! I've asked a few people how to upload a Youtube video on to a post but the respnses just didn't make sense so I thought I should ask the people who actually do it, you guys! I've made several posts, but never with a youtube video so please help out! Leave a comment in this comment box. Thanks, Sally 


iPhone 3G S Release

So, the iPhone 3G S was released, and everyone is putting up pictures and videos and criticizing it on Twitter for whatever reason!

Heres a complaint from Louie Mantia, a popular designer.

Before 3G S Voice Control , you could just hold own the Home button in any app to force-quit it.

Many Youtube Videos comparing speeds, one among the many:

Some French guys who already have taken the thing apart:

CNET was at NYC:

Heres a Video by SoldierKnowsBest demoing the video quality:


My Bite Into Apple