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Hello everybody today I just wanted to post a short article on Mozilla. Mozilla offers a good variety of software which is easy to use and for the most part it's free. So please check out...

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Could Netflix and Hulu replace TV as we know it?

Could Netflix and Hulu (both getting more members EVERY day) possibly replace TV? We can watch FREE TV using Hulu, and watch any movie we want Netflix. We also have iTunes to rent and buy movies when ever, also.

Netflix Hulu


Full Body Invisible Shield for iPhone Review

Don't you get tired seeing so many different kind of screen protectors for iPhones? Well, I'm sure you probably have and always don't know which one to get. The invisible shield is the best shield protector in the market. This is simply an amazing shield. Sure it is pricey, but it does the job, and it does the job brilliantly. 

I have received the full body shield and literally, covers the whole body of the iPhone. It covers the back to the bezels and to the screen. It is a great quality product and comes with a squeegee, and a spray for easy installing. The packaging is also great quality. It has all of the application instructions written on it and it shows every bit of step. 

I have had the invisible shield for weeks and this is just the best protector. The screen protector will never would rip off of the device, and its even hard trying to take it off. Since this is a very thin layer of screen protector, it will fit in the docking station smoothly. It has cut-outs for every parts with buttons and the dock opening at the bottom. Applying it at first, can be a bit rough, so you should be careful. Because once it sticks, it can be a bit tough taking it off. 

I have a *My Thoughts* video below, if you wish to watch it. 




App Review: Goaaal!


Flip Ultra HD Review Video

Last week I posted my review of the Flip Ultra HD here. But I'm sure if many people got to see the video review, which went more in depth. So here is my video review of the Flip Ultra HD. Hopefully, in some way, my review will influence the purchase of your next camcorder.