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My First GeoCaching Adventure

     I recently tried GeoCaching for the first time and I can already tell you that I am addicted.  GeoCaching is very similar to a scavenger hunt, but it's on steroids.  Users from hide GeoCaches and post the GPS coordinates, others then find the cache using the GPS coordinates.

To GeoCache you need the following...

1. An account at

2. A GPS device with basic navigation. (Yes, the iPhone will work!)*

* If you are using the iPhone look for the GeoCaching App in the AppStore.  I have heard good things about it.


My First GeoCaching Adventure

Part One

Part Two

YouTube Channel


Please, let me know if you have any comments or suggestions.




Why Mac's aren't "over priced"

There are MANY reasons why Macs aren't over priced, yet biassed PC users tend to say things all the time that aren't true about Macs. Here are some REAL reasons that Macs are not over priced, worth every penny and in almost every way is better than a PC.

1. You get better build quality, no matter what Mac you choose

2. Leopard itself is worth the money

3. The iLife software is proffesional. If you wanted to do any real work on a PC you wouldn't be able to without proffesional software that would cost a lot. iLife comes with every Mac and can turn any regular person into a pro. You can't make a video in Windows Movie Maker, it always comes out terrible. Its very easy to mange photos in iPhoto compared to other things. 

4. Virus's!! You would have to pay around 50$ for decent anti-virus software on a PC, on a Mac you don't have to worry because its built on a solid UNIX foundation. 

5. AppleCare comes with every new Apple product (Macs, iPods, Apple tv etc....) and is free for a year. You don't get free warranty with most PCs. While it may be 350$ (for a MacBook Pro), its worth every penny to know your safe.

6. Games? seriously? biassed PC users love to bring this into the argument. They say that Macs can't play games and that's a huge reason you should get a PC. First of all, you can't get a cheap 400-500$ PC and expect it to play games better than Macs. Especially now that they all have amazing graphics like the nVidia 9400+9600M graphics. They also say that barely any games are availible for Macs. While this may be true for games like half life and others, you can always download Windows via BootCamp. PC users don't know this exists, therefore they make fun of Macs. 

7. Basically, a Mac is the only computer you need because it is the only one avalible that can download all 3 OS's and im sure Chrome will be availible eventually. While you may be able to download a fake version of Leopard onto a Vista machine, its not legal and it doesn't compare to the real thing of coarse. 

All im saying is that biassed PC users NEVER put up a fair fight. I was a PC user my whole life until just a few weeks ago. While I didnlt own a Mac until recently I was certainly involved in the Apple comunity and tried to defend every fight, especially in comments on YouTube videos. As I said in a comment in JD Remmingtons post a few days ago...for over a year I was in the Apple comunity, subscribed to Dave, jon4lakers, DRBUK and others like that. Made a twitter to follow them and became a writer on the site. Im a very happy and proud Mac user and cannot see myself EVER switching back.

Check out my youtube channel-

PS- My username is still "sallywantsamac" but technically I got one already, I wish I can make a new one but it doesn't matter. Also, sorry for the long post! Comment and let me know what you think and whether or not you agree or disagree with me on anything. 


Sandisk Sansa e200 series mp3 player


Hello, this is my first blog post here on this wonderful site. I am a huge apple fan, and know a lot about computers and tech related stuff. Well, lets get on with this post.

Have you ever wanted an alternative to the iPod Nano? Maybe something a little different, same basic feel, but a different user interface? Well the Sandisk Sansa e200 series could be for you. It is a small mp3 player with good sized, full, rich color 4.5 cm screen. It holds videos, pictures, obviously music, but it has one special feature. It has a built in microphone. This can be very handy for recording voice memos, or recording music to share with a friend. One thing that can be very handy is it also has a small button on the side to quickly start recording. There is also a menu to manage your recordings. But beware! If you are listening to music, and you accidentally press the button, it exits you song, and brings you to the recording. When you go back to music, it DOES NOT pick up where you left off. The main menu is much more innovative than the Nano's. If gives you a circular ring of icons that scroll around to select the media you want using the scroll wheel. The menu system after that is very much like the Nano's, with each click linking you through artists, to albums, to songs. The thumb wheel it very cool, with small ridges for grip, and it glows blue when you use it. It takes a standard 3mm headphone jack. They come in 2gb, 4gb, and 8gb. Plus, the have an expandable micro SD card slot. the resolution is a measly 220x176, compared to the iPod Nano's 320x240, but it gets by.

this is not a qoute. sorry, I was unable to fix this

I fixed it, it is no longer a quote,



Verizon iPhone? 

Hello all, My name is Daniel and this is my first post on thecreativeones social blog. I am a huge fan of technology and Apple. I hope to write once a week with some of my thoughts. I'd love to hear your comments because I want to make my blogging the best that I can.

Anyway, we all know the iPhone is such an amazing device. The sad thing is we all can't experience one with our current carries ie) Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile..etc. As a current Verizon customer I wish I had the option to buy an iPhone. Yeah, I could just switch carriers and go with AT&T, but is that really what I should have to do to be able to get such a great phone? Many of the people I talk to on a daily basis are with Verizon. This would make for a pretty pricy monthly bill. Understanding that Apple did come to Verizon first to try and work out a deal with them to offer iPhone on Verizons phone lineup. Verizons CEO, Ivan Seidenberg, was quoted a few months back saying "It was up to Apple" if they wanted to bring iPhone to Verizon. Reading up on rumors and other info on the subject brought many other notable problems. Verizon uses CDMA technology for there cell phone service, while AT&T uses GSM. The current iPhones would not even work on the Verizon network. So would a CDMA iPhone really be that hard to build. What would be so difficult and what major differences would have to be put into the device? Could Verizons upcoming LTE (Long Term Evolution) network, which is suppose to roll out late 2009 early 2010, be the deciding factor to bring Apple and Verizon together? Those are some questions many of use would love to fine out. So my question for you current iPhone users is, if Apple was to offer the iPhone on Verizon Wireless would you switch? 


iPhone 3GS Case Review

Have you bought the new iPhone 3GS? if so, you're probably wanting to protect it from scratches and drops.  This is where a case comes in, it allows the user full access to the iPhone's buttons and features all the while protecting your phone.  In the video I review the Switcheasy Capsule Rebel Case.

The case has many advantages but that's not to say it doesn't come with any cons.  Some branded headphones may not fit through the headphone jack with the case on and the case is quite bulky, but offers great protection, has a nice design with a glossy spine on a a silicone skin, and comes bundled with a bunch of accessories, for $25, you really can't go wrong.  If I was to give this case a rating it would be a 8.5 our of 10!