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The iPod Touch/iPhone War Machine

iPod Touch and iPhones are helping the US army in the war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan. These devices carry secure software, are easy to operate and not too expensive. The army uses them for a range of issues from translation to working out sniper trajectories. These devices can hold more than 30000 programs.

In the future they may be used to guide bomb disposal robots and to receive drone air craft aerial footage, and the military is working on this. Soldiers can now upload photos of detained suspects if the US Marine Corps succeed at their new program.

These would then go into a biometric database. The software could match faces. The British Military is envious of this but currently does not plan to follow suit. According to an expert, the iPod may be all the personnel need. The army men are familiar with iPods as well.

With bulk orders the Pentagon can get these machines relatively safely. So the iPod you use is the one used by U.S. military.




Thecreativeone's New Youtube Channel

First off,Congrats David! Second off,I'm sorry for not posting any blogs as i have been working pretty hard on my own new website.

Thecreativeone's New Channel-

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How to choose a new Second-hand Mac

In the last few weeks my computing experience has been completely changed. I have switched to Mac. So far i am enjoying the change and am glad i made it. But what about the people out there that can't afford a brand new Macintosh but want to give Mac a try? Well then there's eBay, and the exciting world of used Macs.

My first ever Macintosh (and all that have followed) have been purchased from eBay. I however made some crucial mistakes when buying my first ever Mac and want to help people to make the right decisions when buying a new Used Mac.

The main feature of the Mac is the operating system, and to have a positive computing experience on any platform, you need to have hardware that will run the operating system properly, i.e. Without crashes, SBBODs (Spinning Beach Ball of Death) and BSODs. And of course you have to have hardware that will run the OS at a reasonable and hopefully fast pace.

This was where i made my first wrong decision when buying my first Macintosh computer. The first Mac that i bought was an iMac G3 (400MHz Indigo) and it did not run OS X at all well. I faced problems everyday such as SBBODs, startup problems (no spinner) and general lack of performance. Not surprising since the iMac G3 was designed and shipped with Mac OS 9.

So my recommendation to buyers of Used Macs is to never, ever buy a G3 system with the hope of using it as a main machine. G3s were never designed for OS X and in my opinion to run OS X properly you should have a G4. My reasoning is this - G4 systems i.e. The PowerMac G4, G4 Cube, iMac G4 e.t.c will always come with better specs than the G3s. The one exception to this may be the PowerMac G3 as this particular system came with 16MB VRAM compared to the 8MB on most but not all iMac G3s. To stay on the safe side for a less technical user i would recommend a G4 or above.

My next Mac was an eMac G4 (1.42GHz, 1GB RAM) which had enough power and VRAM to run the OS a lot better. So from my experience i learned that never should you trust an iMac G3 as a main system. They may look very nice, but they certainly don't run OS X well at all. I hope you enjoyed my bit on choosing a second hand mac.


Apple’s App Store got to 1.5 billion downloads

The App Store is like nothing the industry has ever seen before in both scale and quality,” said Steve Jobs, who couldn’t resist adding a small dig at the competition. “With 1.5 billion apps downloaded, it is going to be very hard for others to catch up.”

One of the factors feeding the App Store’s growth  and in turn being fed by it  is the size of the installed base: 40 million iPhones and iPod touches according to Tuesday’s release, a number likely to grow when Apple announces its fiscal third quarter earnings next week.

The other is the variety and sheer quantity of applications to choose from  65,000 according to Apple’s press release, 58,000 of them in the U.S. App Store, and another 7,000 in the App Store’s 70-plus overseas branches.

Logic would suggest that this breakneck growth can’t continue forever. But the rate of downloads took off late last year and, as the slope of the curve below suggests, hasn’t slowed since.




How to Jailbreak your iPod Touch 1st Gen Using QuickPWN

     I recently Jailbroke my iPd touch and decided to make a tutorial on how to do so. You can download the 2.2.1 Firmware HERE and you can download QuickPWN HERE