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Sports Debate: Disrespecting the Past?

            Being a ballplayer for nearly all of my life, I have learned to appreciate and love the game.  I jokingly say cutting me up would, "show little bats, helmets, and gloves all going to my heart; a baseball."  On gamedays, I was very quiet when my mom used to take me to the games.  I had to sing "Take me out to the ball game" everytime we got in the car with my mom but after that, it was mandatory silence.  That's why only my mom was allowed to come with me since she knew it.  When I got to the ballfield, I had some superstitions.  From grabbing some dirt from the field and throwing it on my glove, to not touching the foul ball lines before a game.  I had respect for the sport I loved.

            Look at the athletes now on TV, and I'm sure you will see some people a little more louder than me.  The Chad Ochocinco's, Terrell Owens, Francisco Rodriguez, Jose Valverde, Jose Reyes, Ed Reed, Ray Lewis, etc.  Now I am not trying to say that T.O = Ed Reed in any way.  I am putting these people together because of their different behaviors in their respective sports whether it's gameday or practice.  Many experts and fans love to (from what I see) say player X doesn't respect the sport because of his antics and should play like he cares about it.  I always found it weird when someone would say something like that.  We all are different as an individual.  Yet people want many athletes to just not be too crazy on the field like K-Rod for example.  His fistpumps and "crazy antics" make many people want to say he doesn't play the game the right way. 

            So everyone, I ask YOU: IS there a correct way to play game so that you respect it?  Is it being quiet while playing it?  You do know Michael Jordan was never a quiet man on the court.  Is it not making a scene?  Joe Nammath frequently had on a nice fur coat while on the sidelines for the Jets.  For me, it's however you want to play it.  EVERYONE has their own zone.  For me, it was being quiet pregame, and leading my team during the game.  For others, it's making all kinds of noise and getting inside the other team's heads.  So what do you think?


(SIDE NOTE: I plan on doing more of these debates in the future with different topics, since debates involve a lot more interaction and discussion with other people.)


Pixelmator: A $59 Photoshop?

Pixelmator. Many of you have probably heard of the product, but have you ever actually used it? Well if you have not, or are thinking of purchasing it, this article is certainly for you.

As you know Adobe Photoshop ranges in price from $600- $1000, depending on what version you use, and many people can not dish out that kind of cash for a single application. Although Photoshop is a mighty application, Pixelmator offers many of the same features and even some that are not included in Photoshop!

If you know the interface of Photoshop, you’ll pick up Pixelmator very quickly. It also offers an amazing interface, that any Mac user will love! Many of the tool options are identical to photoshop making working in Pixelmator easy for anygraphic designer. But for me, the one thing that distinguishes Pixelmator from Photoshop is its integration withQuartz Composer, the built in graphic effects program that comes standard on anyApple Computer. After using Pixelmator for a few months now, I have realized that Pixelmator is more aimed at creating art and graphics than editing photos. It includes many of the luxuries of Photoshop for $59! Although it will run you $59 USD, it is most certainly the best bang for your buck when it comes toimage editingand composing.

Thanks to the Pixelmator team for allowing me to review their product!

A full video review can be viewed here:




Hello everybody today I just wanted to post a short article on Mozilla. Mozilla offers a good variety of software which is easy to use and for the most part it's free. So please check out...

Thanks for reading


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Could Netflix and Hulu replace TV as we know it?

Could Netflix and Hulu (both getting more members EVERY day) possibly replace TV? We can watch FREE TV using Hulu, and watch any movie we want Netflix. We also have iTunes to rent and buy movies when ever, also.

Netflix Hulu


Full Body Invisible Shield for iPhone Review

Don't you get tired seeing so many different kind of screen protectors for iPhones? Well, I'm sure you probably have and always don't know which one to get. The invisible shield is the best shield protector in the market. This is simply an amazing shield. Sure it is pricey, but it does the job, and it does the job brilliantly. 

I have received the full body shield and literally, covers the whole body of the iPhone. It covers the back to the bezels and to the screen. It is a great quality product and comes with a squeegee, and a spray for easy installing. The packaging is also great quality. It has all of the application instructions written on it and it shows every bit of step. 

I have had the invisible shield for weeks and this is just the best protector. The screen protector will never would rip off of the device, and its even hard trying to take it off. Since this is a very thin layer of screen protector, it will fit in the docking station smoothly. It has cut-outs for every parts with buttons and the dock opening at the bottom. Applying it at first, can be a bit rough, so you should be careful. Because once it sticks, it can be a bit tough taking it off. 

I have a *My Thoughts* video below, if you wish to watch it.