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Ghostbusters: Running on The 13" Macbook Pro (Gameplay)

Whats up Blog readers! Its Byron here, once again with another video blog post. This video is basically a test of the NVIDIA 9400M GPU thats included in the 13” Macbook Pro. A lot of people have had questions reguarding the gameplay that these’s GPU’s would produce and this video is one that I hope answers a lot of questions on the matter. Hope you guys enjoy!


LiveSpeakr Review


Review: Canon ZR930 MiniDV Camcorder

I was looking for a good camera that I could use for making YouTube videos and capturing Kodak moments with my friends and family. You probably have heard of the popular pocket and budget friendly HD camcorders made by Flip or Kodak. Don’t get me wrong, that is your best bet for easy filming on the go. I searched countless hours trying to find a camera that fit my needs. A friend on YouTube (Live4Mac) introduced me to a line of Canon camcorders that were in my budget, and they fit all of my expectations.

This MiniDV camcorder (Canon ZR930) is great for shooting video in excellent quality, as well as perfect for an aspiring photographer/videographer. You are probably wondering why I would choose tape recording over the “more reliable” flash media. I chose MiniDV because not only did it let me conveniently upload my footage to my computer’s FireWire port, but it also doubled as a “High Quality Webcam”. I have put together a list of Pros and Cons of this camera. If you are interested in more information, or you are interested in finding a place to purchase this camcorder, please read below.


  • Compact – (Not as compact as many flash cameras). Is about the length of an iPhone, and width of two Wii remotes.
  • High Resolution lens – shoots in 16:9 ratio, which will support YouTube widescreen playback & can be edited into 1080x720p resolution in any video editor.
  • Large Display – 2.7” widescreen screen (Swivels 180 degrees)
  •  Box includes cables to hook up to your HDTV & also includes a remote control (Great addition)
  • Battery – long lasting battery life (Same battery as the Canon Rebel XTi cameras)
  • Zoom – 48x Advanced Zoom / 2000x Digital Zoom
  • Zoom microphone – audio zooms in to the subject (10x zoom on mic)
  • Webcam function via FireWire


  • No FireWire cable is included
  •  No MiniDV tape is included (Costs about $5 USD each)
  •  Viewfinder interferes with “record” button
  • ·Fingerprint magnet on top of camcorder


MSRP ( $260 – shipped, firewire cable, MiniDV tape included

Where to buy:

Video Review:


Thanks for reading,

-Brandon (iTalkTech)


Decorate Your Living Room With These Geeky Pillows!


Throwboy recently released a bunch of new pillows, a funky RSS pillow, and a collection of Chat pillows (LOL, WTF, n00b...)

If you would like to get YOUR hands on one of these amazing pillows, go to Throwboy's website and purchase one at


Apple: Too Secret? 

The New York Timeswrote a feature article about Apple and how they keep their ideas and future products a secret, and how it is almost an obsession.


My only guess to the NY Times writing an article like this is because Apple's secrecy is such a hot topic that is covered by hundreds and hundreds of blogs, like mine,MacRumors,TheAppleBlog, and just about everyone else who talks about Apple.

As if blogging wasn't already enough, the New York Times goes on to say that the secrecy of Apple is covered by other sites, and that they attract thousands of visitors every day. No kidding. If you ask me, this article was just a cheap shot to get extra traffic to the NY Times website, because, this article has already been on MacRumors and other Apple "secrecy" sites, such as mine, and is likely to get tons of people to go over and read it.

Likewise, I thought I would give the folks at the NY Times a little bit of trouble.

Appleis one of the world’s coolest companies. But there is one cool-company trend it has rejected: chatting with the world through blogs and dropping tidbits of information about its inner workings.

Is there a list of "cool-company" trends I could look at? As far as I'm concerned there aren't too many "cool-companies" that go out and share their future plans with blogs, and even if there are, information gets out of Apple all the time, how else would the rumor sites continue to run? Employees at Apple talk every once and a while.

Employees have been fired for leaking news tidbits to outsiders, and the company (Apple) has been known to spread disinformation about product plans to its own workers.

Who says people from other companies haven't been fired for leaking information? It happens at every company. As for disinformation to it's own workers, that's actually a pretty smart idea, if they want to prevent their information from getting out, then they lie about it, it's common sense if you want to be secret.

-Charles Elson, director of the John L. Weinberg Center for Corporate Governance at theUniversity of Delaware. “For a technology company that views itself as innovative, it’s a little odd that they are getting a reputation for lack of transparency.”

How is it odd? If anything, being secretive about you're company is very healthy for it. By being secretive, you gather more interest towards your company, and are likely to have a more successful launch of you're product, as Apple has proved with it's past iPhones and the current one.

This is exactly why I don't like normal news organizations reporting on Apple and technology.

Image: The New York Times


My Bite Into Apple