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3pointvue on the Bose Around-ear headphones 

My method for reviewing tech products that I have or receive for reviewing purposes will be presented to you in three simple points, where my opinions will be expressed, disadvantages pointed out and finally a rating out of ten will be given.

This way I hope that you guys, will be able to quickly gain a good understanding of a particular piece of tech, and therefore be able to know if it is worth purchasing for yourselves.

Please note that my reviews will mostly be revolving around technology products surrounding Apple, general computer related things, as wells as gaming products related mostly to the PS3. Stay tuned if you are interested, you will not be disappointed.

My first 3pointvue for will be on the Bose around-ear headphones.

Point1 - Sound quality :

I have had these headphones for three weeks, and I can definitely say that the sound that comes from these headphones is immense, truly amazing! I have used these headphones to listen to music, movies, games, and I can definitely say that when comparing it to other sources of sound I have used in the past (speakers, old headphones) the quality of sound booming out of the Bose beats them heads down.

The bass is phenomenal, really banging out into the ears and taking you deep into the music. I never knew that bass could make music that much more enjoyable, I would definitely recommend these headphones based upon the bass quality alone.

I would rate the sound quality a 10/10, as I truly believe that sound coming from these headphones is amazing and really does make a person feel like they are in a front row of a music concert!

Point2 - Comfort:

Before purchasing these headphones I knew I wanted a pair that would be very comfortable as I do sometimes listen to music for long periods of time. For this reason I didn’t want to compromise on comfortability.

Using these headphones, and sometimes wearing them for hours on end, for the past three weeks has given me a good insight to weather these headphones are comfortable or not, and I can definitely say that they are VERY comfortable! The soft cushion surrounding each side is made of smooth leather that is gentle against the ear, meaning you can be immersed in your music for hours on end and you won’t realize anything is sitting upon your head. The cushion is thick enough to block all external sound, meaning you can be totally immersed into what you are listening to without any disturbances. This is great and overall you will not be discomforted at all by these headphones, and so I would rate comfortability a 10/10.

Point3 - Product design:

Aesthetically this product is very appealing to the eye, its simple design, and presentation give it a look of quality and the black and silver colors used give it that added professional look that would make any person proud to be wearing them, including me.

But even though the headphones have the look of quality, they definitely don’t have the feel it, holding them up they feel very light and plasticky, this is not what you would expect from headphones this expensive, on the other hand however the headphones being light and fragile do mean that you can wear them on your head for long periods of time without being discomforted, so I would give 9/10 for overall product design.

Overall I would the Bose around ear headphones a 9.5/10, because of the product feeling a little cheap and fragile. Other than that I have found no disadvantage with this product and would definitely recommend this product to anyone in the market for a new pair of headphones. I can confidently say that the sound quality that come beaming from these headphones will without doubt bring new life to your music collection!

This is my first post, so please leave a comment telling me on how I can improve, and what content you would like to see in the future. 

Thank you, 



WWDC Roundup

Today was Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference. There were many surprises and announcements at WWDC, so here is a round of of what happened.

MacBook/ MacBook Air/ MacBook Pro

There were many changes in the Apple laptop lineup. First, the aluminum 13 inch MacBook is now the 13 inch MacBook Pro. The specifications of it are a 2.26 or 2.53 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor with a 160 or 250 GB hard drive. The price point on the 13 inch MacBook Pro are $1,199.00 and $1,499.00. Also added is a SD Card slot on all the MacBook Pro's, except the 17 inch model. The 15 inch MacBook Pro model specifications are either a 2.53, 2.66, and 2.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor. With a 250GB, 320GB, and 500GB hard drive. The price points of the MacBook Pro 15 inch are $1,699.00, $1,999.00, and $2,299.00. Also the MacBook Air FINALLY got an upgrade. The MacBook got a cheaper price at $1,499 and $1,799. The new MacBook Air comes at 1.83GHz or 2.13 GHz with the same 120GB Hard Drive and 128GB Solid State Drive. Also now the plastic white MacBook is the only MacBook by the name MacBook available.

Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Apple gave a demo of Mac OS X Snow Leopard at WWDC. Snow Leopard will be about stability and performance rather than features. Although there are some new features like accessing Expose from the dock, and Quicktime X (10 not X)

iPhone 3G S

Apple introduced a new iPhone called the iPhone 3G S. The s standing for speed. The design stayed the same as the iPhone 3G. The camera is now a 3.0 megapixel camera with video record. Also now you can edit your videos right on your iPhone, and can also upload them to YouTube or MobileMe gallery. Also there is a new feature in MobileMe called Find my iPhone, which can help you find your missing iPhone. You can remote wipe all of you data and send a message and will allow it to ring even if its on slient. Also a digital compass is added as a feature to the iPhone 3G S (it will not be available on other iPhones). Voice control is also added the the iPhone 3G S. You just hold the home button and say "Call Home" and it will call the contact you said. Also the iPhone 3G S gets speeds up to 7.2 mpbs. The iPhone 3G S also has improved battery life. 12 hours of 3G talk time, 9 hours of WiFi web browsing, 30 hours of audio playback, and 7 hours of video playback. The iPhone 3G S comes in 2 verisons: a 16GB and a 32GB verison. The 16GB verison will cost $199 with a 2 year contract and the 32GB verison will cost $299 with a 2 year contract. Also the iPhone 3G will now cost $99 with a 2 year contract.


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WWDC: My Thoughts

We thought it would never happen, and now it has: WWDC 2009! Let's jump right into it...

iPhone 3G S

The iPhone 3Gs (Speed). We saw the iPhone 3.0 update in March, but now comes the new hardware. Just off the ad, you'd think the only thing new was video recording. Yes, Apple integrated VGA video recording AND editing right on the device! Everybody wanted it, now we have it. Also, the camera has been updated from 2MP to 3MP, as to keep up with phones like the Palm Pre, BB Storm, or Samsung Impression. It also has autofocus, built-in macro for closeups, and previews of the last picture you took so you can quickly send it to someone... or delete it.

The iPhone 3Gs now has faster internet speeds on 3G. Webpages now process at 7.2 Kbps, instead of 3.6 Kbps, when on a 3G network. The 3Gs now also has voice command, which was also highly requested, in addition to a compass found in Maps.

Aside from that, you also get choice of 16 or 32GB in your iPhone for $199 and $299, respectively. The specs remain that same for thickness, height, weight, etc. It still comes in black and white for both capacities, as well.

If you don't think it's worth the extra money, don't fret; the iPhone 3G is still being sold for $99 in the 8GB black model.


The MacBook family was also updated today. Earlier, Apple updated the MacBook page to feature just the white plastic model. Why? So they could launch the 13" MacBook Pro, of course!

The specs on the white MacBook are:

2.13GHz Intel Core 2 Duo


160GB Hard Drive

Nvidia GeForce 9400M


MacBook Pro

With that, they decided to call the aluminum MacBooks the 13" MacBook Pro. I think I like the sound of that. There are now 2 13" models, 3 15" models, and 1 17" model.

13" MacBook Pro:

2.26GHz or 2.53GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

2GB or 4GB RAM

160GB or 250GB Hard Drive

SD Card Slot

FireWire 800

Backlit Keyboard

Built-In 7 hr. Battery

Nvidia GeForce 9400M

$1199 or $1499

15" MacBook Pro:

2.53GHz, 2.66GHz, or 2.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo


250GB, 320GB, or 500GB Hard Drive

Nvidia GeForce 9400M or 9400M  + 9600M with 256MB or 512MB

$1699, $1999, or $2299

17" MacBook Pro

2.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo


500GB Hard Drive

ExpressCard 3/4 Slot

8 hr. Battery

9400M + 9600M w/ 512MB


MacBook Air

Let's not forgot our old buddy, the MacBook Air! It's actually starting to have some value!

1.86GHz or 2.13GHz Intel Core 2 Duo


120 GB Hard Drive or 128GB SSD

Nvidia GeForce 9400M

$1499 or $1799

Finally, let's talk about the new OS that every Mac user is looking forward to: Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard (Mac OS X v10.6)

Long awaited, ever since WWDC 2008, but Snow Leopard is [almost] here.

The Finder now supports 64-Bit, as well as Grand Central Dispatch. Also, Expose is now integrated into the Dock. Along with that, Stacks in the Dock are now scrollable. Time Machine, boot-up, shut-down, and wireless connection are now 50% faster. Installation of Snow Leopard is 45% faster. Snow Leopard includes Quicktime 10 (includes faster YouTube uploading). Snow Leopard, as opposed to Leopard, frees up 6GB of your Hard Drive. iChat is now Hi-Res. Automatic time zone setup, automatic printer updates, more powerful Safari, more reliable disk eject, more efficient file sharing, and easier PDF text selection is included in Snow Leopard.

What may be the coolest feature, despite possibly being the least used, is innovative Chinese text typing on your new MacBook Pro, Air, or Aluminum MacBook. Because of the gesture support, Snow Leopard allows for handwriting Chinese characters on the trackpad. I don't speak Chinese, but that sounds freakin' awesome!

For Leopard (v10.5) users, upgrading to Snow Leopard (v10.6) is only $29, unless you buy a Mac between now and the day before launch, in which upgrading is $9.95. After then, it's included with all Macs. It will be available in September, just in time for the new iPods to be released.

Thanks Phil!


Hell's yeah!

As we all know, WWDC was today! My favorite part? The new 13" MacBook pro's! The aluminum MacBooks got tons of updates like an SD card slot, better displays and longer battery life. The backlit keyboard is now standard and it even comes with firewire 800. Apple thought this really was just a mini MacBook pro and so it is now called the 13" MacBook Pro and will be priced for 1199$ to 1499$.

I don't know about you but I'm incredibly happy! Not only was I plannning on getting the aluminum MacBook on June 16th, I'm very happy to be getting these new "mini" MacBook Pro's!


iPhone 3G S (for speed)

"So when does the iPhone 3GS become available? Just a week and a half."

"The iPhone 3GS... just $199."

16GB of storage, and $299 for a 32GB version.

Up to 5 hours 3G talk time, 9 hours of WiFI internet.

"The 3GS -- the most powerful iPhone yet."

Also a greener device. 23% smaller packaging.

"But we want to reach even more customers. So we're going to keep the iPhone 3G on the market... at $99."

Straight from the Keynote my friends.