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Firefox 3.5 released

Mozilla released firefox 3.5 today with many updates that some say are long over due. Firefox is the second most used browser in the whole world and is very popular amongst PC and Mac users alike. 

Some of the updates include- speed enhancements, supposrt for HTML 5, geolocation services, search improvements and the option for priviate browsing. 

Mozilla tried their best to make this the fastest and most powerful firefox yet. It took months for this update being that 3.0 came out quite a while ago. These new features should appeal to current users and new comers as well. Firefox is available for Mac OS 10.4 or later, windows and Linux and is available in over 75 languages. 

*I got my information from, it is very similiar to their article and I just wanted to spread the word to people who do not read their posts.


Review: Tweetie for Mac

See More videos like this here.

Tweetie just has to be my favourite Twitter client that I have ever used, the interface is nice, and it has a lot of cool features like threaded replies and search.

You can download Tweetie for Mac & iPhone at



Yep thats right, I made partner! Thank you to all of my subscribers, if it wasn't for you, I would have never got this!
To do something I love to do, and get money doing it is just mind blowing!

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THANK YOU ALL! :-) For all of the support you have given me, I could have never done this without you!


Not Everything Steve Jobs Does Is News

So when I made my post about Steve Jobs getting a liver transplant, I looked for more about it online and found this great article by a fellow named Kevin on GigaOM. Kevin makes some very interesting points in this article.The title of the post is “Are Steve Jobs’ Innards Really Any Of Our Business?”.

After thinking about it for a while, no, they aren’t. As we all know Steve Jobs has had many health problems over these recent years, hormone imbalance, Cancer, the liver transplant, whatever, but that really shouldn’t matter to us.

Steve definitely out of the Apple spotlight, even if he returned to work today, Apple has been smart by not talking about him as much and trying not to make his personal affairs public.

In fact, I think all this talk about Steve Jobs has gone way too far, like last year, when Steve had to publicly say during a keynote that the reports of his death were stupid, and I do exaggerate, that isn’t what he said, but that’s probably what he should have said.

Still don’t believe it’s gone too far? Let me point you to here, where some folks have been tracking where Steve Jobs has been on his private jet, via the internet.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Not everything Steve Jobs does is news.I will admit that there are things that Steve Jobs does, or something that has happened to him is news, but that still doesn’t mean that his flight numbers need to be put all over the internet so people can look at them and say “Holy crap this was Steve Jobs’ flight number.”

While we were obsessing over Jobs’ absence, we lost something even more important. We ignored the right of a human being to face a life crisis in private. We forgot what it would feel like to have strangers intrude on an experience that is disorienting, self-defining and unimaginable until it happens.

That excerpt is taken from Kevin’s post. He’s absolutely right, people seem to forget that Steve Jobs is also a person, he can be an icon too, and a hero, someone you look up to, whatever, but please try to respect him, you’ve got his flight records for goodness sake.

To end, I’d like to add this quote from Kevin’s post:

And while I hate to say it, I honestly think most of the coverage I’ve read about Jobs’ illness has less to do with him or Apple and more to do with others drawing attention to themselves.

Click that link, it perfectly backs up when I say “This is why I hate the WSJ and the NYT reporting on Apple and Steve Jobs.”

Big thank you to Kevin for the idea, see more of his work here.


My Bite Into Apple


My predictions for the new iPods

Ah yes, it's that time of year again. Almost September, this means new iPods. Now so far there haven't been many rumors/leaks, but here are my predictions.

iPod Shuffle

Most likely there might not be many changes with the iPod Shuffle. Maybe a price drop, but there are slim chances of that happening. Apple could also introduce more colors, considering the fact that the iPod Shuffle only comes in Silver and Black.

iPod Nano

As usual there will be big changes for the Nano. So far there are rumors are that the screen will go from 1.33:1 ratio to 1.5:1 ratio. This means that the screen will be a bit bigger. Also there are rumors of a camera will be on the next Nano in odd placement. As for a camera it could happen, but it may just be a still camera. Now it might be true, coming from the fact that the iPod Nano has an accelerometer. Also I think the price will be $150 or $200 and will only come in a 16GB capacity, maybe a 32GB later on in the year.

iPod Classic

The iPod Classic will most likely be a wild card. It is really just the same as the 5G iPod, only using a new OS and aluminum body. It will most likely have many new features and design changes. Now so far it is not known what maybe a few of the features of the new classic. As I said, the iPod Classic is a wild card, so anything can happen. Now as for capacities, it could come in any size over 120GB. Also the usual $249 and $349 price points, but it could be less, since Apple has been cutting prices on their products.

iPod Touch

The iPod Touch will most likely have major changes. First off, I predict that there will be a camera. Now it will either be the old 2.0 megapixel camera on the iPhone and iPhone 3G, or the 3.0 megapixel camera that is currently on the iPhone 3G S. Also, most likely there will be a microphone that will be added. The design can also go 2 ways, the flat back of the first iPod Touch, or the curved back that is currently on the iPod Touch. Now the iPod Touch will most likely come in 16GB and 32GB capacities, dropping the 8GB model. The price points may be lower than they currently are, since Apple has been cutting prices. I predict $275 for the 16GB model and $375 for the 32GB model.

Apple certainly has some surprisesup their sleeve for us. Apple has surprisedus for the last few years. This year will most likely not be an exception.