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The Sims 3: Review.

Hello guys, I'm new to this social blog so hi, this is my first post. You can find me at other places like on my website or on my YouTube channel. You can also follow me on Twitter.

The Sims 3 is an amazing and exiting game, I preordered my copy a few weeks before at for just £29.39 and I got it on the 7th (I used FREE Super Saver delivery) which was just 2 days after release date which is pretty good.

I ripped open the packaging and got ready to install the game on my 20" iMac with 2.66GHz Intel Core 2 duo processor. (The game works for Windows & Mac) Installation took about 30 minutes, considering the game is a hefty 6GB I was pretty impressed.

I fired up the game, and was amazed by how fast the game loaded, its a BIG improvement in loading times to The Sims 2, its also really cool how you do not need to wait through long loading screens before you go to somebody's house or community lot.

The graphics with the game are impressive, although after a while I think the game feels quite the same (graphic wise) to The Sims 2, which is fine with me! Although the sims themselves look MUCH better now, there faces are so much smoother! Which brings me on to...

Create a Sim is EXCELLENT! Rather than choose between low, medium and high you can have anything in between that. Controls like this come into play with weight, skin tones, and muscles. I love that you can make Sims proper fat this time, which is really funny! I made a really fat sim, and when I was playing her in the game, I got her to loose all of her weight, and she is very skinny now!!

The amount of customization of the sims is great, you can change the basic of features, or you can dive right in and go PRO! You can change almost anything the nose, the width of the nose, the nostrils, the lips, the lip height and width, chins, foreheads EVERYTHING!

Needs are much easier to control now, in the sense that you don't always have to be getting your sims to do stuff, they can just manage themselves, although you can step in if you want to. Some gamers feel this is a let down, I feel its a much better, you can get on and explore more rather than worry about when they need a pee!

In the game settings you are allowed to change a bunch of controls including, aging; short, normal, long, or EPIC 960 sim days. You can also toggle the free will controls; off, low, medium, high.

I love how to controls of the game are pretty much the same, like they have always been but with a few tweaks. Its good because its what were used to, and I think the controls in all of The Sims games are really good!

An interesting feature of The Sims 3 is that when your sims work, or go to school you can choose how you would like them to perform, they could gossip with friends, work hard, slack of, or just make it business as usual.

What I really didn't like about the game is that a lot of the lots like work, and schools you cannot see inside, they just travel to the lot, and they go inside, and you won't see them until work is done.

I think the game still has a lot more to offer, as I haven't explored everything yet, as with all of The Sims games, the possibilities are pretty much ENDLESS! I rate this game a solid 9/10 and my sister, and all of my friends have good fun with it. I'm ADDICTED!


HTC Magic coming to T-Mobile.

T-Mobile is just announcing more and more of its summer line up. Just as the new HTC Snap (Dash 3G) was announced for T-Mobile, another HTC is announced. Today T-Mobile announced that the HTC Magic will be come to T-Mobile.

T-Mobile has said the HTC Magic will come to the carrier. Yet, again the name will change for the carrier, it will be called the T-Mobile myTouch 3G. As for T-Mobile UK it will be called the, T-Mobile G1 Touch. It is called this because it doesn't have a physical keyboard, unlike the G1.

What are the features of this phone?

This phone is a very feature packed phone. First they both run Google's mobile operations system, Andriod. Also it also has the same set of physical buttons. A scroll bar, home, menu, call start, call end, and power. Although there is a nice button on there, a search button, so when you just need to Google something you just pressthe button, andtype it in, which is very nice. Also, this has support for Microsoft Exchange and Wi-Fi. It will also have support for T-Mobile's 3G network, quadband EDGE, and global roaming.

When is it available?

If you really want the T-Mobile myTouch 3G/T-Mobile G1 Touch, you'll have to wait a while. T-Mobile will allow existing customers to pre-order it on July 8th. Then it will be available nationwide sometime in August. The myTouch/G1 Touch will come in 3 colors, black, white, and a new color, "merlot".


Snow Leopard: Overview

In this video, I quickly highlight some of the new features of OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard. 

Pretty neat.


You can view other reviews and overviews on my channel



iPhone 3Gs Launch: Boulder, Colorado

You'd be surprised at what people would do just for an iPhone.



Steve Jobs Had Secret Liver Transplant

What Happened?

Steve Jobs, while on medical leave, actually had a liver transplant without telling anyone, the information was leaked by a special person who cooperated with THe Wall Street Journal.

Why Did This Happen?

Why would be an interesting way to put. Apple didn’t tell us that he had this because, well, Apple doesn’t do that type of stuff. As to why he had his liver transplanted, he needed a new one. I mean really people, the guy is getting older and has health problems, as does anyone, if he needs to take a while off, let him take his time off.

Why Do I think About This?

Meh, It’s good that he is feeling okay, but I don’t really have an opinion on it.


My Bite Into Apple