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iPhone 3GS Lines Start, Expectations Rise in the Rain

Some folks fromThe iLifehave been live blogging from the iPhone 3G S line in NYC. Rainy rainy a look at the conditions folks. I would like to note those freaking awesome umbrellas, going to have to get my self one of those.

It may seem the the rain has had an effect on some people, maybe changed their thinking too “Were waiting in the rain, this phone better be good.” Who knows.

I would like to applaudThe iLifeguys for waiting in the rain “for the experience”

Click here for the original article and interview.




My Bite Into Apple


Review: Podium Revolution by Pivotal

Podium for iPhone + iPod touch

So, Recently I received a Podium by Pivotal, which I'm sure most of you already know it's a VERY luxurious, well to me, iPhone stand. Personally it does just what it advertises, It is the ULTIMATE iPhone experience. Let's get a little bit into Hardware.

The hardware on the product is over all a 10/10.

Why? Because it is so nice and classy that I honestly can not get over it. I received the Platinum version because it was the one that matched my MacBook the most. And I love it, As you can probably tell by the name it's made out of a shiny metal material that is as hard as a rock. The bottom has a rubber material made of 3M rubber. That keeps the product still on your desk, even with a fair amount of pressure pressed against it, that way your iPhone wont move neither will the stand. Something I loved about the product, which I didn't know until I actually had the product was the fact that not only is it cool because it looks like an iMac stand, But it does almost the same as the iMac stand and by that I mean, you see the while in the middle? That's to slide your charger thru there to keep the cables looking neat, which to me is a huge plus sign! Now, the holster that holds your phone up is good to. Not the best I've seen but it's good, Why isn't it the best? Because I'm not sure if it's because this version is also made for iPhone 2G but it doesn't hold the phone up with much force, I push down with a little bit of pressure and my phone is moving up and down, something that in my opinion I didn't like much but it's something I'm sure is not in ever model just in this one since it obviously is a bit bigger for the iPhone 2G, But other models are probably a bit tighter. Another thing I didn't like about the hardware is the fact that the metal is a finger print magnet, Nothing a microfiber can't fix, But whenever I try and take my phone out, I like to hold that part of the stand to take my phone out without causing it damage, and I always have to wipe my finger prints off. Which is again, something that's probably because of it being the Platinum version, which in the other models is hopefully not as tormenting.

The product itself is a 9.5/10

Why a 9.5? Well hopefully you read the hardware overview, Where I listed the pros and cons. Those things are just all of my "cons" I think this model has that I didn't like, which aren't a big deal, because the product itself is INCREDIBLE, I love the classiness of the product, Instead of having your phone charging just laying on a table it looks NICE, plus all the things you can do with it, For example watch movies, use it as a game holder, and so much more! Even a iPhone camera tripod! It's great, it has been so useful for the days I've had it. My only other comment is the price of the product, it's a whopping $68.00 but for right now, the price is at a limited time offer of $48.00 which isn't bad considering you truly do get what you pay for. A great iPhone stand, and like they say, the ultimate iPhone expirience, Well that's all I have to say about this product. You guys should definitely check out they're website, It's very worth what you pay for this product, and hopefully you guys check them out. Leave your comments below if you own, Or are considering owning one of these. You can click any of the banners on this review to go to they're site, and purchase or just look around.

Thank you guys so much for reading my review, There will be a video review but my camera, Which is a "Waterproof" Olympus Stylus Tough 6000, Decided to break by you guessed it, Getting put into water, How? I don't know but I only got to record the first half of the review then I went to the pool, And just my luck camera broke. I will be getting a Flip Ultra HD, (YAY!) as soon as Best Buy pays me for my warranty and allows me to purchase a new camera, So stay tuned for that I will definitely post that here too.


Podium Limited Time Offer!


Is Steve Jobs Already Back At Apple and Was He Also Behind WWDC 2009?


What Happened?

Rumors have been floating around that Steve Jobs is already back at Apple doing behind the scenes work, some even note that he was floating around at WWDC 2009.steve_jobsoldschool

though there is a rumor that someone has spotted Steve Jobs wandering around. Sure guys, sure.

- Engadget WWDC Keynote 2009 Live

Why Is This Happening?

Perhaps it is just the hype of Steve Jobs being back and being behind the magic of this year’s WWDC Keynote or perhaps it’s just for the hell of it. I would guess the first one though. It seems SO unlikely, SO UNLIKELY, that at an event so large and big as WWDC, that Steve Jobs would be absent, SURELY he must have had something to do with it.

What Do I Think About It?

Oh common guys, like I said above, Steve Jobs must have had something to do with this year’s WWDC,steve-jobs-iphoneI mean obviously he wasn’t there, someone would have spotted him and tackled him or something, got a picture maybe. Since they didn’t, I really doubt that he was there, but I still believe he had something to do with it.

Regardless, It really doesn’t matter to be all that much though, Apple seems to be doing fine righ





My Bite Into Apple


iPhone 3.0 Unlocked

Already with the release of the OS 3.0 it has been unlocked for all your needs. Thanks to the iPhone Dev-Team. When this is released I'll post up a how to. 

Love Amar


TweetDeck for iPhone - Review

TweetDeck for iPhone


Description:Tweet on the go with all your favourite TweetDeck features on your iPhone.TweetDeck is your mobile browser for staying in touch with what’s happening now on Twitter from your iPhone or iPod Touch. TweetDeck shows you everything you want to see at once, so you can stay organised and up to date no matter where you are.Create groups, search Twitter, manage multiple accounts and easily post your tweets or share photos, link and much more. Plus sync your existing TweetDeck columns between your desktop and iPhone. Nice and easy.

The time has arrived! TweetDeck for the iPhone is upon us!

I've been a big TweetDeck Desktop fan for many a month now, and I'm really happy to wake up to see TweetDeck for the iPhone sitting on the AppStore just begging for me to download it. The best part is it's price. Free!

First Impressions:

Upon opening the app, you're presented with a page to be able to add your Twitter account. It's an incredibly sleek setup sequence with prompts for you to sign in to your TweetDeck account so you can sync your columns and what-not from the Desktop version straight onto your iPhone. the setup lasted about 30 seconds, and I was then straight into the application itself.

The first thing I saw was a somewhat familiar colour-scheme and notification. I was really impressed to see that they'd ported over the notifications feature to the iPhone version, because simply put, TweetDeck isn't TweetDeck without them! As you can see from the screenshot below, there is a set of settings in a sleek black bar.

The bar shows updates to your Twitter account, Refresh feature, Add Column, Settings and More. We'll look through each of these in detail, shall we?

Updates Button:

I was very impressed with this little feature. Not only does the Updates section of the bottom bar actually show how many updates you've missed, or are yet to read, but upon tapping it you're presented with a box showing exactly how many per column you're yet to have a gander at, and also a handy little feature to mark them all as seen!


Does exactly what it says on the tin.

Add Column:

This is one of the biggest features in the whole application. This allows you to add an array of different columns such as 'User Group', 'Twitter Search', 'All Friends', 'Mentions', 'Direct Messages' and 'Favourites'. This works in exactly thesame wayas on TweetDeck desktop. I currently have six columns set up on my installation of TweetDeck for the iPhone, and have had it crash just once due to receiving a large amount of updates all in one, whilst trying to scroll down. I'd recommend not doing that!

You also get the option to import columns from the TweetDeck server so that things are set up in the same way as they are on TweetDeck desktop. Clever eh?


This opens a completely new screen for you to Manage your multiple accounts, Edit your TweetDeck account and change General settings.

Manage Accounts and TweetDeck account is very self-explanatory. Not much to talk about there, but when it comes to the general settings, there are a few that you can tweak around a little, such as Auto-Correct, Auto-Capitalisation, Picture Service (twitpic or yfrog), Sound Enabled/Disabled, Growl Enabled/Disabled (notification popup), Show Real Names and Shake to Refresh. As you can tell, there are a nice amount of settings to tweak TweetDeck to your liking.

If that isn't enough Tweaking, hold down on one of your 'decks' until they start to wiggle (like you would on your iPhone/iPod home-screen). From this you can re-arrange the way the decks are presented to you. Nowthat'scool, right?


From this sub-menu you get two new options to choose from. One being 'Quick Follow' and 'Sync Columns'. Quick Follow is basically a text box popup where you can input a users username and follow them instantly by tapping the "Follow" button. Saves having to find the user through the Search feature and following them form there.

Sync Columns basically does exactly what it says. It syncs your columns with the ones you've syncronised to TweetDecks servers.

Main Section:

The 'main section' of the application is where all of the tweets are displayed. you can either choose form the zoomed-out view where you can flick through each deck, viewing a maximum of 5 tweets per deck, or tap one of the decks to view the whole thing, allowing you to scroll through them all. You can still flick left and right to navigate through each deck whilst on the full screen mode.

Tapping a tweet will take you to a screen dedicated to that tweet, giving you the option to @reply, send a DM, retweet, email tweet and +favourite.

Tapping the user takes you to their profile. From here, you get the option to Follow the user, View their followers, View who they're following, @message them, DM then, see their recent Tweets and Block/Unblock the user. You can also see their picture, Name, Twitter UserName and their biography on this screen also.


These are somewhat very similar (actually a lot better looking) to TweetDeck Desktop. They pop up whenever you get a new Tweet, Mention, DM, Search etc. This obviously only occurs in the TweetDeck application itself, due to the iPhone's restrictions on background processes, but they are a nice little addition to the app itself, for that added sleekness/feature-rich application they were probably looking for.

API Call Information:

This is different for an iPhone Twitter application to have - an 'API Call Remaining' feature.

Let's Tweet:

Tweeting in TweetDeck for the iPhone is easy. All you need to do it tap the new tweet icon in the top right (1m) and you're presented with a text box, the keyboard and the option to shorten a url, post an image and post your current GPS location to your Twitter profile or to Google Maps. It also appears that URL's are shortened through


TweetDeck for iPhone seems to be a very decent iPhone Twitter client, although could do with some touch-ups here and there, and the possibility of some new settings. I'd really like to see functionality to just have the zoomed out tweet view (below) as opposed to the full screened one. I like the look and feel of scrolling through each deck that way much better, and think it makes the UI look a lot tidier also.

In terms of keeping up with its sister on the desktop, they have done incredibly well. What sets this app apart from all of the others is a) free b) exclusive 'deck' UI c) pop-up notifications (in-app).

It's a very competitive app and will give all of the other iPhone Twitter applications a run for their money. I, myself have tried the majority, if not all, of the iPhone Twitter apps and this is by far my favourite and has found its pride of place on page one on my iPhone home screen!

A few snags though - it tends to crash on occasion when a large amount of notifications come in, and scrolling is rather rugged compared to other apps such as Tweetie and TwitterFon. By this, I mean it doesn't scroll smoothly and jitters just a tad.

Other than that, I've found no problems as of yet!

Definitely recommended to anybody with an iPhone and likes to Tweet.

You can find me on Twitter at @LewisBeechey