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iPhone 3.0 Demo

So, you are probably wondering what the real 3.0 firmware looks like when not in the hands of apple when everything always to seems a little faster.

Here is the demo.



Some iPhone 3GS orders set to be delivered tomorrow

According to the shipping tracking numbers off of the online Apple Store's order status site, some iPhone 3GS units will be in users had as early as tomorrow. this is backed up by a screne capture of Tracking details for the iPhone 3GS from

BY:SD (Snah Desai)

Via: engadget


Did you pre-order your iPhone 3GS?

According to The Boy Genius if you did not pre-order the iphone 3GS from AT&T your iPhone 3GS won’t be shipped to you until “7-14 days” after the order date. AT&T’s pre-order stock is drained, which only leaves iphone 3GS's for people who wait in line and purchase it on the release date and all pre-orders woun't be actualized until after the June 19th launch date.

BY:SD (Snah Desai)



Just Bought The New 13" Aluminum Macbook Pro (First Time Mac User)

Today my new Macbook Pro arrived in the mail from Apple. This is my first Mac, so of course I'm not sure of everything the Leopard OS has to offer. I have figured out a lot in the past few hours since my unboxing and can definitely say that I am glad I made the choice to get the Macbook Pro as opposed to any other laptop. Luckily, I was smart enough to wait until after Apple's WWDC event to buy my Macbook Pro. I am having fun learning my way around Leopard enjoying everything my new Macbook Pro has to offer. Make sure you check out my unboxing video. If you would like to see my unboxing video and get a first hand view of my experience with my new Macbook Pro make sure you check out my youtube channel and/or follow me on twitter.


The Palm Pre and the iPhone 3G S. This One is a Gamble.


I think it’s really funny. Palm decided they would put out the Palm Pre 2 days before WWDC. 2 freaking days. I think it’s funny because Palm was so confident that whatever was to be released at WWDC would not beat the Pre. In a sense they were right.palm-pre1The one thing that really sets apart the Palm Pre and the iPhone is multi tasking. The Palm uses the new WebOS that actually has multi tasking, multiple applications can be run at the same time, switching through them takes maybe less than a second.At WWDC Apple demoed the new iPhone OS and iPhone 3G S and showed how fast they could switch between applications, even if it was only one that was running. It’s not multi tasking, but closing and launching to different applications was about the same speed as the Palm Pre when switching.

If anything, It would appear that Palm got owned according to the Apple fans and community, like my self, but after really thinking about it, the Palm Pre has a lot of things that business people, not Apple fans, business people, would like. Take the REAL mutli-tasking feature, many people who shop for phones don’t research the phone, they rely on the sales rep at the store, since the Palm and the iPhone are sold at different stores, there is going to be a biased opinion.

The Palm Pre also has something that many people wanted with the initial release of the iPhone. A keyboard. Some people still want a keyboard. I suppose it’s one of those things you will have to get used to on the iPhone, but I’ve heard it takes months, if not a year to really pick it up so you can text and email like you did on your plastic keyboard on you’re Blackberry or QWERTY keyboard device. Just another reason to pick the Palm final reason that the Palm Pre may be picked over the iPhone is the pricing. Not the price of the phone, but the monthly plans. The iPhone 3G S is relatively cheap compared to the Palm Pre, and also has more storage for the price of the 8GB Pre. It’s the monthly plans that are killers. The Palm Pre’s plan, with unlimited text, talk, and data, is a whopping $100 per month. Expensive I’ll say. But the iPhone, $150 a month. I find this ridiculous, on top of the pricey plan, AT&T still doesn’t have MMS support out and tons of other features that iPhone is capable of. AT&T should be embarrassed because I’ll say, they really ****ed up. Apple is probably pissed at them to because so many people don’t want to wait for the features to activate.

So who wins, the Palm Pre? Or the iPhone 3G S. You decide.


My Bite Into Apple