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How to Jailbreak your iPod Touch 1st Gen Using QuickPWN

     I recently Jailbroke my iPd touch and decided to make a tutorial on how to do so. You can download the 2.2.1 Firmware HERE and you can download QuickPWN HERE





Powermat To Release This Fall!

Have you ever wished about a mat that can charge your everyday essentials? The Powermat is just that! The Powermat was showcased at CES this year and to my surprise, it didn't receive as much popularity as I would of thought. It was kind of passed by and wasn't given the time it needed for the full understanding of the product.

The Powermat is a mat that charges most of your wireless accessories without having to plug them into the wall. For example, you can put your ipod on a dock and it would charge. It's easy to forget to charge something overnight and realize it the next morning or you cant find the charging cable. All you need for the Powermat is a wall outlet!

The North America product line features a family, travel and a home office package. Each package has unquie features that come with it.

Family: Can charge 6 devices at once, has a USB slot for a 7th device and has a storage tray.

Travel: Can charge 3 devices at once, has a USB slot for a 4th device and folds down for easy storage and includes a carrying case.

Office: Can charge 3 devices at once, has a USB slot for a 4th device.



For more information about the Powermat, check out or!


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LG Chocolate 4 (BL40) leaks on video.

The LG Chocolate is a very popular cell phone on the market. It was on of the first popular music phones to hit the market. Now a new Chocolate model (LG BL40) will be hitting the market.

The new LG Chocolate leaked out this weekend, and it has many changes in store. The previous LG Chocolate models were mainly music feature based. Now the LG Chocolate will have a major overhaul, so now it seems that it will become a smartphone. So it may have other phone makers like Samsung, RIM, Sony Ericsson, and others having a run for their money.

New Features

There are many new features in the LG Chocolate 4. First, it will ditch the slider/flip design and go to a design like many touch screen smart phones, a large screen on the front, and a dew extra buttons. Now when I mean large I mean LARGE. The LG BL40 will have a 4 inch touchscreen with scratch proof glass, which makes the Chocolate 4 look very big. With the new design comes a new flash based active user interface. It will come with the standard fare of smart phone features, like a scheduler, email, etc. It will feature 7.2 mpbs HSDPA internet browsing with Wi-Fi. Also new is A-GPS, multi touch, and a 5MP camera with a active shooting UI.

Now it is not known if the LG Chocolate 4 will come to Verizon or not. LG has said that the LG BL40 will be coming some time this year.


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Best Mac Setups, My Selection: JD Remington

I found 3 sets of great setups over onthis website.I'm going to post my favorite ones out of the 3 sets.

I'm hoping this will become almost a chain and other people can post their favorite setups they have seen with the same title "Best Mac Setups, My Selection: First Last"

Anyways, here they are.



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My First GeoCaching Adventure

     I recently tried GeoCaching for the first time and I can already tell you that I am addicted.  GeoCaching is very similar to a scavenger hunt, but it's on steroids.  Users from hide GeoCaches and post the GPS coordinates, others then find the cache using the GPS coordinates.

To GeoCache you need the following...

1. An account at

2. A GPS device with basic navigation. (Yes, the iPhone will work!)*

* If you are using the iPhone look for the GeoCaching App in the AppStore.  I have heard good things about it.


My First GeoCaching Adventure

Part One

Part Two

YouTube Channel


Please, let me know if you have any comments or suggestions.