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The iPhone Isn't Just a Phone

"A smartphone is a mobile phone offering advanced capabilities, often with PC-like functionality" according to wikipedia. The Apple iPhone isn't a regular smartphone. In my mind the iPhone is more than just a phone that can call, send text messages, view photos, and with the Windows Mobile Phones work with Word mobile.

Apple makes everything the way they want and of course different. As there are no complete set of rules to what a smartphone can have, Apple went all out with the iPhone 3G and now the iPhone 3Gs. The first iPhone was the Simon that featured a calendar,address book, world clock, calculator, note pad, e-mail, send and receive fax, and games. It like the iPhone was touch screen with no physical buttons as well, but the touch screen on the iPhone is like no other. The screen on the iPhone is multi-touch for those who didn't know and what that is it allows many different finger techniques to be used for many features on the phone.

When most people think smart phone they think BlackBerry, BlackJack, Palm or a Nokia phone. When I think smart phone I think iPhone. The iPhone can do all of the things I had said earlier, but it can also... play third party games via the app store, have billions of free and paid applications via the app store, be a mobile device that isn't just a portable computer, but way more complex and better.

Why would thousands of people wait in line for hours waiting for the latest and greatest iPhone? Because it isn't just a regular phone it is once again much more.


AT&T U-verse and why you should avoid it.

Previously posted on my blog.

I have had it with AT&T U-verse. Apparently merging with Southwestern Bell did nothing for the company. They claim to be different than SBC was, meaning much better and more professional service, but they lack in all areas.

First of all, the massive 2Wire box that they force you to use is nothing but trouble. This thing is ugly and constantly drops connection. I have never been a fan of 2Wire, or Motorola for that matter, and these boxes are absolute rubbish. They overheat, and need to be restarted over and over.

What’s worse is when that box loses connection, that means everything stops. No internet, tv, or phone. An all-in-one fail! Brilliant, AT&T! It took them two days to come out and fix the box. I was without any of that for two days. Now I know what it’s like to be Amish.

No more will I pay $180 a month for below-mediocre service from AT&T. I’m giving Time Warner a call tomorrow. And then I’m going to tell AT&T to come and pick up their crap from the curb of my front yard.


Apple to rise with viruses (as repoted by with commentary by me.

A report by mintywhite guys is talking about viruses on Macs again. The article can be found here.Source…ts-gets-better/

Swiss researchers suggest that the revived popularity of Apple’s products may have left the company unable to keep up with security risks.

Here we go again…..

Apple has been getting worse at dealing with security vulnerabilities while Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) has been getting better, according to a research paper published by Swiss security researchers.




In “0-Day Patch Exposing Vendors (In)security Performance,” presented last week at the Black Hat conference in Amsterdam, Stefan Frei, Bernhard Tellenbach, and Bernhard Plattner of the Computer Engineering and Networks Laboratory at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology analyzed Apple’s and Microsoft’s security practices over the past six years and found that Microsoft has been getting better at responding to security issues while Apple has been getting worse.

Responding to issues? Yeah right. 81% of people are satisfied with leopard and only 53% on Windows XP Professional 34% on Windows XP Home Edition, 27% on Windows Vista Premium and 13% on Windows Vista Basic. You’re telling me that Apple has been doing a worse job? Get out.

During the period studied, between 2002 and 2007, Microsoft had 658 high- and medium-risk vulnerabilities, compared with 738 for Apple, the paper says.

“the paper says” **** what the paper says!

The revived popularity of Apple’s products, the researchers suggest, may have left Apple unable to keep up. “Comparing the number of unpatched vulnerabilities per vendor for the period since January 2002 we observe a striking difference between Microsoft and Apple,” the report says. “On average, Microsoft succeeds to keep the average number of unpatched vulnerabilities below 20 at a steady number. On the opposite, Apple seems unable to stabilize the number of unpatched vulnerabilities in recent years. We observe a steady increase in recent years for Apple. It seams [sic] that Apple’s security processes and resources cannot cope with the side-effects of the increased popularity of their products.

Unpatched? Apple releases a update almost every month and a half. They updated leopard to 10.5.1 in 2 months. They fixed over 1000 bugs.

Indeed, some Apple partisans have suggested that the successful hacking of a MacBook Air in the “PWN to OWN” contest at the CanSecWest security conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, last week was a deliberate attempt by security researchers to win Apple’s sleek subnotebook for themselves and a rejection of the Sony Vaio and Fujitsu U810 computers that winning contestants could also have walked away with.

You don’t have administrative powers buddy when logging onto a Mac as a guest, if you robbed a Mac but couldn’t figure out the guy’s Admin password, and logged in as a guest, you wouldn’t get anything. BUT It does seem very probably that they wanted the MacBook Air. 



My Bite Into Apple


Huge Announcement - New Website:

If you follow me on twitter then you know that I have been working on something special this past week, and that something special was a new website. The new website is, and is an application review site for Mac and iPhone applications.

Unlike most review sites, who only let you read their reviews, at AppZest you can submit your own reviews for everyone to read. Just go to ‘Submit App Review’ in either the Mac or iPhone section, and fill out the form, and your review could end up on the site. If you want to have your own account to post reviews without having to submit them, go to the contact page and let me know, and then we can talk about it further, and make it official.

Along with the website, AppZest is also on YouTube and Twitter. On the YouTube account there will be video reviews of some applications, but most reviews will be on the website. Make sure to subscribe the the YouTube account to be notified when theres a video review. The twitter account will let followers know what application I download, and which applicatioins I think you should get right away if theres a sale, or apps that you should stay away from. Through twitter I’ll also let you know about app news, or when new reviews are out. Definitely follow the twitter account for updates about all things that have to do with Mac, and iPhone applications.

If you have any ideas about things that should be on the site, or things that I should change, please let me know through the contact form.

Adam Goetz




WWDC Build of Snow Leopard

World of Applehas posted some pictures and a video on Vimeo of the new features in Snow Leopard, keep in mind this is the WWDC build and some features that were shown at the keynote are not included.

Here is a link to the video:


My Bite Into Apple