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13" Aluminum Macbook Pro Review

Hey guys Byron here and this time I'm giving you a full review about the newly released 13" Macbook Pro which was announced at the apple WWDC event almost 2 weeks ago. I've had the Macbook Pro for a week now and I have enjoyed every second of owning my first Mac. In this video I give you my personal opinion on the Macbook Pro. I hope you enjoy!


Michael Jackson, The King of Pop dies aged 50!

Yes I know, this is a technology blog, so please refrain from screaming from the top of you lungs.

I just felt that Michael Jackson's presence was needed here, though he had a hard childhood which reflected his actions later on in life, no one can deny that he wasn't The King of Pop! With the album Thriller being the best selling album in the world! His legacy will be remembered, and June 25th will be the day when everyone will remember one of the most influential artists in music to have died, there is a feeling as if music itself has gone with Michael Jackson.

With him preparing for his comeback tour, which commences in less than a months time, I guess it all just got a bit too much for him.  I personally bought tickets to see him perform live in London at the O2, so I am deeply disheartened.

So I just want to leave it as that, all I want to say is R.I.P Michael Jackson!


Build Your Own Drawing Desk!

Hello there, today I built myself a new desk. Matter of Fact I'm sitting next to it typing away. This desk is PERFECT for tall people. (I'm 6'4) and ta da! So i know the photoshoot of it is bad, but just STAND BY ME! this is the back shot. I think that it really came out nicely one thing that I need to add is some rounded out feet and cloth on the bottom of them to make them wood-floor friendly.


So here we have the macbook comparison to the tables top surface. The tables top length is 17x29. Kinda big right?

Well it took around two and a half hours to sketch and build. Used a Table Saw. And a Circular Saw to cut all the pieces. and some screws I found on the floor of the garage to fit them all together.
And here we have the sketch, you can see how it only took my like two minuets. Well thats my project. I started at the two legs, then worked my way to the (plywood) feet. After that i added the MDF table top. and then some scrap wood for the bottom rail guard thingy.



Why Apple's Community Will Stay The Same Even With More People

Apple has wonderful community don't they? People like DRBUK, thecreativeone, Mrbit10, Jon4lakers, and many more who contribute to the Apple community by writing or vlogging about it, providing us with news and updates.

There are many who believe that this community will plunder as Apple's market-share grows, and more users come into the picture to join the community and eventually take it down with uneducated groups etc...

I used to believe this for a while, but after thinking about, the community will stay the same, even with more Mac users coming. Why? Because many of the people who buy Macs today don't really want to have anything to do with that community, all they want to do is use their Mac productively for whatever they want to do, who cares about the community, they have better things to do. Taking this into effect, all of us bloggers and vloggers will be able to reside in our community and continue to contribute to it.


My Bite Into Apple


New iPod Touch?

So I was browsing around in and saw a post that was talking about the new software update hinting that they're may be a new iPod Touch soon.

All I want to ask is what do you think of this, and what would you like to see in the new iPod Touch?