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GTA lV Lost & Damned


Lost and Damned a great game. New gameplay, new characters, new cars and weapons. And the best, new cheatcodes. Lost & Damned is about a guy named Johnny. He's in a biker gang called Lost MC. There reviles are Angels of Death. Just like GTA lV, you do random mission ranging from Gang wars, Fleeing from cops and bent cops, Helping your gang out etc.


There's new pistol, a sawn off shoutgun, grenade launcher, pipebombs etc.

Cars & Bikes

The new cars and bikes can be seen by cheatcode on you have to find then.


    Spawn Burrito

    Dial "8265550150" on the cell phone.

    Spawn Double T bike

    Dial "2455550125" on the cell phone.

    Spawn Hakuchou bike

    Dial "2455550199" on the cell phone.

    Spawn Hexer bike

    Dial "2455550150" on the cell phone.

    Spawn Innovation bike

    Dial "2455550100" on the cell phone.

    Spawn Slamvan

    Dial "8265550100" on the cell phone.



Opitions for Blogging

Blogging is seen as the most common thing on the internet today. Blogs can range from personal to news, and can range in categories. But, what if you want to start your own blog, and don't know where to begin. Well, as a blogger myself, I have 2 choices for you.

Wordpress is commonly seen on the internet, and it is used mostly for its ease of use, and it's huge range of plugins and themes, which allow you to control and design how your blog performs to your internet audience. Wordpress 2.8 was released last week. See the video below to see if Wordpress would help you start your blog.


Squarespace is another option, and if you are a social blogger with, you are already using it! Squarespace makes it very easy, not only to make blogs, but a full website. The best thing about Squarespace is that you don't even need to know html or css, which many people can be scared of. If you start with Squarespace, can offer you a lifetime discount on your account, after you have finished your 14 day free trial. Watch this promotional video to see if Squarespace better suits you!


Already have a Squarespace account and your 14 day trial is almost up? Just use the promo code 'thecreativeone' at checkout to receive a 10% discount on the life of your account!


Review: Mario Party DS

The Mario Party series is really fun and has landed on the Nintendo DS. Now I have bought it and passed it. Here is a review of Mario Party DS for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi system.


The plot starts off with a strange shooting star like thing flying through the sky. Mario saw it crash near him, then he comes up to it. He finds that what has crashed near him is a Sky Crystal. He quickly told everyone about it. Suddenly Bowser invites everyone to a feast. He says, "to make up for being such a jerk". Everyone goes to the feast, but then Bowser capturs everyone and shrinks everyone using a staff. Then they fight Bowser to get all of the Sky Crystals. Then once you get to the final board Donkey Kong suddenly comes and knocks out the staff out of Bowsers hands, which makes everyone retun to their normal size. Once you beat Bowser in a boss battle he gives you the sky crystal, which forms a Nintendo DS.


The game play is no different from any other Mario Party game. You roll a dice, and it decides how much spaces you go. There are many types of spaces: Blue spaces (give you 3 coins), Red spaces (takes away 3 coins), Duel spaces, Friendship spaces (give you and another player 5 coins), duel spaces, mole shops (gives you items), and "?" spaces. There are many different minigames in Mario Party DS. Some use only the D pad and the XYAB buttons, microphone, or stylus. To win the board you need to get the most stars out of all 4 players, if everyone is tied with the number of stars, then you need to get the most coins out of all 4 players. Also when there are 5 turns left there is something called "Final 5 Frenzy", in which Bowser gives a boost to the person in last place.

Background information

Mario Party DS rated e for everyone by the ESRB, its is rated A by the CERO, PG by OFLC, and rated 3+ by PEGI.

I gave Mario Party DS a 8.5 out of 10 for fun and addicting game play.


My Website:



Review: The Kodak Zi6

Most of us know about the Flip. The Flip is a compact camcorder that shoots either SD, or HD footage. Well... the flip is a nice camera. But there is something a lot better. Its from Kodak, its called the Zi6. The Zi6 is a small and compact Camcorder. I've been using this device for 6 months now, and I have decided to do a review on it.


The Kodak Zi6 shoots in 3 different modes. 30 fps HD, VGA, and 60 fps HD. There is also a picture taking mode that allows you to take HD jpeg format pictures. The Kodak Zi6 uses SD flash format, so you don't have to worry about all of those tapes anymore. 


The Kodak Zi6, much like the flip has flip out USB. This means that with the push of a button, you can copy all of your movie and picture files to your Mac or PC. The Kodak Zi6 also has a nice big screen so that you can see what your recording, and so that you can easily watch. The Kodak Zi6's mic is also very nice. Its not the best, but it is very nice, indeed.


The Kodak Zi6 is a very nice Camera, don't get me wrong... but it has its cons too. One con that I have is the digital zoom. The difference between Digital and Optical is that when you have Digital zoom, the camera just crops the actual picture, where as on Optical, there is a magnifying lens that moves, allowing you to zoom without cropping the image. The Zi6 also is very shaky when not on a Tri-Pod.

The Verdict:

If you don't have much of a budget, than this camcorder is the best in its price range. The Kodak Zi6 can be bought here.


Sports Debate: Disrespecting the Past?

            Being a ballplayer for nearly all of my life, I have learned to appreciate and love the game.  I jokingly say cutting me up would, "show little bats, helmets, and gloves all going to my heart; a baseball."  On gamedays, I was very quiet when my mom used to take me to the games.  I had to sing "Take me out to the ball game" everytime we got in the car with my mom but after that, it was mandatory silence.  That's why only my mom was allowed to come with me since she knew it.  When I got to the ballfield, I had some superstitions.  From grabbing some dirt from the field and throwing it on my glove, to not touching the foul ball lines before a game.  I had respect for the sport I loved.

            Look at the athletes now on TV, and I'm sure you will see some people a little more louder than me.  The Chad Ochocinco's, Terrell Owens, Francisco Rodriguez, Jose Valverde, Jose Reyes, Ed Reed, Ray Lewis, etc.  Now I am not trying to say that T.O = Ed Reed in any way.  I am putting these people together because of their different behaviors in their respective sports whether it's gameday or practice.  Many experts and fans love to (from what I see) say player X doesn't respect the sport because of his antics and should play like he cares about it.  I always found it weird when someone would say something like that.  We all are different as an individual.  Yet people want many athletes to just not be too crazy on the field like K-Rod for example.  His fistpumps and "crazy antics" make many people want to say he doesn't play the game the right way. 

            So everyone, I ask YOU: IS there a correct way to play game so that you respect it?  Is it being quiet while playing it?  You do know Michael Jordan was never a quiet man on the court.  Is it not making a scene?  Joe Nammath frequently had on a nice fur coat while on the sidelines for the Jets.  For me, it's however you want to play it.  EVERYONE has their own zone.  For me, it was being quiet pregame, and leading my team during the game.  For others, it's making all kinds of noise and getting inside the other team's heads.  So what do you think?


(SIDE NOTE: I plan on doing more of these debates in the future with different topics, since debates involve a lot more interaction and discussion with other people.)