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Windows 7 Running on A 13" Macbook Pro 2.26GHZ (Parallels)

Hey guys, Byron here again. I apologize for the “Macbook Pro Mania” series of videos but I just want to keep people informed on what the new Macbook Pro can do. I recently got Parallels for my Macbook Pro and wanted to give a diminstration of Parallels running on the Macbook Pro. I give a brief overview of Windows 7 operating on my Macbook Pro. So check it out, and I hope you enjoy.


Spencer Photography.

I've posted some of my Photography here before.

Here's 2 shots I took yesterday during a shoot.

Both were taken with my Canon EOS 450D, 70-200mm F/4L, Full Manual. Both are Sooc. (Straight out of camera) No editing!

To see more of my Photography, check out my gallery.

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User Tip: Transfer iPhone Cycorder Videos With DiskAid

How to transfer your cycorder videos to your mac or pc.Please Subscribe.Cycorder is a jailbroken app with cydia. Just search it up in cydia. How to transfer your cycorder videos to your mac or pc.


Mozilla Firefox 3.5 BETA Review

A few days ago Mozilla released Firefox 3.5 BETA. I have to say it runs quite smoothly for a BETA. Alough quite a few glitches that really aren't that noticable. The changes are quite severe changes. The very first thing I noticed when I opened up Mozilla Firefox 3.5 BETA was the new tab bar; You have it up even if you only have 1 tab open which I quite like. It means you can open tabs with the plus button far quicker. Secondly The first site I tested for speed was Youtube; It was quicker than both Safira and I'm sure the previous version of Mozilla Firefox. So the big two changes are speed and tab interface.


iPhone 3.1 Firmware Features & Thoughts

Iphone 3.1 My Thoughts and Features

Yesterday, Apple released Iphone 3.1 firmware beta for their sdk develpopers to use, and to try it out,and coordinate with app for that release. This is a major update for Iphone 3GS users.


-Won't overwrite the clip over the original when editing you are editing a clip(Video recording Feature for Iphone 3GS).

-*AT&T is the only carrier without MMS and tethering still after 3.1.3 update.

-Iphone will now vibrate when you switch to the mode when you arrange and move icons.

-Voice Control over a bluetooth headset.Now,you can preform voice control features.

-Fraud protection toggle in safari,an icon to notify that the website isn't safe and trusted,you can also report it.

-The iphone bootime will be noticeably now be a lot faster when you boot it up,with the iphone 3.1 firmware update.

-Itunes app store has now accepted 3rd party app developers for the video editing software app on the iphone 3GS

-AT&T has updated profile to 4.2 that means the modem is faster for data speeds,the modem is now

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