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Competition is a Good Thing

This weekend, the Palm Pre was released, and I cannot tell you how many times I have read something along the lines of "Why did Palm even bother?". Each and every time I read a comment like that... it is clear to me that those people have no idea how businesses work.

Here is the deal: Every time a company comes out with a new product, whatever it may be that product is meticulously overviewed by it's competitors. Companies look at what is working, and what isn't then they take that knowledge and apply it to their own product.

It is important to remember; competition is what drives innovation. Going back to the iPhone V.S. Pre scenario. Let's say, for the sake of this article. that the Pre outperformed the iPhone. Not only would that be a good thing for Palm users, it would also be... in the long run, a good thing for iPhone users as well. You see, that would cause Apple to get to work, and push themselves to  the maximum to try and become the best. Which has a positive effect on consumers, getting better, more advanced products. Which then becomes a cycle. Also, on a more simple basis, more competition equals more consumer choice, which is always a good thing.

The bottom line is; Competition... even failed competition, is a good thing. 



WWDC 09 Predictions




WWDC Final Predictions

Well we are almost at WWDC were Apple is rumored to be gearing up introduction of some products, and updates on other’s. First off this will be the order of events for me…

· First, talk about sales, stocks, etc. (As usual)

· Then, Snow Leopard

· AppStore and 3.0

· iPhone

· Next gen iPhone

· Steve Jobs make a surprise visit!

Ok, maybe not that last part. But I can still dream right? Let’s do this by categories, shall we?

Snow Leopard

This is Apples new OS which is mostly under the hood changes instead of User Interface (UI) changes. However, I do think that the rumored “Marble” theme is true. Mac’s in my eyes need to be more customizable, that is somewhere were Windows 7 and (dare I say it) Vista beat OSX. This new OS will just offer speed and better compatibility. And bug fixes. I don’t think Apple should charge as much as OSX Leopard due to the fact it’s just under the hood changes.

Tablet or netbook

Won’t happen!

Next gen iPhone (iPhone Pro, iPhone Video, or iPhone 2009)

This will happen for sure in June maybe not in WWDC. Due to the fact that Steve Jobs is rumored to comeback and introduce a product later on in June. I have no clue. But I know the iPhone 3G won’t make it through June. What do I expect in this iPhone.

· Hardware changes (Magnetometer, Better 3G, Fast processor, more RAM, and more memory up to 32GB.)

· iChat Camera? I think it will happen. If and only if the rumor of the headset peace is moved to the top. Why would Apple want to do that for no reason? They did it to make space for the front facing camera! Without having it interfere with the sensors.

· Matte finish. For sure!

· Only in white and black. 16GB and 32GB. Though I think they will keep the current 8GB iPhone 3G and sell it for $99.

· iChat and iMovie I don’t think so. Unless theres and front facing camera. But iMovie is probably true.

· Yes! It will record video.

Well, those are my predictions. I would really like to know what you think!


Kevin Rose's Laptop Getting Engraved - Totally EPIC!

And I thought that the DIGG logo was a sticker... I was wrong.



Nintendo E3 Highlights

These are some of my favorite highlights from the E3 video game conference.