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Sony Sells Over 4.1 Million PS4's (ITT)

This week was the beginning of CES2015 (Consumer Electronic Show) and there was a lot shown within the last couple of days. With new and useful gadgets and applications being displayed, and the announcement of new 4K televisions you can see why a lot of people get excited to attend this yearly event. However with dish’s new network “sling TV”, a pacifier that can monitor your baby’s temperature and medication intake, to the possibility of desktop computer graphics being outputted on a tablet that fits in the palm of our hand, you can tell this year is just a bit more special

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How Social Media Could Benefit Businesses 

(Note: The thumbnail has been changed due to a misspelling on my behalf. I apologize in advance. it's benefits, not benifits.) 

In today’s world social media is a very popular platform. It is a way for us to share our personal life and reconnect with our friends from the past. Raking in over millions of users social media websites such as Facebook or Twitter allows us to interact, and share with one another from far distances; so long as we have a simple Internet connection. Seeing that these platforms have become a popular trend, it’s no surprise that businesses should take a look into what makes these platforms special. What makes these platforms special to a business is the ability to interact with customers, being able to keep information up to date, and showing a more personal aspect from the company.

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Box Cloud Storage 

If you’re a small business or a starter company that requires a good chunk of storage space, and a way to access it from across the world then this service might just be right for you. Box is a cloud based online storage service/application that will allow you to do just that. When you register for a free account you get 10GB worth of storage for free and the ability to upload files the size of 250MB that can be expanded down the line. You can even share and view files you have uploaded to the service as well as add comments to the file to say what changes have been made or what the document is altogether.

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Xbox One SDK Released (ITT)

Going into the New Year it is apparent that 2015 is going to be an interesting year for technology. Today’s Interesting Tech Topics should prove that in some way or another. With a new way to pay parking tickets being developed in New York City, to a curved HD monitor for gaming, to even a lens that can detect eye disease before it even begins. Today’s tech topics will take a small look into the future of modern age technology and how far we have come and most likely how far we will go too.

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Transcription Helper: Makes Transcribing Easier And Faster 

If you are a transcription expert who does a lot of transcribing, one very useful software that is just perfect for you is the Transcription Helper.

This software will help you transcribe both video and audio recordings faster and easier.

Below is a look at the benefits and features of the Transcription Helper as well as a guide on how to use this amazing software.    

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