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Browsers You've Never Heard Of: QupZilla

QupZilla iconThe chances are that you are reading this article in one of the five most popular web browsers: Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera or Internet Explorer. Whichever browser you're using, you've surely heard of the other four, if not tried them at least once in your surfing career.

Of course, “the big five” aren't the only browsers available – there are plenty more for different platforms, and it's great that there are, because it means that the users are given a wider choice.

Joining the ranks of lightweight web browsers like Midori, K-Meleon and Pale Moon is QupZilla – a simple, zippy browser with features that some major browsers don't even have by default.

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The Ultimate Online Tool For Finding Online Backup Providers has recently announced a cool new tool for those looking for a good online backup provider.

In essence it's like one of the many price-comparison sites but it applies specifically to online backup providers. You enter a few simple questions and then the tool selects only those providers that perfectly match your needs; thus making choosing a backup provider much easier than the old way of sorting through dozens of different providers and accounts.

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Plan Your Dream Vacation With Minube & Trover

It's the middle of summer and many people are enjoying themselves somewhere far away from their offices as we speak. You might be wondering – why are we reviewing travel planning apps now?

Well, it's never too early to start preparing for your next year's vacation or planning an upcoming winter break. Maybe you're like me and you just love to look at beautiful photos of different places around the world and imagine you'll visit them soon.

As any experienced traveler can confirm, there are many travel apps in existence. Most of them are very similar in approach to travel planning and in features they offer. The originality of a travel app is usually found in the finest details, or in minor yet fantastic functions that make the app stand out from the rest. Minube and Trover are two such apps, and here we'll show you why.

Plan your vacation with Minube and Trover

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Niche Chat Co: Nice Free Web Chat App

Whether you are providing services, books, courses, etc on your website or just interested in hearing back from your readers, this nice find of ours will definitely come in handy

Please meet our free app of the day: Meet Niche Chat Co

First of all, you heard it right: It's free... For now while the developers are testing. It looks like it's going to cost $29 per month after that... It doesn't look like a too huge investment but whether you are going to use if after it's out of beta or not, it will definitely be a very enlightening experience.

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Journalling Ideas For Foreign Language Learners

As a foreign language learner, you're probably constantly on the lookout for effective ways to accelerate the language learning process and reach the desired level of the linguistic knowledge as soon as possible. Keeping a journal in your target language can help you achieve your linguistic goal(s) faster and with less effort.

Toolbox and resources:

If you are into learning languages, here are five types of linguistic journals you can start playing with today:

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