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Business Processes, Task Management And Automated Workflows

When we group related tasks together to produce a specified outcome, such as a product or delivery of a completed service, we refer to this as a business process. There are 3 broad categories of business process, and we shall outline them here.

Management Processes

Management processes will typically include control, monitoring and reporting functions to ensure appropriate oversight and stewardship of the business or organization.

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Three Things Not To Do While Line Marking

Line Marking

According to KVR Coatings, internal line marking looks like a simple task on the face of it, but it nonetheless has its challenges. More than anything, it is a precision job. When lines need to be perfectly straight (or perfectly-shaped as the case may be) and meet in exactly the right places, the slightest mistake can throw things off. For this reason, it's also a task that requires intense concentration in order to ensure that you keep things on-track and avoid potential pitfalls.

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Apple, Inc. - What A History!

Three college drops outs in a garage. Two had worked for Atari and one had worked for Hewlett-Packard. All were hell-bent on creating a computer that individuals could use in their homes.

The two Steve’s (Jobs and Wozniak) finally crafted their first unit and founded Apple Computer Company in 1967. The third partner want “out” and sold his share in the company back to Jobs and Wozniak. He probably had a lot of regrets in the ensuring years!

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Zoinks! It's Like About Scooby Doo, Man!

There have been quite a number of canine heros over the years. With Rin Tin Tin, the german shepherd war hero, Lassie and way of subtly getting help to where it’s needed most, dogs have had a good amount of time on the silver screen. It’s not just real dogs, however, dogs are also a popular subject for cartoons, and perhaps none so famous as Scooby Doo!

Generations both young and old are familiar with Scoob and the Gang. After all, it’s pretty hard to forget about a talking great dane that solves all manner of mysteries. But what about the origins of Scooby Doo? It’s time to shed a little light on the mystery and origins of master of the cartoon dog franchise, Scooby Doo.

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Create A Google Style Office On A Budget

Google has an unconventional approach to office layout. The company claim that “no two offices are the same”, but can share similar features.

Key common features include quirky huddle areas (the head office in London has a meeting area called ‘Granny’s flat’), video games, pool tables, ‘micro kitchens’ stacked with healthily food, and lets not forget the traditional white board.

Nothing could be further away from desks with partition screens and horrid filing cabinets.

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