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New Easy Bulk Domain Checker

If you are looking to register a new domain or you have a list of options you are considering, check out this free and easy bulk domain checker.

It does exactly what it says: Give it a list domain names (each in the new line) and it will quickly show you if any of them is available. Then you can download the list of available domains: No need to scroll the list!

There's no need to register or opt-in. It's always neat to have free tools like that!



TeaPot: Create FREE 3D spreadsheets

Our reader Philip Turner has emailed us this great tip and here we are sharing it with you!

I spent 3 hours searching for how to do 3D spreadsheets using MS Excel. I know about multiple sheets, but I wanted something I could visualise, some way of seeing the data in a cube rather than in a series of flat sheets.

I did not find any mainstream spreadsheet that allowed the display of 3 variables at the same time, which was why I needed, x, y and z axes and a 3D spreadsheet. 3D spreadsheets have to be the next BIG market; the only way to manipulate more than 2 variables using mainstream software is to use  a database, there is no visualisation software at all.

I did come across one FREE 3D spreadsheet that appears to be genuinely 3D, but the instructions are somewhat sketchy - Teapot is the name of the program . . . - The download link is at the bottom of that page - VERY compact - works on Windows 7


Review : SuperTooth Disco 2 Stereo Bluetooth Speaker


Let's start with design. The Disco 2 is a one of the tall Bluetooth speakers out there, it's made of black plastic and fabric mesh but is also available in white. It is pretty bulky but I believe this gives better sound as there's more room for air which gives better bass. It does have some nice weight to it which prevents wind blowing it over outside.

Sound Quality

First impressions of sound quality, this is worth the price. Honestly, to my ear everything was well balanced. I'd say, the highs were very slightly lacking but everything else is pretty perfect. There was a slight issue at high volume where there would be slight distortion. This didn't really bother me because I don't listen to music loudly outside or through a speaker like this. I found it more suited to music in the background. It will go pretty loud but I'd rather save that kind of experience for my 1000w system.

Battery Life

So for me, the battery life was excellent, it has an internal non-replaceable rechargeable battery. I tested 2 scenarios, music at a comfortable level it lasted 11 hours. I was very impressed by it! Then I tested it at 1 from max volume and it lasted a respectable 7 hours. Although I'd never use it at this volume, it was great that it lasted so long for people that would use it at that level.


On the top of the speaker there are simple audio controls that are backlit. Vol Up/Down, Play/Pause, Backward, Forward and Power.

Final Impressions

I have often found that when it comes to audio equipment, you really do get what you pay for. At the time of this review the Disco 2 is £50 which is a good price. It is great quality sound, feels well built and comes with a premium feeling felt baggie. Even if you don't have a Bluetooth device like an iPod Shuffle, it comes with a 3.5mm port and small cable. So if you want a good sounding, well built, easy to use wireless Bluetooth speaker, this one is ideal.

Bluetooth Speakers

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Start Getting Things Done with GTDNext

GTDNext to-do list iconSometimes I wonder if humans have always had problems with procrastination or if it's a unique affliction of our age brought on by information overload.  

Don't worry, there's still hope for us because we have many tools and techniques for time management and productivity at our disposal. A few years ago I became seriously interested in productivity methods. Since then I've tried and even reviewed many to-do apps and solutions. While trying to overcome procrastination, I've probably read every piece of motivation advice on the planet, including the variations and "hacks" of the most popular ones.

And after all that, I'm still equally excited whenever I hear about a new productivity method or app. What kind of approach does it propose? What does it look like? Does it have something that others don't?

Today I want to show you a new (version 1.0 was just released a month ago!) time management and to-do organization app called GTDNext. If you're looking for a logical and simple way to tackle your projects and tasks, GTDNext can help you.

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The Angry Birds Marketing Case Study: What They Did Right 

The Angry Birds

It is rare that a mobile game reaches such status as to be included on a list of overall video games. But Angry Birds managed to break the mold and launch into the mainstream. People all over the world adore this game, and it went from being a clever app to a global phenomenon. The other day I was at my child's school and I saw a kid wearing an Angry Birds t-shirt. That alone shows how the game has managed to capture a spot in a market that it seems it would have been impossible to break into.

When looking at the game, it is tempting to say it was luck. After all, some terrible things become successful and some wonderful ones don't. It may be possible that Angry Birds was just a beneficiary of the elements aligning, and nothing more is behind it. But this kind of thinking is wrong, and completely misses the genius of both the game and the marketing campaign, a case study that shows exactly how content should be marketed in today's age of technological furvor.

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