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My Thoughts - Amazon Fire Phone

My thoughts on the just announced Amazon Fire Phone. Interesting concept they're going for here. The phones two main features, Dynamic Perspective and FireFly are really the only two main features that this phone has over its competitors. In addition, Dynamic Perspective almost seems like a another fad, similar to 3D TV's and curved TV's. Dynamic Perspective is a really cool feature that brings many possibilities, however, in order for a feature to stay, it needs to offer its user something day in and day out. That's just it though, there are many application for Dynamic Perspective in game design and simulation, but not so much in daily use of the phone.
The other headlining feature of this phone is FireFly, a button on the side of the device that allows its user to take a sample, image or audio, from the world around them and have the phone find it on amazon so they can buy it. This is really cool and all but why not just develop an app Android and iPhone users?



5 Ways To Increase Phone Battery Life 

As new phones coming out are getting better and better, phone batteries tend to last much longer. A lot of times though out of the blue, a phones battery life can suddenly plummet and there is no sign to why.

Please check our previous battery tips:

Following these simple tips should help maximize your battery life to get the most out of your phone.

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Web Design Trends - Less Text

Although more and more websites are incorporating text in new and interesting ways, it is also worth noting that those website are, at the same time, using less and less text. Text will always be needed for websites, as it is societies way of expressing itself in explicit ways, however text can only say the words you write, where as a picture can speak a thousand words. Because of this text is being used in the most minimal of ways.


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Squirrel Away Your Money With Nutcache

Nutcache logo

Many freelancers agree that invoicing is their least favorite part of the job. Managing your budget is extremely important for any type of business, but the process can get complicated as the number of your clients increases.

However, you can make the task less tedious by using the right tools. Today we'll review Nutcache, a cute invoicing and time management app that will surprise you with what it can do.

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Web Design Trends - Scrolling 

Without a doubt one of the most interesting, and inspiring trends this year is scrolling. That's right, the boring, often looked-over, task of scrolling through a website has become on of the most engaging and interactive ways to keep people on your site, and hopeful buy whatever it is your selling, or promoting. Check it out in more detail in this Web Design Trends video.
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