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The FCC Rearranges The Field Goal Posts On The Internet Neutrality Field 

The idea of Internet neutrality in terms of access and speed has been an ongoing debate for a number of years, especially in the last two as a number of the big Internet service providers, or ISPs, have been curtailing the general flow of traffic through their systems with “pay to play” costing models.  

These models have essentially restructured Internet accounts, charging significantly more per month to those customers that draw down significantly more bandwidth than the average customers. Marketed as a way of making sure that video watcher, gamers, businesses and consumers of large data flow pay their way, the model has gained traction.  

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Stressful App Developers, It's Time To Relax!

The field of mobile software development is notorious for the pressure to work harder and for more and more hours. It has been well documented that the high-pressure work environments of app development can get out of hand and push towards 60 or even 80 hour work weeks.

Similar to many high-achieving professionals, developers and programmers are prone to suffering from “impostor syndrome”. The impostor syndrome is when you have the troubling suspicion that you are not as talented as your peers, which causes you to feel that you may not deserve the recognition or responsibilities that have been given to you. This feeling persists despite the fact that sufferers are actually highly skilled and talented.

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Hidden March Holidays

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I always think of March as the oatmeal of holiday months.  It is bland and boring.  Oh sure, you have St. Patrick’s Day - the one day everyone on the planet is of Irish descent celebrated by drinking too much green beer and Irish Whiskey.  But past are the fun holidays were you get to dress in funny costumes, eat too much, get gifts or just cuddle with your honey.  And yet to come are the holidays celebrated on the beach with fireworks and long summer days.  Yup, March is the oatmeal of holiday months.

St. Patricks Day Hat


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Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Service: What Is It?

If you've never heard of Microsoft Azure before, you're not alone. Azure is a growing collaboration of all of Microsoft's cloud based programs into one service: Azure.

What Azure does is compute your data whilst storing it away inside different applications that help make everything run a little faster, all while you're saving your valuable assets like time and money.

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Barcode Art: Could We Be Seeing More Of This On Product Labels?

Did you say Barcode Art?

Everyone knows what barcodes are. They're on nearly every product we purchase, from bread, to antifreeze and even nappies. Many of us don’t even pay attention to them (until we get to the self-scan tills and can’t find them anywhere on the item being purchased). They pretty much look the same… right?

That is, until you see this. Yes. Barcode art. A transformative way to turn these useful series of lines into beautiful expressions of art. And what a way to create a talking point on nearly every single product sold.

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