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Mobile Advertising: Origins and Growth

It makes sense that along with the growth in mobile web use mobile advertising would also experience growth.  This infographic breaks down the origins of mobile advertising and speculates as to its future.

Growth of Mobile Advertising

Courtesy of StartApp


Twitch Plays Pokemon

Over the past week there has been a wide event taking place over at called “Twitch Plays Pokémon”, or “TPP” for short. It is an online play-through of one of the classic Gameboy games “Pokémon Red”. But it’s not just one group of friends playing the game and commenting on it. Twitch Plays Pokémon is literally 70+ thousand viewers including you if you watch it, playing through this game using only commands that you typed out on your keyboard. TPP takes the concept of a thousand monkeys in a room full of typewriters, and replaces the typewriters with one Pokémon game. The results may actually surprise you.

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The Evolution of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is slowly changing the way that consumers and companies do business with one another. As it gains popularity and acceptance on a global scale it is important to learn more about what Bitcoin is and how it is impacting the economy. Bitcoin is a digital currency that is decentralized and exists on a peer-to-peer computer network

Bitcoins can either be purchased using “real” money like dollars or generated through a mining process where computers in the network solve difficult mathematical problems that verify transactions being made.

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IFixIt Application

Ifixit is a Windows 8 application that is an all in one do it yourself manual. Ranging from electronics to around the house kind of jobs, I fix it provides a wide variety of manuals and guides for people to read and follow. This application has an easy to use interface and is as simple as clicking and going. It’s a free to use application that you can download from the Microsoft app store and can provide information on technology, vehicles, appliances, electronics, game consoles, and much more. So if you have something around the house, or something very specific that needs fixed or repaired, or even just needing general information, give the Ifixit Application a try.

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How Software Systems Like WordPress CMS And Microsoft SharePoint Have Changed The Landscape

Many moons ago people got software either off the shelf and it was rubbish or got a developer to sit and code. This simply made clever websites too expensive for most people so they just had simple flat HTML websites and simple intranet systems.

Over the years we have moved a distance away from hard coding every website and intranets to out of the box solutions that really do work. See and Two very different solutions but both having lots of out of the box functionality meaning hard coding is only needed for the bespoke.

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