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4 Qualities A Great Product Manager Should Have

A lot of people who want to enter the world of product management usually ask this question, “Am I product manager material?” Because while it is very easy to fall in love with the prestige of the role, being a product manager requires a lot of skill and experience which not everyone can confidently claim to have.

If you are one of the many who are aspiring to be the next Steve Jobs or Marissa Mayer, here are four attributes that are common among successful product managers. Read through these carefully and see if you possess the qualities necessary to excel in the field of product management.

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Best Practices For Data Centers Create An Agile, Stable, And Efficient Operation

The best practices developed for data center operations include operational effectiveness for facilities, hardware, and software, combined with data center management.

Each area has specific characteristics that need management as an integrated component of the total data center.

When data center managers apply best practices to one area and neglect others, overall efficiency of the data center suffers. The goal is to manage all the integrated components of a data center properly, in order to have an agile, stable, and efficient operation.

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Want To Build A Site Like WIRED? Use Umbraco CMS

When planning a website, it’s crucial that it has a clean, professional-looking design which is easy to navigate and most importantly is built using a robust system.

Speed and Security Are Key

Website speed is also central to the success of a company’s online business. Not only will a slow web page be a turnoff to online customers, but Google can also penalise your ranking positions if you have a sluggish page load speed.


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The Subjunctivisor: Learn French Verbs Easier

The Subjunctivisor is a free useful tool for people learning French.

One of the hardest parts of the French language is knowing when to use the verb mood known as the subjunctive. Some expressions and verbs have to be followed by the subjunctive, others don't.

The Subjunctivisor makes it easy to find out when you need the subjunctive.

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MakeAppIcon and ShotBot: Easily Generate Icons & Upload Screenshots in Bulk for Your Android and iPhone App

MakeAppIcon recognized the problem of developers having to resize app icons for each supported device and generates all dimensions of app icons with just one simple click

ShotBot, instead of uploading screenshots to iTunes Connect in turn, lets you upload a file containing localized screenshots of different sizes at once.

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