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Windows 10 Overview & Thoughts

On Wednesday July 29th Microsoft has finally released Windows 10 taking it out of the Beta form and giving it a full release to the public. If you were a Windows 7 or Windows 8 user, you were given the chance to get a free upgrade by reserving it or pay the $120+ for a copy of the program. If you had a reserved copy you were notified that your upgrade was available, or letting you know that a copy will be available for your computer soon. Most of the delays are due to computer manufacturers preparing drivers for the operating system, or minor bugs being fixed. There is a way to get past the wait, but it requires you deleting some files and forcing the update to your computer. For more of that click the link below. 

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Mugen iPhone 5/5S 4200mAh Extended Battery Case Review

The iPhone 5 is getting a little old now and if you're like me, you have noticed your battery has started to suffer massively. Gone are the days of charging over night and having enough juice for the entire day. I now find myself charging twice a day at home or up to four times on 4G for the day. In my case my iPhone 5 is used primarily for Whatsapp, social media and occasionally Binging something.
There are many solutions to this terrible battery problem, many of which I've tried. The Mugen battery case is my favourite at the moment.

Let's start with a brief description. The case comes in black with two different textured finishes. On the bottom there's a Micro-USB port, four blue LED lights and a small circular button. If you short press the button the LEDs will show you how much life is in the battery, long pressing the button will begin charging your iPhone. The back of the case has a rather large “stepped” hole for the camera, this helps with stopping flash glare. There's also a small Mugen logo. The front of the case has a smaller logo at the bottom and very good sized cut-outs for the microphone and speaker. The left side has all the buttons you'd expect and an actual switch built in to the case that controls the switch on the iPhone for muting sounds. Now on to the size. What bulk will this add on to your phone? Well, a lot... I personally don't mind but when I first put it on my iPhone I was astonished. It triples the thickness, probably weights quadruple the iPhone. I like it though, it doesn't feel like I'm going to break it, it adds some sturdiness to an already pretty solid phone.

Now for my cons of the case.

I don't particularly like that there's two different finishes on the case, there's a nice rubbery plastic on the back where it protrudes out but the front and a third of the sides are a somewhat poorly finished black plastic. There's noticeable pitting and marks out the box. I would have liked to have seen the whole case covered in the black rubbery plastic.
The included charging cable isn't very long. If I had to guess, probably half a metre. Cables are dirt cheap these days, why not throw in a one to two metre one.

Even though I like the rubber plastic, it does get pretty messy. I get quite sweaty hands in the warm and it really shows on this case, it is really easy to clean though. Not a big deal but something to look out for.

My pros for this case are.

First point and the whole reason for getting one is the amazing battery life. You can get at least 3 full charges out of this case. I only have to charge the case and phone to 100% every two days.

It comes with a really good little extension for your headphones because the case adds about 1cm to the bottom of the phone so most headphones may not fit. It's a nice touch that Mugen thought of this.

The build quality is great, it's a strong feeling case and has a nice weight to it. The shiny plastic looks cheap but other than that it's great!

All buttons work well, they line up perfectly and have never had any problems.


Overall this case is really great, I'll be using it as long as I have the iPhone now. I couldn't recommend it more if your iPhone battery is starting to degrade. It's the best solution I've had the pleasure of using. It saves you carrying about an external battery which I was doing for a while.


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Roku 3 Review

This is the Roku 3. It’s a multimedia streaming device that allows you to stream content straight to your Television. You can also hook up an external storage device to stream your videos, photos, and music by using the USB connector on the side of the device. You can also use the Micro SD reader which is located under the HDMI port on the back of the device. You can also use the Ethernet port to get files from a local server, or just to hook it up to the internet. Speaking of an internet connection, you can also connect it wirelessly through the settings on the device. The power port however is just a power port, so nothing special there.

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Intelligent Lighting: Illuminate The Path To Savings

In a world where energy costs are soaring and people are ever more environmentally conscious, it pays dividends to be energy efficient. Although sustainable energy sources and government incentives are an increasingly hot topic, some key money-saving areas often get overlooked.

In the average office environment, almost 40% of annual energy consumption can be attributed to lighting. Many businesses are now switching on to the reality of how much they could save by introducing intelligent lighting systems.

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App Review - iBillionaire

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