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Want To Build A Site Like WIRED? Use Umbraco CMS

When planning a website, it’s crucial that it has a clean, professional-looking design which is easy to navigate and most importantly is built using a robust system.

Speed and Security Are Key

Website speed is also central to the success of a company’s online business. Not only will a slow web page be a turnoff to online customers, but Google can also penalise your ranking positions if you have a sluggish page load speed.


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The Subjunctivisor: Learn French Verbs Easier

The Subjunctivisor is a free useful tool for people learning French.

One of the hardest parts of the French language is knowing when to use the verb mood known as the subjunctive. Some expressions and verbs have to be followed by the subjunctive, others don't.

The Subjunctivisor makes it easy to find out when you need the subjunctive.

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MakeAppIcon and ShotBot: Easily Generate Icons & Upload Screenshots in Bulk for Your Android and iPhone App

MakeAppIcon recognized the problem of developers having to resize app icons for each supported device and generates all dimensions of app icons with just one simple click

ShotBot, instead of uploading screenshots to iTunes Connect in turn, lets you upload a file containing localized screenshots of different sizes at once.

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JotForm Builds A Solution To The Safe Harbor Ruling

In the recent ruling against the Safe Harbor Agreement, JotForm, a popular online form building tool, released a solution for their European users.


To protect their data from U.S. surveillance, JotForm has a setting to permit users to store forms and form response data on JotForm’s servers located in Germany with a click of a button.

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Can Smart Cities Save Mankind?

What is a 'Smart City'

A 'smart city' is one that is purpose-built for 21st-century living. That means offering an infrastructure that enables everyone to access modern technologies easily and cheaply, so that communities can benefit from smarter collaboration.

The London Example

In 2013, the Mayor of London Boris Johnson revealed his comprehensive 'smart city' plan. He mentioned that, in London, between 2011 and 2021, more than 800,000 homes would be built, 641,000 jobs would be created, and 600,000 additional passengers would be using the city's peak-time public transport services.

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