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6 Time Management Techniques To Try!

Do you frequently miss deadlines? Are you consistently struggling with time management? Do you often set out to do one thing only to find that you’re doing something else? Do you frequently feel bad that you aren’t able to achieve all that you set out to do during the day? If you answered yes to one or more of the questions above, you probably experience time management problems.

Unfortunately, no one wants to hear the excuses. If a report or a project needs to be completed by set deadlines, they need to be in and completed, period. No stories, no explanations, no reasons! That said, if you’re finding it difficult to manage your time, the following proven time management tips will surely help.

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The Role Of Information Technology In Logistics

In recent years, the logistical landscape has become a rapidly evolving business environment, and as such, more and more enterprises are looking for that competitive edge to gain a larger market share. As in most industries, it is toward technology-led solutions that team leaders are looking as a vehicle for innovation in their supply chain processes.

 IT and Logistics

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Web Design Trends - Hero Images

In our last video on web design trends, at least for this year, we will be taking a deeper look at hero images. A hero image is a large element in your website, usually at the top and the first thing the user sees, that gives a graphical, and interesting overview as to what your website is about. A hero image element, can be an image, or a video, and can also incorporate text. The main purpose of a hero image is to draw the user in and make them interested in learning more about what your website has to offer.


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My Thoughts - Amazon Fire Phone

My thoughts on the just announced Amazon Fire Phone. Interesting concept they're going for here. The phones two main features, Dynamic Perspective and FireFly are really the only two main features that this phone has over its competitors. In addition, Dynamic Perspective almost seems like a another fad, similar to 3D TV's and curved TV's. Dynamic Perspective is a really cool feature that brings many possibilities, however, in order for a feature to stay, it needs to offer its user something day in and day out. That's just it though, there are many application for Dynamic Perspective in game design and simulation, but not so much in daily use of the phone.
The other headlining feature of this phone is FireFly, a button on the side of the device that allows its user to take a sample, image or audio, from the world around them and have the phone find it on amazon so they can buy it. This is really cool and all but why not just develop an app Android and iPhone users?



5 Ways To Increase Phone Battery Life 

As new phones coming out are getting better and better, phone batteries tend to last much longer. A lot of times though out of the blue, a phones battery life can suddenly plummet and there is no sign to why.

Please check our previous battery tips:

Following these simple tips should help maximize your battery life to get the most out of your phone.

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