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Programming Tutorials Windows App

Today we’re going to be looking into a Windows application called “Programming Tutorials”. This application helps people understand programming by teaching them through a visual method or a “Do as I do” method. Having various kinds of instructors and different ways of teaching, this application allows for a variety of categories on different kinds of programming languages. For example, Ruby, Python, C++, C#, or even HTML is covered in its own category to make it easier for navigation. So if you are able to learn better through someone teaching you while watching and mimicking their actions, give this application a try. It’s very organized and can be helpful to anyone who is wanting to learn a programming language.  


Possible Sites for the Obama Presidential Library

There are six places in Chicago that make sense as sites for the Obama Presidential Library.  This infographic takes a look at each of them and examines why they would fit the bill.


Mac - Flap Flap

Flap Flap is this perfect way to play a Flappy Bird-like game on your Mac. It may take a little getting used to, but once your over the hump that come along with getting used to anything that's new you'll be playing this game just like you played Flappy Bird!

Check out TheSwabJob


Night Lighter & Browser Quest 

Finally I decided to look at Microsoft’s application store for something entertaining or just for something  to toy around with. I found two things in particular that caught my attention and those two things are Night Lighter, and Browser Quest. Both are games and are pretty simple to understand and play. Both use just the mouse as a controller, but one is more fun than the other. First we are going to take a look into the game “Night lighter” because of the cute flame character for the icon caught my attention first.

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What is Cloud Telephony

The  "cloud" is a broad term that covers almost any service that is hosted online. The beauty of the cloud is that you can access the information and services that are hosted on cloud servers from anywhere as long as you have a modern device with an Internet connection.

Cloud telephony takes traditional telephone services and moves them online. Instead of needing an expensive PBX system in your office to handle your telephony needs, you use Voice over IP technology to manage your telephone calls.

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