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How To Create A Complex Membership Website For Free

Do you belong to any membership websites? Of course you do. Can you create a membership website yourself? Of course you can. If you use the right tool. Anyone with the right software can set up a complete, full-featured membership website without writing a single line of code. No fancy web design skills required.

Since DIY site builders aren’t shrinking in numbers (there are more than two dozens and growing!), finding the most effective one can be a challenge. So let me help you. Meet uCoz, a Do-It-Yourself website builder that lets you quickly create complex websites right in your browser. Nothing to download and install. Just sign up and follow the wizard.

uCoz Website Builder

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How To Quickly Identify An Email Scam (Experts Sharing Ideas)

email scamAbout ten years ago I remember hearing about a man who was the victim of an email scam. He received a message from a man claiming he had won some kind of lottery and was entitled to millions in British pounds. To get the money, all he had to do was send ten thousand pounds to clear the taxes. I am sure you can see where this is going.

The man, a resident of the United Kingdom, lost every pence of his life savings. The person who took it? A scammer in Russia who was one of many scammers working through the web.

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How To Generate Patterns & Website Backgrounds

Web designers don't spend all their time writing code. They also spend a lot of time drinking coffee and staring at said code.

Joking aside, the beauty of being a web designer lies in the fact that it's an incredibly creative and versatile job, particularly if you're a freelancer. However, this means that you often have only yourself to rely on when it comes to producing visual material such as icons, background images and color schemes. If you've ever had to create a website on a tight deadline, you know what a challenging task this can be. Luckily, there are apps to help you, and here we've rounded up some online tools for generating patterns

Coffee for Web Designers

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Wonderful Web Tools for Visual Storytelling

People love pretty pictures. If you want to create content for the Web, this is something you should keep in mind. Images are often described as being “worth a thousand words” and, when chosen appropriately, they usually make the written content more interesting, memorable and shareable.

Since the majority of popular blogging platforms emphasizes text as a primary means of expression and/or communication, I went looking for something else. I wanted to find a web app that puts images in the spotlight and lets them carry the story – and I found two. Cowbird and Jux are two completely different web apps that share a common goal: making visual storytelling easy and wonderful.

Cowbird or Birdcow?

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How Google Could Become Your New Energy Supplier

Google is to invest in companies developing clean-energy technologies as part of an effort to make renewable energy cheaper than coal. The internet giant is to develop software and hardware tools for energy management and plans to sell a percentage of the generated energy back to the grid for Renewable Energy Certificates. In other words, Google may one day be supplying your energy.

The initiative, termed RE < C ("renewable energy less than coal"), will see Google next year invest millions of dollars in research and development in renewable energy. The project is fronted by Google's Energy Access team, led by Arun Majumdar, vice president of Google's energy unit and former acting undersecretary of energy at the U.S. Department of Energy.

Investments will be focused on solar-thermal technology, wind power, and geothermal systems. Google has already entered into a 20-year green Power Purchase Agreement with wind and solar energy company NextEra and is working with solar-thermal company eSolar.

solar thermal energy


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