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Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Service: What Is It?

If you've never heard of Microsoft Azure before, you're not alone. Azure is a growing collaboration of all of Microsoft's cloud based programs into one service: Azure.

What Azure does is compute your data whilst storing it away inside different applications that help make everything run a little faster, all while you're saving your valuable assets like time and money.

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Barcode Art: Could We Be Seeing More Of This On Product Labels?

Did you say Barcode Art?

Everyone knows what barcodes are. They're on nearly every product we purchase, from bread, to antifreeze and even nappies. Many of us don’t even pay attention to them (until we get to the self-scan tills and can’t find them anywhere on the item being purchased). They pretty much look the same… right?

That is, until you see this. Yes. Barcode art. A transformative way to turn these useful series of lines into beautiful expressions of art. And what a way to create a talking point on nearly every single product sold.

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Increase Website Traffic Automatically

What if you could tell which pages or posts on your site or blog were getting you more subscriptions, leads or sales? New tools are available that will scan your content, determine which posts or pages are most popular, and then offer those pages to your visitors. Doing this will increase their time on site and numbers of pages viewed.

More importantly, they can determine which pages drive conversions. You can create calls-to-action or use banners. Best of all, these pages that drive the most conversions can be automatically displayed on your site to entice your existing readers to read another page. This increases SEO metrics time on site and lowers bounce rates. And remember - these are the pages that convert best of all the content on your site.

While there are numerous solutions that display content on sites, TrenDemon has the unique angle of providing their solution free to publishers who agree to also display content from other sites. Imagine being able to generate an income on your own site while also placing your best converting content on any number of other sites - all without having to contact them and arrange for that visibility.

Top Converting Pages

While you can use analytics to determine which of your pages receives the most traffic, to determine which pages are converting requires setting goals. Many find creating goals in Google Analtyics a challenge. Using a website amplification solution offers a much easier way to set goals. The easier that data is to find, the more likely website owners will use it. 

Check to see if the solution you're using allows you to add code on multiple sites so you can test your pages against each other. Consider using custom landing pages, adding the code, and checking to see which variation works best. The stronger you can make your top pages, the more conversions you can drive.

Importance of Images

You have probably seen small images used to entice you to click on another post. For these strategies to work best, which images you select is exceptionally important. Did the profit image in this post catch your attention? If you were to see it in one of those content boxes would you be more or less likely to click on it to find out more? 

Images are more important than ever. While you may think of images being necessary on Pinterest or Facebook, they can also increase visibility and shares on LinkedIn and Twitter. In fact, using image well on Twitter right now is a great advantage that will decline over time as more people get Twitter cards working. 

Choose a solution that allows you to decide where on your site images representing your best converting content are displayed and how they appear. Learn to use these tools now - especially if your current work involves analyzing content in any way. As tools evolve to do more of the time-consuming research, knowing how to use these solutions will become more important than being able to do it manually. Smarter Technology Will Make Your Job Obsolete In 20 Years.

To see an example of how these solutions display your content to increase conversions, watch this video starting at 1:45 minute in:

If you would like to find out more about how to implement a solution that finds and promotes your best converting content, read Increase Website Traffic Automatically Using Your Own Best Content.


10 Of The Most Iconic Brands In The World

There are a number of brands that are considered superstars in their respective fields. Whether it's fashion, technology or energy, these iconic brands have grown beyond their target audience and become household names.

What do they all have in common then? Quality is the obvious answer, yes – but we're here to talk about how the design of these incredible brands has elevated them to such heights.

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Sony Sells Over 4.1 Million PS4's (ITT)

This week was the beginning of CES2015 (Consumer Electronic Show) and there was a lot shown within the last couple of days. With new and useful gadgets and applications being displayed, and the announcement of new 4K televisions you can see why a lot of people get excited to attend this yearly event. However with dish’s new network “sling TV”, a pacifier that can monitor your baby’s temperature and medication intake, to the possibility of desktop computer graphics being outputted on a tablet that fits in the palm of our hand, you can tell this year is just a bit more special

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