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Getting Clued Up On The Cloud: Many UK Small Businesses Admit Limited Knowledge On The Cloud

In recent Hollywood comedy ‘Sex Tape’, Jason Segal can be heard yelling that ‘nobody understands the cloud.’ You’d be forgiven for suspecting that this was an exaggeration to cover up his character’s ignorance, but in fact, it seems as though this farcical film based on poor Cloud management actually highlights a very real problem.

A recent survey suggests that 57 per cent of small business executives have admitted that they aren’t entirely sure how the Cloud works. And let’s face it - it’s hardly surprising that, with a name like the Cloud, people’s impression and knowledge of the intangible service is just a little hazy. But shouldn’t business executives know better?

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A Comprehensive Review Of The Choetech Stadium Qi Wireless Charger 

Wireless charging has made charging easier; allowing more flexibility and convenience  for most electronic devices. The Choetech stadium Qi wireless charger pushes this step further to offer comfort and diversity when charging.

An overview of Choetech Stadium Qi Wireless Charger

This wireless charging system is designed to be compatible with a wide range phone makes and models. To this end, it can be used to charge tablets and phones like: the Nexus 4, Nexus 5 and Nexus 7, Nokia Lumia 920, 928 and 1020, Blackberry Z30, HTC Rzound and HTC Droid DNA. It can also be used to charge phones and tablets from Samsung, LG and others which are Qi enabled. The Choetech Stadium Qi wireless charger also comes with other features which come with other benefits in addition to diversity. These include:

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Facebook Promoted Posts Images Checker

One disturbing thing about Facebook promoted / boosted posts is that you can't have too much text on the associated image. I get the idea behind that (to avoid promotional banners) but that also prevents me from using useful annotated screenshots too!

But there's nothing really you can do about that: The rule is the rule. What we can do is to avoid rejections by providing an image that complies with Facebook editorial terms of service.

This tool will help you with that: Facebook Image Text Detection Tool

Before promoting any post at Facebook, run your featured images using that tool to make sure you are safe!


Desktop Computer Repair Tips For Every SMB

Did you know that the average small business employee loses approximately one work week per year because they work on an out-of-date PC?  Recent research conducted by Intel found this to be the case.

Here are some other interesting facts the study noted: 

  • Repairing an “old” PC (older than 4 years), costs 1.3 times more than repairing a PC that’s younger than 4 years
  • Employees who use PCs older than 4 years lose 21 more hours per year due to maintenance and security issues
  • 8% of small businesses in the US (the largest percentage of all countries surveyed) use PCs older than 5 years – compared to just 5% worldwide and 1% in India

So obviously maintenance is a big problem.  But, it’s a problem that’s not always easily solved.  Most businesses may already have a tight profit margin, so buying new equipment isn’t necessarily an option.

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Understanding Both Sides Of The Net Neutrality Debate

The term 'net neutrality' is something that's on the minds of many. It seems as though almost every day, a new law or suggestion is tabled which calls the privacy of internet users into question. While you may view the net neutrality debate as something you're getting tired of hearing, it's actually a many-sided debate which may completely change not only the way you use the internet, but determine your right to access that information.

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