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How To Make A SharePoint Project A Success

When you hit a software development project the key is always to ensure the time and budgets are met. You do not want the project to overrun, you do not want it to be unused and you do not want to have to tell the client you have over spent. So how do you control all of that and make sure the SharePoint project is a great success?

Think about the things that may trip you up along the way and then solve the problems. Things like; difficult users, lack of engagement, indecisiveness, unwilling users, stressed steam and unmanageable expectations. Not sure what Microsoft SharePoint is?

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Drone-Powered Technology: Should We Be Excited Or Scared?

What is the fascination with drones? There is both excitement and concern about what might happens when the skies are filled with drones delivering parcels, drones spying on human activity and drones heading for military targets.

People are certainly fascinated by the idea of deliveries being carried out by drones. Technology already exists for the type of drone that could soon be delivering individual parcels to homes and offices. These delivery drones could be in operation after testing and licensing starts in 2015.

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8 Rising Tech Hubs

Seattle and Silicon Valley aren't the only tech hubs in the game.  This infographic outlines eight up-and-coming tech hubs in the U.S. and outlines the business environments that allow tech industries to flourish there.


Prevent the Zombie Apocalypse With Self-Service Kiosks

Zombies are a real concern, but what can be done to prevent the Zombie Apocalypse? Many companies are fighting the future by installing self-service kiosks to prevent customers from going brain-dead and turning into zombies while waiting in long lines.  This infographic breaks it down.



6 Tools to Verify Business Information

Dealing with business online can be a great way of expanding your focus beyond the immediate community where you live. The web has made things easier than ever to do this, and it is no wonder such methods have become so popular. We not have an almost infinite resource at our disposal.

But the verification process for those businesses can be a bit shady. Anyone can be on the other side of a computer, and we hear about scams every day. Some companies manage to stay up for years, despite hundreds of claims of wrongdoing and dishonest practices. You want to verify business information before you settle on any plans.

The good news is that it is easy to do that. Here are seven sites to help you out.

1. Yelp


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