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Intelligent Lighting: Illuminate The Path To Savings

In a world where energy costs are soaring and people are ever more environmentally conscious, it pays dividends to be energy efficient. Although sustainable energy sources and government incentives are an increasingly hot topic, some key money-saving areas often get overlooked.

In the average office environment, almost 40% of annual energy consumption can be attributed to lighting. Many businesses are now switching on to the reality of how much they could save by introducing intelligent lighting systems.

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App Review - iBillionaire


How To Choose A Managed Services Provider For Your IT

When you are looking to outsource your IT needs, you have a series of serious challenges in front of you. Your business relies on the availability of your IT assets to do business, and some of these applications and services are business critical.

Just ask yourself how long you could do business if you can’t use your email? What happens if someone manages to hack your data and can get at your customer lists and financial information?

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How Does A Bail Bond Work?

Getting arrested can happen for a wide variety of reasons. One reason that a person may be arrested for is a traffic violation such as a DUI. Other reasons that a person may be arrested are drug offenses, theft, burglary and more. When a person gets arrested the police officer must escort him or her to the police station for booking.


Booking is a process by which the officer enters data about an individual into a computer system. During that time, they would take fingerprints and record the crime of which the accused person is being accused. Next, one of the officers would speak to a judge about a possible bail amount. Bail is an amount of money that a person has to pay to get out of jail until the court date. The judge will usually order the person to pay bail for one of several reasons.

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Business Processes, Task Management And Automated Workflows

When we group related tasks together to produce a specified outcome, such as a product or delivery of a completed service, we refer to this as a business process. There are 3 broad categories of business process, and we shall outline them here.

Management Processes

Management processes will typically include control, monitoring and reporting functions to ensure appropriate oversight and stewardship of the business or organization.

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