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Create A Google Style Office On A Budget

Google has an unconventional approach to office layout. The company claim that “no two offices are the same”, but can share similar features.

Key common features include quirky huddle areas (the head office in London has a meeting area called ‘Granny’s flat’), video games, pool tables, ‘micro kitchens’ stacked with healthily food, and lets not forget the traditional white board.

Nothing could be further away from desks with partition screens and horrid filing cabinets.

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Tips For Creating A Perfect Home Office

Think about the form, function and style when designing a home office...

The home office, whether it is tucked into a kitchen corner or if it is a whole other room, it demands more than one function. Since this space calls for a lot of various activities, it is important to look at all the points when designing a home office.

Who will be primary user? What professional or domestic duties does it have to support?

Make a list of things, files and folders you will store, as well as the equipment you need there. With a prepared list, find the right space that is fit for your home office.

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Project Initiation And Setting Up For Project Management Success

Great generals, like great sports coaches, don’t just rush the field and hope for the best. Their strategies are precisely planned. Whether the conquest is for territory or trophies, clear objectives, and a good map, raise the prospect for victory. Likewise, focused planning and reliable communication are a powerful combination in any arena, pointing new projects toward success.

Taking the time to create four introductory documents can raise your field advantage: Project Charter, Stakeholder Register, Stakeholder Analysis Matrix and the Stakeholder Management Strategy. These documents are produced by project managers during the initiation phase of a project, before other detailed planning. They form the foundation of the project’s progress, allowing you to work out exactly what you are going to do and set some guidelines for the rest of the project.

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Travel Republic Outsource New IT Department To Aid Growth

By Alex Viall, Mustard IT

This week, popular travel agency Travel Republic has cemented its position at the top of the market with a major infrastructure development. According to travel news website Travolution, it has just put the finishing touches to a large scale integration with channel management company eRevMax. The venture comes hot on the heels of a busy twelve months for the company.

In 2014, it made the decision to outsource its IT department in a bid to encourage faster growth and expansion. The owner of Travel Republic, DNATA, has not only rapidly increased the size of its IT development resources, it even went as far as to launch a new branch in India. If these changes were not enough, it was also revealed that its single remaining founder, Paul Furner, would be leaving the company.

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The Color Of 2015

Every year Pantone, New Jersey corporation, well known for their Pantone Matching System, declares the color of the year, for the coming year...

Interior designers all around the world have felt a big relief when, few months ago, Pantone revealed their color for 2015., a rich shade called "Marsala".

Maybe, the tones of that color have something to do with the fact that it was named after a wine, but Marsala is endlessly versatile when it comes to design.

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