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Keeping Your Network Running Smoothly Is A Lot Easier Than You Think

Network & Server Repair doesn’t have to be scary, but it CAN be time consuming. For those do-it-yourself types out there, you may be making attempts to do your own computer, IT support, server repair and network maintenance. Kudos!  Especially in Small to Mid-Sized businesses, where budgets can be tight, the business case for in-house IT support may warrant the attempt. In that case, here are 4 relatively simple tasks you should be performing that can make your DIY IT support run smoothly:

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Online Training Webinars Voted Most Effective 

Wondering how to get people's attention and hold it? Video webinars given live and then edited for use as inbound content are most effective. According to a 2013 MarketingSherpa marketing benchmark study determined, webinars are the most effective marketing solution:


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What's Your Favorite SubReddit?

Wondering what to read over the weekend or during your coffee break? Our readers are sharing their favorite Reddit subreddits: Warning! They can be highly addictive time-wasters!

A. Ryan Bozeman (Founder)

I can't stop checking out /r/TrueFilm.


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New Easy Bulk Domain Checker

If you are looking to register a new domain or you have a list of options you are considering, check out this free and easy bulk domain checker.

It does exactly what it says: Give it a list domain names (each in the new line) and it will quickly show you if any of them is available. Then you can download the list of available domains: No need to scroll the list!

There's no need to register or opt-in. It's always neat to have free tools like that!



TeaPot: Create FREE 3D spreadsheets

Our reader Philip Turner has emailed us this great tip and here we are sharing it with you!

I spent 3 hours searching for how to do 3D spreadsheets using MS Excel. I know about multiple sheets, but I wanted something I could visualise, some way of seeing the data in a cube rather than in a series of flat sheets.

I did not find any mainstream spreadsheet that allowed the display of 3 variables at the same time, which was why I needed, x, y and z axes and a 3D spreadsheet. 3D spreadsheets have to be the next BIG market; the only way to manipulate more than 2 variables using mainstream software is to use  a database, there is no visualisation software at all.

I did come across one FREE 3D spreadsheet that appears to be genuinely 3D, but the instructions are somewhat sketchy - Teapot is the name of the program . . . - The download link is at the bottom of that page - VERY compact - works on Windows 7