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The Color Of 2015

Every year Pantone, New Jersey corporation, well known for their Pantone Matching System, declares the color of the year, for the coming year...

Interior designers all around the world have felt a big relief when, few months ago, Pantone revealed their color for 2015., a rich shade called "Marsala".

Maybe, the tones of that color have something to do with the fact that it was named after a wine, but Marsala is endlessly versatile when it comes to design.

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So... What is SEO?

This infographic explains a common question ‘what is SEO’ in simple, easy to understand terms.

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization and is the digital marketing practice of working with search engines such as Google, so that your website can be found.  

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3 Exciting And Funny Facts About Math

Believe it or not, but math facts can be really entertaining and surprising. Have you heard about the birthday paradox or do you know which number is the people’s favorite? If not, read on to find out more about these and other interesting math facts. 

Born on the same day – the birthday paradox

We often think that meeting people born on the same day is unlikely and therefore exciting. However, mathematicians specializing in the probability theory know that you do not need to gather 367 people in one room to make sure that there is at least one couple born on the same day. Why 367 people will give you a 100% chance of meeting two people born on the same day?

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Quirky Holidays In April I Bet You Didn't Know Existed

All images copyright Karen Foley &

April is National Humor Month, which seems appropriate when we kick off the month with the unofficial, official holiday dedicated to the trickster and the prankster.  But merry fools need not limit their frivolity to just one day.  April is actually filled with a number quirky dates and celebrations.  So amaze your friends and delight your coworkers with a nod to these special days. 

Copyright Karen Foley |


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The Best Time To Call Customer Service

Nobody has all day to waste on hold with a customer service team, but when making your call it’s important to realise that some times of the day are a heck of a lot worse than others.

You might find it most convenient to call when dinner is in the oven after work, but so does the rest of the UK.

So to help you speed up the customer service process and get to the bottom of your problem as quickly as possible, we’ve got some tips on the best time to call customer service.

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