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Can Smart Cities Save Mankind?

What is a 'Smart City'

A 'smart city' is one that is purpose-built for 21st-century living. That means offering an infrastructure that enables everyone to access modern technologies easily and cheaply, so that communities can benefit from smarter collaboration.

The London Example

In 2013, the Mayor of London Boris Johnson revealed his comprehensive 'smart city' plan. He mentioned that, in London, between 2011 and 2021, more than 800,000 homes would be built, 641,000 jobs would be created, and 600,000 additional passengers would be using the city's peak-time public transport services.

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How To Create An Online Course That Provides An Amazing Online Learning Experience For Students

When in the process of creating an online course, it is always best to keep your students in mind. Your learners will be possessing unique backgrounds and preferences, and it is important that you consider this fact if you want you online course to keep them engaged.

By paying close attention to the diverse range of students that you will be catering to, you will be able to design a course that will provide a positive learning experience and will likely promote success.

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How To Get Rid Of Eridanus, Easy And Effective Guide

Eridanus is an adware, that started to infect users' computers two weeks ago. It is not really difficult to remove it, if you're an experienced user, but if you haven't encountered such issues earlier, it may take hours to find out what to do. Eridanus is created to damage the customer’s system. Functionality of this tool is not so helpful as this is claimed, and it doesn’t provide whatever additional conveniences in working or web-browsing. Eridanus can implement its operations, when a person isn't using this program – simply by existing in the system.

Usually Eridanus installs on system with the help of free file-sharing, where viruses are affixed about to every installation package. The apparent aftermath of adware functioning is the wrong working and deceleration of the whole system. Also, Eridanus lowers the system’s protection and opens the way for suspicious programs, that may be extremely toilsome to remove.

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Houzz App Review

A review of the home improvement app Houzz.


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Snapseed App Review 

Snapseed, made by Google, is a cool little app that allows you to edit photos in ways that Instagram does not allow.

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