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What Is A Dedicated Server?

Sometimes, special terms can take us by surprise. Such services with unclear names, provided by many hosting companies mean nothing to not tech savvy people. However, here, we will open the curtain of obscurity.

So, what is a dedicated server, and what is it used for? Literally, a dedicated server is used for a so-called dedicated hosting, i.e. a hosting where the client gets a separate server for his full use. There is a virtual hosting as opposed to a dedicated hosting. A virtual hosting server can contain several sites (from dozens to hundreds).

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Small Web Design Upgrades Vs A Brand New Web Design

The people on the internet are very picky, and they can notice when a particular website has not been updated in some time.

Most people who visit an outdated website believe that the site is not trustworthy or may not be functional. Both of these scenarios, and any others that people might imagine, are negative, which means that you do not want them to be associated with your site.

There are a few things you can do to remedy this issue like understanding when your site is outdated and knowing whether you need an overhaul or just a few updates.

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Online Marketing Platform Provides All-in-One Solution

It doesn’t take a brainiac to realize that B2B customers would be happiest with a company that is actually helping them to be more successful. Yet Gallup reports that only 29% of B2B clients are actually engaged. 

According to Gallup, B2B customer engagement is highest when companies generate both engagement and impact. Impact is defined as “providing a meaningful change in a customer's organization or business model that significantly improves the organization's bottom line.” Basically, the more a business understands its clients and helps them to be successful, the more satisfied the clients are.

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Most Popular Web Development Frameworks: What Is Better To Use For A Business Site

Before to release a site for business, we ought to define the main tool for its creating.

Yes, this is a task for programmers, but a businessman should also know advantages of some programming languages to choose the most suitable one for his undertaking.

So let’s look into all popular frameworks that help to succeed in business.

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Tech Makes Travel Cheaper With CheckMyBus

Booking Bus Tickets Online Made Easy

How online bus ticket booking company CheckMyBus established themselves and how their business has grown internationally as bus travel increases. 

It’s perhaps logical to think that bus travel has suffered in the light of cheaper air fares, high speed trains and more modern cars able to partly drive themselves, making for more relaxed longer trips.

The reality is somewhat different; in Germany for example, the number of passengers travelling from city to city by bus has exploded from 3 to 20 million passengers in just a few years.

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