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Chromebooks: My Predictions

Samsung's new Chromebook Plus got me thinking about the future of Chromebook, the future of traditional computers, and how they might intersect. Let's talk about that.

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Would You Buy a Six Inch Desktop PC?

I started a new YouTube channel on which I'll be talking about technology (just like everyone else). Check out my first video below:

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How Will Technology Transform Higher Education Over The Next Years?

Technology is advancing in leaps and bounds. The scope of technology is much wider and unlimited to whatever humanity has known till now.

Technology has changed the way people used to think, learn and perceive different aspects of life. In some area it has become tough and almost impossible to work without technology.

One such important scope of technology is in education.

Education and especially higher education can notice a tremendous boost and advancement with help of technology inclusion over next years. There are gadgets, software and interactive tools to stimulate learning process for students.

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Five Travel Tips That Will Turn You Into A True Road Warrior

People often travel a lot and for different reasons, but we will all agree that there comes a hassle before/during and after travel.

Herein are a few tips to get you started and turn you into a true road warrior. 

1. Sign up and stick to a loyalty program

A loyalty program enables you to earn points that come in handy when you are planning for any family vacation.

Aside from this, a loyalty program uplifts your status enabling you to upgrade your seats.

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Debunking LinkedIn Resume Builder Tool

Resume building continues to remain a huge headache for the job seekers in today’s world of tough competition. Questions keep rising on how to make the most attractive resumes out there in order to find the job of your desire.

Or what could be the best resume builder out there on the internet. Although there are thousands of resume builders on offer, yet only a few are commonly used.

People are usually found to use the links that appear in the top search results. While most of the time these search rankings do have authenticity, sometimes they might show the sponsored ones on top.

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