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Evolution & Growth of Search Giant Google [Infographic]

Today's web giant and leading search engine Google is results of their ever updating and quickly changing algorithms and innovations in their technology to bring search results more relevant, accurate and faster.

With this infographics, we have attempted to show how this search engine updated in past, added various products or service, how they're doing financially and some fascinating facts you might want to know about Google.

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Geek Events: 2014 Edition

Isn't is weird how geeks are 'in' now? Growing up, I was an undisputed geek, obsessed with Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, X-Files, comic books, video games... yet, somehow I was not a popular girl because of it. Times have really changed as certain things that were once considered 'uncool' have been rebooted to evolved to have mainstream appeal. You only have to look at the state of DC and Marvel, or game franchises  like Call of Duty or GTA, to realize how much things have really changed.

But unlike many others who share my badge as an authentic nerd, I am not annoyed by this. On the contrary, I think it is fantastic that the things I loved have caught the attention of the masses. That doesn't mean those of us who have always preferred to nerd-out don't deserve some places to do it with others of our kind.

This is where geek events come in. Conferences, conventions, meetups... there are a lot of them, and the truly dedicated should have at least one on their list this year.



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Mobile Devices and Printers: A Happy Couple

Once upon a time if you wanted to print something you had to be tethered to your printing device.  Those days are soon to be behind us.  This infographic outlines the advances in technology that have made the mobile printing revolution possible.


Theme Forest: Web Template Service

Theme Forest is a web template design service that allows you to purchase a design or theme with a license allowing you to use the theme for a business or service based web site. Essentially this is for those people who know how to code really well in HTML, but doesn’t feel strong in the designing portion of web design. Or in contrast it can be for the web designer to plan out the theme of the website while being able to get a web programmer to make the web site functional for those as well. One of the many talents this site offers is WordPress themes. However, for those of you who have ever used WordPress should know installing a new theme as easy as dragging and dropping the theme in a new older location. So if you’re in need of a web template of theme for your website, give theme forest a try.

Source: Theme Forest


Smart Defrag 3


One of the hassles of using a Windows computer has to defrag your computer on a regular basis. Of course you can always set up a schedule to make that pain staking task happen when you’re asleep, but what we need is a faster but still effective disk defragment application that would not only speed up the process, but explain the errors it had found in a way that almost everyone could understand. As you can probably tell from this video, I did find such an application. Smart Defrag 3 allows for a quicker and more user friendly disk defrag while providing extra resources for you to use. Coming from the Creators of Advance System Care, you know you have yourself a trust worthy product right here. To top it off, it is free to use and download.

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