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Small Gadgets That Drive Big Business

It pays big to think small. No matter where you work, I'm sure you have a tech gadget in arms reach.  Think small, light and simple. With the right combination of tools you should be able to run your business more smoothly along with seeing improvements.

These days #technology in the workplace isn't a luxury. It's a necessity that can quickly make you stand out to clients and improve work efficiency. It's a commodity and trend that is around for the long haul.

Here's our big list of five little tools that can make your #small business a huge success and grow into the big business we know it can be.

1. Logitech BCC950 ConferenceCam

Videoconferencing is a serious #game of phone tag in the business world. Everyone hates the static or delay that some cameras give. Built-in webcams that come inside laptops or tablets are sufficient for one-on-one chats, but add any more than two people and things get a little fuzzy. The BCC950 ConferenceCam is just the right size.

The BCC950 is a mere $250 and you don't need a camera crew or pulley system to move it around the office. It is not lacking though, you will feel like you are right in the action like on the dramatic tv station BRAVO. This tool provides top-notch video and sound for small meetings.

2.  DocuSign

Go Green. A slogan that may have lost some of its #trend but it still very relevant. Most people want to help the environment and they take steps in order to do so. Not to mention, paper, ink and printers cost serious $$$$. San Francisco-based DocuSign is an extremely effective online tool for inking deals with contractors, vendors and clients. The cloud-based service lets you upload critical documents and share them securely with anyone.

Accounts start at $15 per month with an annual plan. Your clients are notified via e-mail that they need to sign a document; when they login, they are prompted to draw their signature or initials in the appropriate blanks and boxes. It's the fastest way to find out if their signature is a piece of chicken scratch or not.

3. Tablet

Tablets  are everywhere! Even kids these day can navigate their way around them. They are more than just a kids toy though. They can make a business operate much more efficiently. How, you ask? They have none of the lag time of waiting for your computer to boot. Tablets are small and portable, allowing for easier collaboration.

Tablets are an easy way for a small business to look more tech savvy to prospects. It can do the tablet pokey and can turn itself around, that's what it's all about. Apple, Android, Samsung, Kindle, whatever your favorite brand it buy a tablet. Once you do, you will know what you have been missing.

4. Sengled Boost:

Once you hear what a Sengled Boost is, you will have full faith that anything is possible to create. Sengled Boost provides you with Wi-Fi where you want it. How? Through a lightbulb! Boost is an energy efficient led light bulb with a Wi-Fi repeater built inside. It will fit in any standard light socket and will securely extend your home network where you need it.

This is the #hottest invention in a while since everyone #freaks, and I mean really #freaks out when they don't have a good connection or can't find Wi-Fi. The boost eliminates Wi-Fi dead zones. It can extend Wi-Fi up to 100 feet in your office or home with Boost. Invest in these and you won't have to hear your employees, friends, kids and spouses complaining about how “THE WI-FI IS SO SLOW.” Yes, this is a very first world problem.

5. Tiny scanner

TinyScanner is a tool that  turns your iPhone into a mini scanner for documents, photos, receipts and other texts. With TinyScanner, you can scan your documents anywhere to  email, send as attachments or as PDF files. Really you only need two things for it to work: a phone & wi-fi which really is everywhere in today's world. Download ASAP and see how TinyScan can make your life easier.

This article has been submitted on behalf of REVZI, a small business consultancy helping more than 1500 small business become the big businesses we know they can be. We do this by providing them with "products that drive profits."

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