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Am I Setting The Temperature Too Low In My House?

After a long, hot summer day, there's nothing better than coming home to a cool home; especially if you’re a resident of Phoenix or some other city where the temp soars during summertime.

Most people like to come home and adjust their thermostat to a lower temperature to help them cool off faster.

Unfortunately, setting the temperature too low on your thermostat can have negative consequences.

The Problems with Turning Your Air Down Too Low

Turning down your home’s thermostat can directly affect the performance of your air conditioning system and its energy efficiency. In addition to reducing performance, lowering the temperature of your thermostat won’t even help your home cool down faster.

Considering these factors, you may want to ask yourself if you are setting the temperature too low in your home.

Lowering the Temp Doesn’t Mean You’ll Cool Faster

Many homeowners are under the common misconception that lowering the thermostat will help cool off their home faster and increase the speed at which the air conditioner works. Simply put, this is not true. No matter how much you change the degrees setting on your thermostat, the rate at which the motor moves in the system will always run at the same speed.

So in many cases, knocking down the air a couple of degrees will not work how you were hoping and inevitably cost you more in the longrun. We suggest setting a thermostat around 78°F, which is an optimal temperature for A/C performance. The lower you set your thermostat, the less efficient it becomes.

Problems with Keeping Your Thermostat Too Low

When it comes to setting your thermostat too low for your home, you may experience a decrease in efficiency, an increase in the amount of repairs being done, and/or a decrease in the A/C unit’s lifespan; meaning you may have to replace your air conditioner sooner than expected.

The following are potential issues that may develop over time setting on your air conditioner too low:

1. Decreased Efficiency

The lower you set your temperature, the more energy your system uses. If you do this frequently, you may see spikes in your monthly energy bill.

2. Increased Repairs

Frequently changing the thermostat and setting it too low can tire out your system. This can result in an increase in the number of breakdowns and the need for constant repairs.

3. Decreased Lifespan

These factors can cause wear and tear on your system, shortening the lifespan by one or two years! Protect you system by making smart choices when setting your home's thermostat and properly maintaining the unit.

Is it Time to Call In the Experts?

Questions about your thermostat or A/C system? Be sure to call in a reputable air conditioning repair company to inspect, evaluate, and fix your issues. A certified and experienced technician will not only have the right equipment needed, but will also provide superior service that helps to ensure that your air conditioning system is performing at its best for many years to come.

This article is provide by ACE Home Services, a air conditioning repair company located in Phoenix, Arizona.

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