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Would You Hire This Robot?

In olden days, it was an arduous task for small businesses to keep an eye on their marketing activities.

The method of manually tracking the leads and chasing the targets was pervasive.

Later on, when CRM software entered the space, the processes were refined and the businesses gained better traction of lead generation, customer engagement and other marketing initiatives.

However, these softwares were complex and costly beyond the affordability of small businesses.

Then there was a eureka moment of an all-in-one CRM that integrates CRM and marketing automation on one platform and does much more to help small businesses. 

The infographic shows the evolution of CRM with the help of a robot. The initial sketch of robot makes its functions more complex, and as it passes through the rough terrain of multiple activities it makes the user more confusing and even the integrations are difficult to understand.

As the time passes, it moves through a gateway called Agile CRM and voila, there’s a magical transformation of the robot and it starts doing things with poise and perfection. Agile, the next-gen marketing automation platform gets going with lead gathering and nurturing, offering customizations, integration with landing pages, crafting emails through template builder and much more. All this explained in an appealing and engaging way through the infographic, “Would you hire this robot?”

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