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VXchng's Brand New Data Center Will Change Philly's Tech Scene For The Better

A new facility has been erected in Philadelphia; Data Centers provider vXchnge is looking to empower the city and to get even more involved with the tech community at large.

What used to once be a manufacturing plant run by GlaxoSmithKline was recently transformed into the companies 15th location. It resides in a historic spot located at 1500 Spring Garden Street; right in the heart of the city. The senior management of the 3 year running vXchnge company hail from the Switch and Data which is a data center that was acquired by Equinix back in 2010.

There will be many happy users of the web in the city with this new data center which is hoping to gain new local startups. They are hoping to find a lot less inactivity on web based services with the new location. Less time accessing things for your computer means a lot more business and a much happier client base.

The company has met with many leaders from the local businesses and has many plans to attend local tech events throughout the city.

The senior vice president of the company, John Panzica may have come from New Jersey but has a lot of knowledge of the city. During the .com boom of the 90’s he had a hand in the opening of Internap’s office right in the city. He has been quoted to say that he is looking forward to see the many innovations that are sure to come from this startup community.

Companies & Location Strategy

There will be many local companies as well as national businesses hosted with the data center. Among some of the current clients that are hosted in the 15 sites are Comcast, TidalScale Integra Telecom and Cogent Communications. The reason behind the move to Philly is a sound and brilliant strategy to serve the local market with another local market.

Until the data center had started up in the city they had been hosting from New York or Virginia which is a much grander distance causing slower connections. It has grown far more important to go local with rising content and mobility.

The new data center is housed in 70,000 square feet with 5 technicians available on-site. The way older facilities used to work was to cool the entire site so that no burn outs could occur. The new site has gone farther and better than cooling the entire site and has managed to make it so that just the systems themselves are cooled with specially made pods and cabinets to maintain a better system.

This new technique will help cut down on the amount of power that is used for the company making it cheaper and easier to run. The security system that is put into place is extremely tight and far superior to anything that has thus far been put into play on any data center before. It has 6 points of access to get from the lobby to the cabinet areas, there is also an iris scanner as well as a PIN keypad for people to go through before access to the pods will be allowed. To tighten up the security even more they have 100 cameras that keep an eye on everything that goes on inside the center.

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