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Five Travel Tips That Will Turn You Into A True Road Warrior

People often travel a lot and for different reasons, but we will all agree that there comes a hassle before/during and after travel.

Herein are a few tips to get you started and turn you into a true road warrior. 

1. Sign up and stick to a loyalty program

A loyalty program enables you to earn points that come in handy when you are planning for any family vacation.

Aside from this, a loyalty program uplifts your status enabling you to upgrade your seats.

This means that you can get an early flight, switch a flight and you can get sorted should the flight you were going to use got canceled. Getting enough points could also earn you access into a few VIP lounges. We all deserved to get spoiled at times, right?

2. Do not check in your luggage

Under no circumstance should you check in your luggage unless it really has to be done. The only sensible way to avoid doing this is to get a carry-on. A few tips on carry-on include:

  • Ensure that that bag is completely light when empty. The ideal weight should be 5.5-7.5lb
  • Teach yourself to pack extremely well, if you are not sure on what to pack, make a list and use it accordingly.

Doing all this saves you time at the check in and at your destination; in addition to this, it makes the workload easier when you intend to switch your flight, and you have all that you need and nothing checked in. Most people can do ten days of travel with just a twenty-five-inch carry-on.

3. Always check in online and in advance

Checking in online not only lets you choose your seat on time, but it also saves you time while at the airport. This means that if you are not exactly sure on which seats are the best you have enough times to check up and enquire so that you get advised accordingly. It is also considered wise to become a digital road warrior. This means that you have critical information such as:

  • The status of the plane you intend to take.
  • Where that plane is coming from.
  • How often that particular plane gets late.
  • How many seats are available and preferable?

You will be amazed that with the modern apps not only you can buy custom essays online, but also there’s much you could learn from these apps; we all know that knowledge is power and the same applies here.

4. Carry enough work with you

There are many reasons why road warriors should carry a lot of work with them:

  •  The chances of a flight getting delayed and/or canceled are high.
  •  Wi-Fi in most cases is always expensive and hence cannot be afforded.

It is wise to carry enough to work on or just carry enough to read to avoid the boredom that comes with all these. Whatever you choose to do should be able to answer you the question what would you be doing if you were not on that plane; and whatever your decision is just to make sure it keeps you busy enough.

5. Maintain your habits 

This could go a long way in ensuring that you save your time while on the road. Catch up on all the stuff that you had intended to and if it is possible to take a nap as this will keep you energized. The transit time that you have while traveling could help you a lot and as such should be treated as any other working time.

In conclusion, there are various tips that are often given to people that intend to be road warriors. However, the above five tips are sure to turn you into a true road warrior.

I'm a freelancer who writes for different blogs.

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