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Debunking LinkedIn Resume Builder Tool

Resume building continues to remain a huge headache for the job seekers in today’s world of tough competition. Questions keep rising on how to make the most attractive resumes out there in order to find the job of your desire.

Or what could be the best resume builder out there on the internet. Although there are thousands of resume builders on offer, yet only a few are commonly used.

People are usually found to use the links that appear in the top search results. While most of the time these search rankings do have authenticity, sometimes they might show the sponsored ones on top.

There are always two approaches to go on top.

The first one includes a lot a hard work and extra efforts put in to attain a good position. The other one is rather easy; the use of money, power and fame. While it might work good for short term periods, it not so ever-lasting. Ultimately, people start realizing the efforts and hard work of the prior. This reduces the value of the later as it never put the hard work in. Linking all this with the topic of concern, resume building websites have more or less the same story.

Who is not familiar with LinkedIn?Every job seeker and student knows it quite well.

Not to surprise of many, it also offers a resume building tool. Many of the job applicants use this tool too as they attempt to seek a job on LinkedIn. Does this make LinkedIn building tool the best on the internet? LinkedIn has a good reputation of offering jobs but that does not mean that its resume builder will yield you the best resume ever. They are just using the fame as stated above. They can brag about the number of users that built their resumes with help of their resume builder but that does not highlight its quality in any way possible. All it reflects is the quantity. That is why search engines will always list it amongst the best resume builders but the reality is not just that.

Not trying to imply that its resume builder is the worst ever.

The purpose is to expose the hype that is being created around the reality. There are better resume builders available than the LinkedIn resume builder. Some of them might only offer resume building. So if they are surviving with only one task in hand, it indicates that they are doing the task well enough. Not to forget that LinkedIn never got its fame from the resume building tool. It got its fame from the jobs it put on offer and how efficiently it became a gateway between an employer and an applicant. LinkedIn could have come up with the best possible resume building tool ever, but they chose not to. Why? Because for them it was not worth it. They had a good reputation and they decided to milk that reputation and frankly speaking they have milked that reputation pretty good.

Colin Gray takes ideas for articles from Resume blog.  

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