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10 Essential Gadgets for Parents with Babies

Being a parent is hard and it’s even harder to take care of your children today thanks to the busy nature that is brought about by house chores, office work and home online business. When compared to a few decades ago, parents today have the choice of amazing gadgets to help monitor babies as well as make the role of parenting easier.

Remote video monitor and camera

The gadget is very useful as it helps to display video of the baby while in the room as well as sound. The set is available in several components which include a camera and a colored video monitor with sound capability.

Self heating bottle

Parents have the opportunity of feeding their babies with the self heating bottle. No longer do parents need to warm baby formula or milk in the microwave, the bottle can warm its content to room temperature.

Remote controlled mobile

Babies enjoy having a mobile on their cribs as it helps them to sleep. Traditional ones require manual cranking in order to make them spin. Thanks to technology, parents have the choice of fitting remote controlled mobile that can be started and stopped via a remote.

Remote fever monitor

Monitoring of a baby’s temperature is very important as it allows the parent to know the status of their baby. The remote fever monitor can be clipped to the front of a baby’s diaper therefore monitoring the temperature. Any rise will result in a small alarm being sounded.

Nursery projector and sound system

The gadget helps to create ideal sleeping conditions for the baby by playing various lullabies such as Mozart, Twinkle Twinkle, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik and others. The projector emits a cool and relaxing glow.

Smart thermometer

Creative producers have come up with a smart thermometer that measures a baby’s temperature in seconds. The thermometer can be plugged into a smartphone headphone jack and measures the child’s temperature without touching them.

Baby diary

Remembering all details regarding the care of a baby such as when the baby was last fed or changed is quite difficult. With the baby diary app, parents will record small details therefore keeping track of everything.

Baby cry analyzer

When a baby cries,it is difficult to know why theyare doing so. With the baby cry analyzer, it can help to analyze for you and reveal the reason for crying.

Bath thermometer

The old fashioned way of checking the baby’s bath water temperature is long gone, enter the bath thermometer that displays for you the temperature with ease. The thermometer can float therefore when placed on water, sensors within it record the temperature and display it.

Bottle warmer

The bottle warmer can reheat any baby formula to room temperature therefore ensuring the baby feeds well. All you need to do is place the baby's bottle into the warmer, press a button and after a few minutes you will have the baby formula in the bottle heated to the right temperature.

Technology is a blessing and when used well, it can ensure work is done easier. Gadgets suitable for a baby nursery include baby cry analyzer, thermometer, baby diary apps and bottle warmers among others. Make parenting nology.

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