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Is Google Glass the Next Betamax?

Each year new gadgets are released on the market, some of which gather an audience and thrive, others which fade into insignificance and die, for one reason or another. Sometimes, there is just no need for the piece of technology, so nobody wants it; sometimes it can be that the product just doesn't work as it should, or is too pricey, or ugly!

It sends minds wondering about what will become of one of the hotly tipped gadgets of the year, Google Glass. It won't be the first piece of wearable technology to hit the market, with all sorts of items such as connected socks and bras being available this year, but it could be the most controversial.

Google Glass has been criticised for the privacy issues it presents, but also for the safety of people wearing it and those around them. Cyclists, for example, who wear the gadget are putting themselves and others at risk as they may find the glasses a distraction.

In this infographic, we take a look at the results of a survey conducted by UK voucher code site, which looks at consumer opinions about Google Glass, and the results are not pretty. Whether this piece of technology does manage to gain momentum and break the mass market, very much remains to be seen.

Infographic based on a study of 1132 subscribers to the UK voucher code site,, shows how people really feel about Google Glass.

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