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Chrome Apps: Angry Birds Review

Today we are going to take a look at one of my favorite chrome application games called “Angry Birds” This is a fun to play crush the castle type of game that can have you sitting in your chair for hours enjoying every moment the game has to offer. Angry Birds did originate on the mobile market only at one point and time, however when Google chrome was released I noticed that Angry Birds made an exclusive game for the chrome browser. So when noticing this I got excited and downloaded it immediately. It was at this point I was able to start and enjoy Angry Birds for the first time. Let’s dive into the game and see if you might like it as well.

So what’s the point to Angry Birds? It’s pretty simple really. The pigs came and stole all of the birds eggs and the birds become angry wanting to get them back. In order to get the eggs back they must go through each level destroying the pig’s base and progress further However if you fail to get all of the pigs you have to restart the level. It’s not the most intriguing story plot out there, but it does get the job in making you play the game. So how do we destroy the pigs and their base? By throwing birds of course! All you have to do is pull the sling shot which is holding your bird and toss your bird at the base knocking pieces  of their base on top of them or hitting them dead on to destroy them. But don’t worry; there is a variety of birds to help this painstaking task seem like nothing.

You have several birds to use once you progress further down the road. The first bird you start off with is the red bird. Essentially he is just a rock. He doesn’t have any special ability other than producing a war cry or a fart when you left click your mouse while he is in the air. The next bird you get is the blue bird, which what he does is split into three when you left click when he is in the air. What this does is making the range wider for hitting the pigs, and bigger objects are easier to his. The next bird you get is the yellow bird. All he does is speed up and plows through wood with no hassle. However once he hits stone he comes to a dead stop. This is where these next two birds come in handy. The last two (At least for this plotline) is the black and white bird. The black bird is shaped like a bomb, and he is a bomb. Once you launch him in the air you can left click and make him explode. Or let him hit the object and become a time bomb. The white bird however you have to write click to make him do anything. What the white bird does is poop out an egg which is a bomb. Which… I won’t lie. If you are trying to save the eggs, why use the eggs to blow up things? The logic goes over my head.

Okay, once you reach the end of the game all you have to do is destroy the king and the castle. This isn’t a hard task to do since you have been doing it the entire game. But once you do this the game is over. This game can be really short or long depending on how you play it. If you are playing the Google chrome version of the game you get the extra games for free just by logging into gmail. But if you don’t want that, you can always try to get a perfect three stars on each and every level. It isn’t impossible but it is pretty hard to do. So if you have some free time and want to do a bit of gaming and have fun with all of this, give Angry Birds a try. It will keep you entertained with the entire cuteness and fun factor it has to offer.


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