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Double Review: Update Detector & Wise Data Recovery

While I was working on the review for Google Drive a friend of mine came up to me and told me about a site known as Filepuma. Interested I decided to go onto the site and see what they had to offer. Because I am one of those people who does enjoy free applications. After browsing the website for a little bit I came across two particular applications that caught my attention right off of the bat. Those two applications were Wise Data Recovery and Update Detector. At first glance they didn’t look like much, but I never trust the looks of an application.  So after installing both of the applications onto my computer I decided to run the first one that caught my attention first which was the Update detector.

So how many of you have a lot of software on your computer? Well if you’re like me then your computer would seem to be nothing but applications and software. Keeping up with all of the updates can be a hassle and seem to be nothing more than a chore after words. With update detector it turns that chore into something as simple as a click of a button. All you have to do is click scan for updates and it will look into all of your applications (in which this could take a bit of time) and take you to a site that will allow you to download the updates from the website just as easy.  This takes the chore of going through every piece of software you have and makes it just a simple click. Other than checking for updates there isn’t much else this software can do for you. That’s what it was programmed to do. Now for the next piece of software we will be looking at Wise Data Recovery.

I know someone out there has had this problem before. You’re doing a full cleanup of your computer and then you accidently deleted a file that you didn’t mean to. There was no true way of getting it back unless undoing all of that hard work and effort you put into cleaning your computer. I have had that problem in the past as well. But there is an application just for that situation as well. Please welcome Wise Data Recovery. This software will do a full scan of your computer and find any files that you have deleted recently or something in the past that you didn’t mean to and allow for it to be recovered and restored. Of course there is a limit to how far it can actually go, and I think it is a matter of how long ago you deleted the file. But you are able to recover those files with no problem what so ever. But there is something that does bug me about these kinds of applications. If we can go back to recover the files that we deleted, does that mean it stays in the memory of your hard drive and we can’t delete it? If so, does it take the same amount of space it did when it wasn’t deleted? That’s my only concern on the matter.

So if you ever need a piece of software to check for updates for you or to even recover some of those lost files then these two application packages are for you. You can find these applications by clicking on the links below.


Update Detector:

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