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Camera360 Ultimate - iPhone Photo App Review

Camera360 Ultimate

The iPhone's camera is a feature that many of us take for granted. We have gotten so used to being able to record ourselves and others on a whim, that we forget how far this technology has come in such a short amount of time.

An iPhone photo is better quality and resolution than many webcams and even early digital camera models. You can even record some fairly decent videos, no matter where you are. People having iPhones handy has been responsible for some incredible captures over the years.

Camera360 was made to exploit the camera to its full ability, and give you more control over your photos.

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How It Works

Camera360 Ultimate

Take photos, add effects, create scenes, self shoot portraits, take normal pictures with auto-lighting adjustment, play puzzles with your pictures and access it all through a cloud service. Everything is easy to use, with a clean and simple interface anyone can figure out in moments.

Millions of people have downloaded this app, and it is popular on the iTunes market. If you have been looking for a good photo app that doesn't cost you a thing, check out Camera360 Ultimate.

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