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Baseball Outs - Fantasy Football iPhone Game Review

Baseball Outs

I have a friend who is really into the whole fantasy football thing. I always thought the idea of creating your own team and sort of playing along during games was seriously cool.

But I have never been a football fan, and so I thought I would forever be left out from the concept of a fantasy game.

That is, until I found out that there is a version for baseball enthusiasts.

Baseball Outs is a fun little app that lets you do all the things a fantasy football thing would. When watching a game, you draft your players (which you can rename) and put them on the field each half-inning. Each time one of your players records an out, you get a point. When your team records two outs you win the half-inning. Points are given to players and taken away, so you can monitor who is gaining and losing points through the game.

What People Are Saying

Baseball Outs

This isn't your typical game app. Rather than having wide appeal for everyone like some sports games, this one is specifically for the baseball lover. But those who love the game tend to also love this app, and reviews have been very positive.

Try it for yourself!

Image Credit: Baseball Outs Review.

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