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Photo Review: Case Logic SLR Camera Case Holster

If a smart phone is not enough for a high-quality shot, you probably take your camera {DSLR} everywhere with you.

When you are on the go, you won't take a tripod or an extra lens, but the camera hanging on the neck may be annoying. Therefore a compact amera bag may be so handy!

Today's review is for Case Logic SLR Camera Case Holster - DCB-306 I came across the other day:

The bag keeps the form well and the camera fits well in there (even when equipped with the long lense, like mine: 18-200mm, you still have extra space!)

The bottom is soft and it may protect the camera from breaking when it falls, but not likely.

The cover has an extra pocket for cash, lens or light filter cover.

Two extra pockets may be used to keep belt, camera charger or extra batteries.

The bag is cool for travellers; the only thing: Where do you put the camera flash? It would be cool to have an extra pocket for it.

I was very happy with the bag. Some innovations wouldn't hurt though: for examples, you can't zip the bag with one hand: You need to hold it with another hand for that!

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