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Carrot To-Do List for iPhone Review

Siri is a pretty cool lady, and a lot of people enjoy her. But isn't it about time we had a to-do list that used negative reinforcement? Brian Mueller thought so, and that is why he created Carrot, the first time management organizer that wants to whip you into shape. Without all the fuzzy feelings of or personal satisfaction of a job well done.

How It Works

When you put in your first list, it will run you through a tutorial in the same way a game would. But after that, it starts to show it's real personality. Every time you get a task done, Carrot will make it clear that they are far from impressed. When you don't get one done, it will let you know it is displeased. Either way, you aren't going to be receiving more than disdain.

It works lists into a level system, steadily moving your way up. Expect plenty of sardonic replies like “You made it to level 2? Pardon my surprise”, and “I am your new task master”. Carrot believes you are nothing but a pathetic human, and your weakness will make it upset.


This is a genuinely funny app, and more motivating than you might think. It reminds me a bit of GLaDOS from the Portal series. If you are as into those games as I am, you will love this

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