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Official Pinterest iPhone Application Review

Just about everyone is on Pinterest these days. That is a change from just a year ago, when the demographic was almost entirely US women (and some UK). Now it is a much wider used social network that is growing more and more by the minute. Sharing images has never been easier.

At least, it wasn't until the Pinterest app came out.

How It Works

Pretty much the same way as the actual site does. You download the app, sign into your account, and use it just as you would their regular features. Pin images from anywhere on the web that enables Pinterest. Browse and save pins from other people's boards. Upload photos from your gallery.

The interface is clean and simple to navigate. The grid is similar to what you would see from your regular front page. Swipe down to update the pins, or to see what is lower down in the scrolling. Check out their categories or other people's accounts.


Who wouldn't want to take Pinterest with them everywhere they go? I have whittled away long wait times, bus rides and even lunch hours going through Pinterest on my iPhone. Check it out for yourself.

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