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3 Easy Steps For Converting YouTube Videos To Mp3 is a FREE program specifically designed to convert flv files into mp3 files so that you can listen and view the files from other devices like a laptop, iPhone, or mp3 player. Simply go to for all conversions. This is ideal for saving and accessing the files from your own device (i.e., computer, iphone, mobile device, mp3 player or iPod.) 

Don't worry it's 100% free so you don't have to spend a dime.

How Works?

Step One: Copy the video URL. While on You Tube search for the videos you want to save or have converted. Click the video, copy the URL. Usually the link is up in the web address slot. This is the link that will bring you directly back to your desired video. This link is what you will use in the converter. This step seems pretty basic, right? However if attempting this on a mobile device you will need to use the little down arrow located at the top right hand corner of the screen. You will be given two options one to flag and one to copy URL. Choose “Copy URL”. This should save to your clip board and make it easy for pasting onto the converter at in step two.  

Step Two: Go to This is the access page for the converter. Use this page to convert any video to mp3 format. Paste the link into the box that says “convert to mp3”. Click the button “convert to mp3”. This step may take a few minutes, so be patient. Depending how big the file is, this could take upwards from one to two minutes. Also this depends on the site activity, the more site activity the slower the conversion process. The converter is working to transfer the file into a mp3 format. 

Step Three: Download file. After a successful conversion the page will have a download now button appear where you pasted the original URL. Note the file destination depends on your own device settings. So now it is up to you to choose where the file will be stored. If this is on a laptop or desktop computer you may choose the file location where your downloads will go. If this is on an iphone or mobile devise the phone may already have predetermined locations for downloads. So just make sure your know where to find the file after you hit the “download” button. If you got an error on this step there are a few reason why this could have happened. For one the video format was not supported with the converter. Or for two, the URL was not copied and pasted entirely. Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions section of the page for further questions and help. 

Please note that it is up to the user to take the time to read and understand the “Terms of Service” prior to use. Also take the time to read over and understand the “Privacy Policy”. 

Take the time to leave a comment and/or any concerns you may have in the feedback section of the page. The designer would love to hear from you. In addition this gives them the opportunity to fix and or make any changes to better help users. For any additional questions please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions section of the page.

This article was written by Jane Sadler of

Reader Comments (1)

to copy a URL in Youtube is one click away but to PASTE the copied URL in FLV2MP3 is confusing because there no such PASTE BUTTON available. The result is abortive efforts.

August 13, 2015 | Unregistered

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